Ponzi Forum Pitchfest Begins For ‘Fast Profits Daily; ‘Any Attempts To Acquire A Refund Or Chargeback Constitute Theft And Fraud, And Are Grounds For Legal Prosecution,’ Matrix Cycler Says

UPDATED 2:49 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A pitchfest for an apparent cycler matrix called “Fast Profits Daily” has begun on the TalkGold Ponzi forum. Fast Profits Daily shares a street address in Delaware with another apparent matrix program known as “2X2 Prosperity Formula” and a purported vacation program known as “DREAM STYLE VACATIONS, LLC,” according to research.

Why the businesses all use the same address and whether they are affiliated entities was not immediately clear.

Meanwhile, the emerging Fast Profits Daily cycler matrix appears to have links to the AutoXTen cycler matrix and lists Scott Chandler, Randal Williams and Brent Robinson as pitchmen-in-chief on its landing page.

Chandler, Williams and Robinson are “three of the world’s most famous network marketers,” according to the landing page. Until recently, Chandler and Robinson also were associated with AutoXTen, the Jeff Long-promoted scheme enabled by AlertPay.

Long , a former pitchman for Data Network Affiliates and NarcThatCar, said on the firm’s web-based help desk that AutoXTen was suited for churches. The AutoXTen help desk also declared that the firm was relying on AlertPay to avoid PayPal “limits.”

Early info about Fast Profits Daily is bizarre, incongruous and confusing. The PP Blog visited the site yesterday. A launch countdown timer indicated the launch would occur within three hours, conflicting with a printed message that the launch would occur in days.

Today the countdown timer says the launch will occur in fewer than 10 hours. Like yesterday’s countdown timer, the information conflicts with the “days” printed message.

Precisely what Fast Profits Daily is selling is unclear. Website visitors are told that “160 countries” will be involved in an “unprecedented opportunity of a lifetime.” The site also publishes a conflicting report that 140 countries are involved.

“Turn a ONE-TIME $50 or $250 into $1,000, $5,000 even $35,000 over and over monthly, weekly, even daily,” the site advertises.

On a separate page, the site declared in red type that “ALL Purchases are FINAL and NO REFUNDS or CHARGEBACKS are allowed.

“Any attempts to acquire a refund or chargeback constitute theft and fraud, and are grounds for legal prosecution,” the site continues. “Purchaser will be liable for all legal and administrative cost associated with the chargeback and minimum penalty of $500USD. Plus any unused services shall be forfeited upon expiration or termination of services.”

The Fast Profits Daily site also has a headline in red titled, “TRAVEL RELATED REFUNDS / CANCELLATIONS:” Separately, the DREAM STYLE VACATIONS site, which says it accepts AlertPay and Sold Trust Pay, has a headline in red titled, “Travel Related Cancellations/Refunds:” The headline wording is the same as the wording on the Fast Profits Daily site, except the words “cancellations” and “refunds” are transposed.

Fast Profits Daily did not say whether it intended to prosecute senior citizens and other vulnerable individuals who may come to believe they’d been ripped off and filed a dispute or chargeback.

Although Fast Profits Daily did not reveal the choice of law under which the firm operates, its servers appear to resolve to Dallas. The website domain is registered behind a proxy, but the website itself lists its address as:

PMB 6747
2711 Centerville Rd., Ste 120
Wilmington, DE 19808

As noted above, the same address is associated with 2X2 Prosperity Formula. The 2X2 website features a photo of an orange sports car, a luxious home (or perhaps a rental property) — and a happy family, including young children, walking along a beach with an ocean in the background. Also as as noted above, a third “opportunity” known as “DREAM STYLE VACATIONS, LLC” uses the same address.

A promo for Fast Profits Daily was posted on the TalkGold Ponzi forum two days ago. Separately, the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum has a thread for 2X2 Prosperity Formula that appears to have been established in February 2009. Based on the post count in MoneyMakerGroup’s 2X2 thread, the “program” appears not to have gained much traction — but its website remains active.

Like the Fast Profits Daily site, the site for 2X2 Prosperity Formula also appears to be hosted in Dallas.

UPDATE 2:49 P.M: This thread at MLM.com may be useful.

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7 Responses to “Ponzi Forum Pitchfest Begins For ‘Fast Profits Daily; ‘Any Attempts To Acquire A Refund Or Chargeback Constitute Theft And Fraud, And Are Grounds For Legal Prosecution,’ Matrix Cycler Says”

  1. The World Plus ponzi in Fairbanks Alaska was an mid-1990’s scheme that supposedly dealt in frequent flyer miles. A holiday redemption scheme sounds like a recycled idea.


  2. Quick note:

    The purported country count now may be up to 190:


    The poster who appears to have hyped the launch at MLM.com has an MLM.com registration date of Aug. 25.



  3. Quick note:

    Just noticed that the MLM.com poster and the TalkGold Ponzi forum poster are using the same handle: DopplerMkt. (uppercase/lowercase mix on TG, all lowercase on MLM.com.)

    DopplerMkt has low post counts at both places and appears to have materialized just to hype Fast Profits Daily. It appears as though DopplerMkt tried to recruit in the MLM.com thread — and that the forum deleted the recruitment link.



  4. DL: A holiday redemption scheme sounds like a recycled idea.

    Hi DL,

    Lots of these schemes use sales themes recycled from the past and put in a tweaked, current form. Sometimes they even recycle the names or “borrow” elements of names from past schemes.

    12DAILYPro >> AdSurfDAILY >> FastProfitsDAILY

    Although the schemes may not have management in common, it is a virtual certainty that they have promoters in common — some of whom have engaged in willful blindness for years.



  5. That address is also used by Randal Williams for the (holding?) websites http://www.shoutstandreview.com and http://www.drkevinamen.net, whose WHOIS data gives the phone number 210-710-8069 which matches up with the programs he promoted under the name “500kmentor” out of San Antonio, Texas. The WHOIS also gives Mr. Williams’ company as being “Prosperity Formula, LLC”

    And considering the tracks he and Sheryl Williams (“500K Mom”) have left across the Internet, I do believe that should he brought to court, it would take either a technicality on the part of the prosecution to save him, or a jury loaded with unthinking plastic mannequins cunningly disguised as flesh and blood people.

    You will also find Randal’s “terms of service” at his own site to bear the same unenforceable claim regarding refunds, http://www.500kmentor.net/terms-of-service/
    However, the same claim pops up from http://www.dreamstylevacations.com/purchase_agreement , http://www.myphoneroom.com/tos , http://www.wealthylifestylesnetwork.com/tos , and http://www.timetestedsystem.com/tos , so we may be seeing a meme among the fraudster community here. Possibly one that died in the womb, seeing as Flaw Assassin’s website also has it, but includes a 3-day buyer remorse period added in Sept. of 2010 before it comes into affect, indicating to me that this refund=theft policy likely arose some time prior to that, possibly in 2008 or even in the prior century, if The K Game is any indication ( http://ksuccessteam.com/terms.html ).


  6. As LRM has said…let’s see them actually take someone to court over it. NEVER. GONNA. HAPPEN.


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