SPECIAL REPORT: Woman Blocked By Federal Judge From Filing Claim In ASD Case Notarized $9.2 Billion ‘Lien’ Against Hospital In Washington State; Kenneth Wayne Leaming Sought To Attach ‘All Tangible’ Property Of Franciscan Healthcare Facility

Kenneth Wayne Leaming, also known as Kenneth Wayne.

Kenneth Wayne Leaming, also known as Kenneth Wayne.

UPDATED 8:03 A.M. ET (U.S.A., Nov. 23) A Washington state notary public stripped of her license last month notarized a purported “admiralty” lien for the colossal sum of $9.24 billion against Franciscan Heath Systems, the faith-based operator of St. Clare Hospital of Lakewood, Wash., according to records.

The Franciscan tradition in Washington state traces its roots to 1891, when the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia founded St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma. St. Clare is a 106-bed facility that serves Lakewood, Spanaway, Steilacoom, DuPont, University Place and other communities in Pierce County, according to records.

The purported lien, acknowledged with the seal of notary Tina M. Hall, was in favor of her business colleague, Kenneth Wayne Leaming, according to records in Pierce County.

Both Hall and Leaming are listed as officers of American International Business Law Inc., a Spanaway company some members of Florida-based AdSurfDaily say is performing legal work on their behalf.

U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer of the District of Columbia has blocked bids by both Hall and Leaming to file pleadings in the ASD case. Hall lost her notary license last month after notarizing a string of bizarre documents in Washington state. The nature of the documents she sought to file in the ASD case, which is being prosecuted in the District of Columbia, has not been disclosed publicly.

Some ASD members have said they intended to pursue an admiralty claim against the government.

Leaming, using the notary services of Hall, sought in June 2009 to attach “all tangible and intangible property” of the hospital, including its fixtures, furnishings, motor vehicles, bank accounts, passbooks, saving certificates, stock certificates, lines of credit, inventories, promissory notes, office equipment, educational equipment — and even its mineral and water rights, according to records.

Hall’s license was revoked about 14 months later. The precise reason for the revocation — and whether the documents filed against the hospital played any role in the revocation decision — was not immediately clear.

Other records show that Hall has filed similar documents on Leaming’s behalf in other cases. One of them was for $10 million against members of the City Council of Puyallap, Wash.

Hall also notarized documents for other clients, including a filing styled an “Affidavit of Alternative Obligation” for $100 million against a bank dubbed an “agent” for the Internal Revenue Service.

Such scorched-earth filings have been referred to in other cases as “paper terrorism,” a litigation approach that is designed to rattle the nerves of judges, prosecutors, attorneys and courtroom opponents. ASD member Curtis Richmond has been associated with such filings in a separate case in Utah. In the Utah case,  Richmond was among a group of litigants sued successfully for racketeering after a purported “Indian” tribe with which they were involved placed a bogus lien against a county prosecutor for $250 million.

Leaming, who was accused in 2005 of the unauthorized practice of law in Washington state, was dubbed “Postmaster” in the bizarre filing against Franciscan Heath Systems, the hospital, Pierce County Court Commissioner Mark Gelman and others.

Members of law enforcement were expressly warned in the notarized document not to attempt to “negate” Leaming’s wishes to attach the property of the hospital and others. Parties who attempted to interfere “shall be deemed outlaws and/or felons and shall be prosecuted,” according to the filing.

If filing liens against a hospital that has the responsibility for tending to the needs of entire communities were not enough, Leaming also filed liens or claims against the Washington State Bar Association, members of the Practice of Law Board and others.

These liens were styled “commercial liens” or “admiralty” claims or “international claims.” On Oct. 16, 2009, a judge ruled them null and void and ordered Leaming to pay the attorneys’ fees and court costs of his targets. The judge also imposed a $10,000 sanction against Leaming to be paid to the Washington State Bar Association’s Lawyer’s Fund for Client Protection.

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  1. I am thinking about filing a lien against the World and all of its property and inhabitants for $35 Bazillion. I think I just found the guy that can help me do it!


  2. If you enter ” site:14thstory.com 17719 Pacific Ave S 308″ into google, you get a very long list of companies which have “Kenneth Wayne” listed as president, trustee, secretary or something else. So many companies, obviously a very busy person.


  3. A very busy “sovereign” person!!


  4. I will be sooooo happy when this is All over with and I get ALLLL my money back!


  5. Sherry, things will not be “over” for years, and you will not get back “ALL” of your money, no one will, due to ASD buying property and other assets. They will never liquidate things dollar for dollar. Besides, Andy still had hidden money. How else is he paying for all of these lawyers since he is “broke”?


  6. Sherry,

    quite apart from the fact that Bowdoin & co spent a lot of moeny and also that it is reckoned that there is money missing from the Bowdoin bank accounts that has been sent offshore (we know about the 1$million in Antigua that he “fessed up to”, which has not been recovered) there is the issue of the ponzi nature of ASD.

    The monies paid to ASD by new investors/members (which turned out to have been paid to Andy Bowdoin’s personal accounts) were used to pay out old members. Because there was no other money coming into ASD, the amount due out, with comissions and compounding, plus the so called daily rate of earnings, was way in excess of the money available to pay it. Had the Secret Service not stepped in, ASD would probably collapsed very soon, leaving everyone high and dry.

    The fact that the site had been down for a long time and other issues was of sufficient concern to many, that the rate of new money coming in would have been drastically reduced in comparison with the early investment fever. Even if it hsdnt slowed down, the amounts “promised” were increasing so fast, that half the world would have had to join to pay them, and then who would have paid the new guys?

    It is for this reason that it is suspected that the SEcret Service stepped in WHEN they did. They had reasons to suspect that Bowdoin was making plans to move a lot more money offshore and possibly disappear offshore himself.

    the precise amount people receive back will depend on how much they Government presently hold and how much more they are able to get back, from Bowdoin and from leading promoters, through clawbacks.


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