While Asking Members To Input License-Plate Numbers And Citing U.S. Based AMBER Alert In Promos, Data Network Affiliates Lists Domain-Registration Address In Cayman Islands

UPDATED 2:37 P.M. ET (March 5, U.S.A.) If the United States or any U.S. based police agency were to purchase database entries from Data Network Affiliates (DNA), the government and the agencies would be purchasing information from a company that uses a Cayman Islands address.

Even as it suggests the U.S.-based AMBER Alert program is wasting taxpayers’ money and encourages U.S. residents to write down the license-plate numbers of their neighbors for entry in a database, DNA is using a service in the Cayman Islands to keep the registration data of its domain name hidden.

The street address in the registration data is used by an untold number of businesses, including porn sites and malware sites, according to Google search results. On May 4, 2009, President Obama specifically cited the Cayman Islands in remarks on his initiative to combat offshore tax fraud.

Using capital letters on its website, DNA said the U.S.-based AMBER Alert system had recovered “ONLY” 492 abducted children, saying “DNA could help in such safe recoveries at a fraction of cost of Amber Alert.” Meanwhile, a DNA pitchman in a conference call questioned AMBER Alert’s effectiveness, even as DNA was using an address in the Cayman Islands.

“I’m pretty sure you heard of AMBER Alert,” he said. “It saved over 497 people. But guess what? AMBER Alert, I think, costs about over $100 million a year or some kind of astronomical number.”

The same pitchman also has suggested that U.S. church parking lots and the parking lots of giant retailers such as U.S.-based Walmart were places DNA members could harvest license-plate numbers for entry in DNA’s database.

Why the company chose a Cayman Islands address for its website is unclear. Also unclear is why DNA would at once criticize AMBER Alert while repeatedly using its name to generate business for a company that lists its address as George Town, Grand Cayman, the capital city of the Caribbean nation in the British West Indies.

AMBER Alert is managed by the U.S. Department of Justice. Its secondary program is managed by the U.S.-based National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Like Narc That Car — another company that is urging members to write down license-plate numbers — the DNA pitchman implored prospects to view the company as an excellent tool for “law enforcement.”

“We’ll be able to reunite families,” he said. He did not reference the Cayman Islands domain registration in his pitch.

DNA says it has an “Executive Power Team,” identifying Dean Blechman as its chief executive officer, board chairman and founder.

“In the early 1990’s Mr. Blechman served as Director and Board Member of the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA),” DNA says on its website. “Mr. Blechman was a key strategist and lobbyist for the NNFA and was influential in the team that was responsible for the passage in 1994 of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act through the United States Congress and Senate. This bill still stands today as one of the most important pieces of legislation in the Health Food and Natural Food Supplement Industry.”

Troy Dooly, a multilevel-marketing (MLM) aficionado who runs the MLM Help Desk website, issued a Scam Alert on DNA yesterday. Dooly’s Scam Alert followed on the heels of an earlier one he issued for Narc That Car, which is the subject of an inquiry by the BBB in Dallas and an inquiry by the district attorney of Henderson County, Texas.

“Data Network Affiliates aka DNA makes Narc That Car look like saints,” Dooly said on the MLM Help Desk website.

Meanwhile, MLM aficionado Rod Cook, who was threatened with lawsuits for publishing information on AdSurfDaily, which later was implicated in a $100 million Ponzi scheme, also has labeled Narc That Car a scam.

Narc That Car is “one of the cutest pyramid tricks ever pulled!!!!” Cook exclaimed on his MLM Watchdog website.

Separately, a You Tube site featuring a Jeff Long video for Narc That Car in which Long informs viewers that he recorded 100 license-plate numbers for Narc That Car on his iPhone as he strolled though a Walmart parking lot, now says that he has jumped ship to DNA.

In the Narc That Car video, Long said he collected so many license-plate numbers at Walmart that he could give some way to Narc That Car prospects, perhaps even enough for them to qualify for a $55 payout without leaving home.

Long, though, now has turned sour on Narc That Car, according to a screaming message on the YouTube site.

“This video talks about NARC That Car,” a message on the YouTube site says. “IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON MARKETING THIS BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET DO NOT JOIN!!!!! NarcThatCar CANCELED AND DISABLED My distributorship because I put this video YouTube…I’m now the #1 leader and sponsor in their BIGGEST COMPETITOR’S BUSINESS…DataNetworkAffiliates. Again…don’t join NarcThatCar if you plan on marketing on the internet!!!!!! JOIN DNA WITH ME FOR 100% FREE!”

Long’s name was referenced in a recent DNA conference call.

In other Narc That Car news, promoter “Jah” says he has received a check for $70 from Narc That Car.

Jah, who says he has a Narc That Car team of 100 members, posted a video of the check on YouTube.

In May 2009, Obama announced a crackdown on offshore fraud. On the same date — May 4 — the AdViewGlobal autosurf announced it had secured a new international wire facility. AVG crashed and burned in June 2009. The company it identified as its facilitator — KINGZ Capital Management Corp. (KCM) — later was banned by the National Futures Association (NFA) amid allegations that it failed to uphold high ethical standards and failed to supervise its operations.

NFA’s specific ban on KCM centered on Minnesota Ponzi scheme figure Trevor Cook, who allegedly managed a KCM investment pool. Cook is one of two central figures in an alleged Ponzi scheme and financial fraud involving at least $190 million. The other central figure is Pat Kiley, a former host on Christian radio.

Promotions for Narc That Car have appeared on the former Golden Panda Ad Zone forum, now known as the Online Success Zone. A pitch for DNA also appears on the site, as well as a promoter’s link to DNA conference calls.

Golden Panda was implicated in the alleged AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme.

At least three promos for Narc That Car and DNA have appeared on the former Golden Panda forum in recent days. One of the promos for Narc That Car was deleted. Two remain: one for Narc That Car, another for DNA.

“UPDATE: D.N.A – FREE Method of Earning GOOD Money…Just surpassed 19,000 Members and Climbing,” says the headline in the DNA promo on the former Golden Panda site.

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  1. Quick note:

    Discussion thread at Breitbart.TV on Narc That Car. It links to the NBC 5 video from Dallas/Fort Worth.




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  3. […] That Car, and now has joined a similar company — Data Network Affiliates. (See reference in earlier story.) A DNA email to members suggested that Jeff Long, who published the Narc That Car Walmart video on […]

  4. TonyH

    It is the same person.

  5. Why have I not been able to find an address or e-mail address to communicate with DNA?

  6. Quick note: 2:37 update today corrects county name in story above to Henderson.

  7. Well it has been two months since I joined DNA and I now have a downline of nearly 9000 members. Previously I spent a year trying to build another online business and had less than 20 members for all the effort, so you can see that DNA is extremely popular right now. I can also advise that DNA has payed me in their first payment run so all the scam theorists can now bow their heads in shame.
    Personally I believe the datanetworkaffiliates program is incredibly easy and straight forward, allowing the average citizen to quickly earn extra income without any personal financial risk. At time of writing, DNA has now attracted in excess of 112,000 members – that speaks for itself – just wait till the FREE phone with unlimited talk and TXT is available at just $10 monthly. Watch the front webpage graph for an impending huge spike.

  8. mark: Well it has been two months since I joined DNA and I now have a downline of nearly 9000 members. Previously I spent a year trying to build another online business and had less than 20 members for all the effort, so you can see that DNA is extremely popular right now. I can also advise that DNA has payed me in their first payment run so all the scam theorists can now bow their heads in shame.

    I don’t believe anyone said that DNA wouldn’t pay, we just wonder where the money they use to pay you comes from. Google “Burnlounge FTC” and you’ll find details of the governments successful prosecution of a MLM company on the basis that the majority of the money that it’s members earned came not from the sale of goods or services to customers but rather from fees paid by people to join the income opportunity.

    I fully believe that DNA could pay every commission to every member exactly as promised, without ever making a single retail sale of any product or service (for a while at least). I suspect they will try to sell things, it’s just they can pay commissions without selling them. How you might ask? Easy, recruit new people who pay a fee so they can turn around and recruit more people who pay a fee so they can recruit more people.

    Case and point mark, they already sent you a check for recruiting as many people as you have, and you are still waiting for a product to sell.