Pro Se Filer In ASD Case Used Phone Number Associated With Debt-Elimination Firm; Name Linked To Group Prosecutors Called ‘Notorious’ For Defying Tax Laws

UPDATED 10:21 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A pro se litigant whose filing was docketed yesterday in the AdSurfDaily case used a phone number associated with a defunct credit-repair website that once advertised “Mortgage Elimination,” “Debt Elimination,” “Credit Restoration,” “Asset Restructuring,” “Off Shore Investments” and “Deciphering of Taxes.”

The name of the filer also is associated in web records with the Utah branch of the We The People Congress, an arm of the We The People Foundation, a controversial nonprofit organization founded by tax protester Robert Schulz.

Schulz, an engineer from Queensbury, N.Y., is known for pro se pleadings and clashing with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service. The Justice Department has described Schulz as a “notorious tax defier” who was found in contempt of court for not complying with an order handed down by a federal judge.

Among other things, the We The People Foundation was accused by the Justice Department in 2007 of marketing “a nationwide tax-fraud scheme designed to help customers evade their federal tax liabilities and to interfere with the administration of the internal revenue laws.”

Schulz and We The People started offering a “Tax Termination Package” and organized a project known as “Operation Stop Withholding” in 2003, according to prosecutors. The government described the effort as a “campaign to help customers illegally stop withholding, filing and paying federal taxes.”

In August 2007, a federal judge ordered Schulz and We The People to stop marketing the tax scheme. Judge Thomas McAvoy said the organization was exposing customers to criminal liability, ordering We The People to provide customers a copy of the order and to turn over information about customers who had used a We The People tax kit.

Schulz initially did not comply with the order. In April 2008, he was found to be in contempt of court, and prosecutors said he faced possible jail time and fines of $2,000 per day until he complied. Schulz complied after the contempt finding.

Christian Oesch, the pro se filer in the ASD case, used a phone number once associated with The site now is a parked page, but once offered a host of debt-elimination services, according to web archives. The phone number recorded in the archives is the same phone number listed on Oesch’s pro se pleading in the ASD case.

The name Christian Oesch appears in web records as the Utah state coordinator for the We The People Congress, and an email address associated with the name pointed to the GlobalDebtSolution domain.

“Learn about what the IRS, the Bankers, your CPA, Tax Attorney or Politicians do not want you to know . . .” the site said in 2003.

An audio file captured in the archives is titled “Banking Fraud.” A narrator who identified himself as Tom Shaw explained that bankers “control all major media” and that the U.S. Revolutionary War was fought over banking issues.

“Now, we need to get this information out to as many people as [we] can about what they’ve done to us with the banking system,” the narrator said.

Oesch filed the ASD motion as president of a Washington company known as Human Economic Resource Solutions LTD.

It has been known for months that some people within the ASD organization were in the credit-repair business and also were associated with a group or groups who viewed banking in general and the Federal Reserve in particular as a conspiracy.

Beginning in February 2009, individuals associated with a culture of pro se pleadings and rants against the government began to inject themselves into the legal battle ASD is confronting. At the same time, AdViewGlobal (AVG), a surf firm with close management, membership and promoters’ ties to ASD, switched to a “private association” structure.

AVG says it is based in Uruguay, but its Articles of Association say its authority is derived from the U.S. Constitution.

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  1. From what you are saying, it looks as if there is another “sub-group” of promoters withing ASD – the Tax Defiers. I had never heard of this group of people until the ASD case became public. They sound like a group of loonies who are trying to make tax evasion legal, using the great American Freedom of Speech to do so.

    I hope Judge Collyer gets rid of all their motions fast and no more time and money is wasted on processing these ridiculous claims, so that the case can be closed and the Gov can make a start of the forensic accounting necessary to establish which victims can receive some money back.

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  3. Whoever the Admin is of this site along with the author of the article above is doing a great job promoting knowledge that the conventional and so called traditional (conditional stupid) Americans don’t have a clue on. Americans that follow jerks like this idiot “PatrickPretty-boy” and follow his hearsay garbage on this site should really consider themselves Traitors, just like our corrupt DC politicians. It is sad to read this kind of socialist-fascist-communist non-sense of garbage, when you have a NAZI style government stealing 118,000 members blind such as in the ASD case. No one is talking about the 40 Million of un-cashed cashier checks those bastards took in possession (and deposited it into a Government account instead), but now only speak on the 53 Million of record, but not including the 40 Million for a total sum of Government stolen funds of 93 Million to be exact! Those 93 Million have now become sanctioned funds, whereas this NAZI US government and its crony agencies are trading it overseas (HSBC London to finance black opps etc.)and making billions from it, while 118,000 advertising customers got screwed. Who cares about ASD, its all about the 118,000 Americans that lost their platform to promote their business you freaks! I personally can’t wait for the day (coming soon) when all you guys wake up and ask your self, wao, the chaos is just like when Hitler got momentum in NAZI Germany. Enjoy a great day, and you better govern your self, then you don’t have the clue yet, wake up America?

  4. This Jonny guy is actually an alias for Christian Oesch. I would recognize his anti-government propaganda anywhere. That and his slight misuse of the English language because he is from Switzerland. That’s right – he hides behind his Swiss citezenship as if he were actually a real American! What a poser! Too scared to use his real name. If this is the Christian Oesch that resides in Sandy, Utah you’re not fooling anyone!
    How much of our money did you lose in ASD again?
    What about your other Ponzi Scheme you lost our money in…MY HUB wasn’t it?

  5. […] Oesch earlier had sought to intervene in the case by filing a pleading styled “MOTION to Set Aside Forfeiture & Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 as Facts and Law will Prove.” Collyer denied the motion. […]

  6. this is in regards to Justin’s (AKA Joe Freed, a serious fraudulent nerd) comments above, please see for your self on the ASD case:

    US Court of Federal Claims
    United States Court of Federal Claims (COFC)
    CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:10-cv-00472-CCM

    enjoy a fine day.

  7. US Court of Federal Claims


    How are Christian Oesch and “Kenneth Wayne,” whose given name is Kenneth Wayne Leaming, going to gain standing in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims under the Tucker Act in a case that flows from the ASD forfeiture case, which is in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia?

    How can the U.S. Court of Federal Claims have jurisdiction? How could it grant Oesch and Leaming relief under the Takings clause of the 5th Amendment even if they somehow can gain standing and the case survives a government motion to dismiss?

    What did the government “take” from Oesch and Leaming? Andy Bowdoin said in an affidavit that the seized ASD money belonged to him. He signed the affidavit under penalty of perjury on Aug. 13, 2008 — more than two years ago. It has been part of the public record ever since.

    For the sake of discussion, though, let’s say the government did take something from Oesch and Leaming. Did it not provide a compensation remedy (restitution) through the remissions process?

    Do Oesch and Leaming presume to have an express or implied contract with the government that would limit or destroy the government’s ability to seize the proceeds of a specified unlawful act — say, wire fraud or money laundering and securities violations as alleged in the ASD case?

    And what about MYHUB GROUP LLC, the Nevada-registered company (in default) whose manager is listed as Christian Oesch? How can Leaming expect to gain standing as a plaintiff and “agent” of MYHUB GROUP — especially when Bowdoin himself says the money was seized from him?

    Although it is known that Bowdoin told the troops the money belonged to them, he told a federal judge the money belonged to him. It’s easy enough to read those competing claims as just another lie Bowdoin told the membership.

    Along those lines, how can Oesch and Leaming expect to “prove” the government damaged them when ASD was permitted to continue to show advertisements and chose not to do so? Meanwhile, how can they purport that acts by the government cost them money if they were not investors?

    The only thing Oesch and Leaming were entitled to was to have their advertisements shown. Just ask Bowdoin.

    If Oesch and Leaming want to argue they were advertisers who got ripped off, why didn’t they sue Bowdoin for not delivering their ads? He told the Feds ASD had at least $1 million in Antigua. That’s plenty of money that could have been used to deliver ads. Bowdoin was never enjoined from showing ads.

    It is sad to read this kind of socialist-fascist-communist non-sense of garbage, when you have a NAZI style government stealing 118,000 members blind such as in the ASD case. No one is talking about the 40 Million of un-cashed cashier checks those bastards took in possession (and deposited it into a Government account instead), but now only speak on the 53 Million of record, but not including the 40 Million for a total sum of Government stolen funds of 93 Million to be exact!

    Any person who describes a case brought by the U.S. Secret Service and the DOJ under court supervision as “socialist-fascist-communist non-sense of garbage” and the work of Nazis and bastards isn’t apt to score many points with ordinary folks.

    The government stole no one blind. The ASD money was seized under judicial supervision. The District Court that has jurisdiction decreed it forfeited after analyzing the pleadings and conducting an evidentiary hearing in public in which ASD’s expert witness and other witnesses testified in public, were cross-examined in public and evidence was tested in public.

    Andy Bowdoin specifically asked for the hearing. The government did not object. Bowdoin then took the 5th. An ASD member claimed he exercised his right not to incriminate himself because he was “too honest” to testify.

    After the ruling went against Bowdoin in November 2008, he asked the court in January 2009 to dismiss his claims. He consented to the forfeiture in this fashion (emphasis added):

    1. Claimants withdraw and release WITH PREJUDICE the VERIFIED claims they filed in this civil forfeiture action.

    2. Claimants CONSENT to the forfeiture of the properties for which they have asserted claims (i.e., the real property at 8 Gilcrease Lane and the bank account balances at the Bank of America in the names of Thomas. A. Bowdoin Jr., sole proprietor, d/b/a AdSurfDaily) and EXPRESSLY ANNOUNCE their intention to NOT CONTEST the Government’s forfeiture efforts against the properties for which they have asserted claims.

    Bowdoin expressly withdrew claims to more than $65.8 million seized in the case. Clarence Busby of Golden Panda Ad Builder released claims to another $14 million, bringing the total sum to nearly $80 million. The $53 million figure comes from the caption of the case and reflects only the amount known to exist at the time seizure warrants were executed under judicial supervision. There is more “of record” than just the $53 million cited in the case caption. Judge Collyer detailed the precise amounts in public filings.

    On a side note, Leaming tried to attach a lien for $9.2 BILLION against a faith-based hospital in Washington state that admitted 6,995 patients, handled 48,363 patient visits to its Emergency Department and received 26,114 outpatient visits during the 2008 fiscal year.

    Do you know if Christan Oesch is OK with that? Here’s hoping he’s not. It’s spectacularly poor PR to go around trying to attach $9.2 billion liens against a Franciscan hospital that serves entire communities.

    One could conclude from such a bid that Kenneth Wayne Leaming saw fit to put his needs before the needs of entire communities such as Lakewood and Spanaway.

    A $9.2 BILLION lien against a Franciscan hospital? A $10 million lien against a City Council? (Or, put another way, a $10 million lien against the citizens of an entire community.)

    Those acts would seem to be inconsistent with a spirit of community and consistent with selfishness — especially since Leaming publicly acknowledged the “Almighty Creator” who made his presence in this world possible and then tried to place a lien of $9.2 billion against a Franciscan hospital and a $10 million lien that could have left an entire community defenseless.


  8. Patrick – you are an undercover agent for the Global Elite Enterprise, so be it as readers of this website know.

    Earlier this week, the federal gangsters were forced to pull back the curtain on who got the bailouts and how much.

    Yes, believe it or not, until this week this data was a state secret.

    Some revelations:

    1. $3 TRILLION was given away

    2. Goldman Sachs would have gone bankrupt without the help

    3. Money even went to companies like GE, McDonalds, and Harley Davidson.

    From our Real Econ TV site.


  9. The Hammer,

    Ever see Government Exhibit 5 in the forfeiture complaint filed against ASD in August 2008?

    Andy Bowdoin talks about bringing “the hammer” down on people “that need it.”

    And here you are, The Hammer, talking about “federal gangsters” and sharing your theory that I’m an “undercover agent” for “the Global Elite Enterprise.”

    You’d like to let “readers of this website know.”

    And you’d like to let them know you’re “The Hammer,” of course. Why else choose the name?

    Did you find Bowdoin’s alleged words from the stage in Miami about “the hammer” inspirational, The Hammer?

    Do you know “Rocky” from this thread that explains Bowdoin’s bail conditions and how two ASD members demanded a $27 TRILLION payment from a federal judge, three federal prosecutors and a Secret Service agent?


  10. Is ours the same “hammer” referred to in the expression “less sense than sackful of……….”

    or is it, perhaps, the same “hammer” referred to after one has over imbibed or indulged heavily in recreational chemicals as in “Geez, I AM feeling hammered”

  11. Hammer,

    Your twisting of the facts is tiring, even if you have posted here only once. You do know of course, that as part of TARP 2009, it was not just companies like GS that recieved bailouts. No, it also included about 150,000,000 individuals as well. I had NO idea (or just perhaps you are wrong) that the membership in the Global Elite Enterprise was so vast, and that the only qualification is a sufficiently low income. As for your $3 trillion, is that really surprising? Probably it is in your mind, although I am just guessing. The future sums batted about in govermnment circles these days are often quoted in the tens of trillions over a period of years (see: Medicare, Social Security). Nothing that you have posted regarding TARP was new or surprising; every informed citizen knew about that which you reveal (which by the way, reveals the degree to which YOU are informed). OTOH, your posting regarding GEE is new (and hilarious!!!)

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