SPECIAL REPORT: Email Encourages AdSurfDaily Members To Identify Federal Prosecutors, Federal Judge And Secret Service Agent As ‘DOJ Thieves’ In County-Level Filings — And To Send ‘Certified Copy’ Of Claims To Home Address Of Chief Justice Of The United States

AdSurfDaily figure Kenneth Wayne Leaming, also known as "Kenneth Wayne" and "Keny."

EDITOR’S NOTE: A week after the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Secret Service and federal prosecutors in the District of Columbia put $55 million from civil judgments back in the pockets of AdSurfDaily members as the criminal prosecution of ASD President Andy Bowdoin continues, a new effort by some ASD members to undermine the credibility of public officials by describing them as thieves who are encouraging ASD members to lie appears to be under way. Whether the government is taking extra security precautions in the ASD case is not known. The U.S. Marshals Service and the office of U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. in the District of Columbia did not respond immediately to the PP Blog’s requests for comment on this story. The Blog was unable today to contact the Public Information Office of the Supreme Court for comment.

UPDATED 8:10 A.M. EDT (OCT. 3, U.S.A.) Is a purported “sovereign citizen” whom records show filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition against the Washington State Bar Association in 2009 that claimed he was owed an outstanding debt of more than $32 billion now leading an effort to destroy the reputations of public officials involved in the AdSurfDaily Ponzi case?

On Saturday, two ASD members confirmed to the PP Blog that they had received copies of an email that encouraged them to identify federal prosecutors and a federal judge in the District of Columbia — as well as a U.S. Secret Service agent — as “DOJ thieves.”

The email accused prosecutors of running a “scam” against Florida-based ASD and encouraged ASD members to file an “affidavit” with their “county recorder” that would name the prosecutors, the judge and the Secret Service agent as criminals. It further encouraged members to send a “notary certified copy” of their claims to the home address of John G. Roberts Jr., the Chief Justice of the United States.

Why members were encouraged to send documents to Roberts at his home address was unclear. Roberts, 56, is the nation’s highest ranking judicial officer and is chief judge of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the email, ASD members were further encouraged to send certified copies of their “DOJ thieves” claims to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the “RUST Group.” Rust Consulting Inc. is the government-approved remissions administrator in the ASD Ponzi case. Federal prosecutors last week released $55 million seized by the Secret Service, and Rust deposited the money into the bank accounts of about 8,400 ASD members who filed approved remissions claims in the case.

ASD members who participated in the remissions program would be “coerced” into lying by prosecutors to put Bowdoin in prison, according to the email.

If they did not “TESTILIE” — a new phrase that marries the words “testify” and “lie” and apparently means misrepresent their testimony at prosecutors’ requests — they will “be put into prison for false claims and fraud,” according to the email.

“MARK MY WORDS,” the email emphasized in all-caps. The word “TESTILIE” also was capitalized in the email, quotes from which were attributed to ASD figure “Keny.”

“Keny” is the nickname of ASD figure Kenneth Wayne Leaming. Leaming has been identified by the Anti-Defamation League as a so-called “sovereign citizen.”

Records in Washington state identify Leaming as one of two persons who filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition against the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) in 2009 that claimed a debt against the association of “US$32,091,000,000.00.”

The petition against the bar association was filed on Oct. 12, 2009. WSBA moved within days to have the petition dismissed and for sanctions against Leaming. Leaming moved for a continuance and to have the judge removed, according to records. The judge denied both the continuance bid and a motion styled “Notice of Duty to Recuse,” and the case was dismissed on Oct. 23, 2009. A judgment of $2,750 was entered against Leaming, and he was enjoined “forever from filing a bankruptcy petition or any other pleadings before this court without the advance leave from one of the bankruptcy judges of this court.”

Also during the month of October 2009 — while the involuntary petition against WSBA was in the courts — Leaming filed a petition to place Franciscan Health Systems, a community hospital in Washington state, in involuntary bankruptcy. That petition also was dismissed.

Records in Pierce County, Wash., show that Leaming filed a purported lien for $9.24 billion against the hospital, seeking to attach “all tangible and intangible property” of the facility, including its fixtures, furnishings, motor vehicles, bank accounts, passbooks, saving certificates, stock certificates, lines of credit, inventories, promissory notes, office equipment, educational equipment — and even its mineral and water rights.

Leaming and ASD figure Christian Oesch sought last year to file a lawsuit apparently seeking $29 trillion against the United States for the government’s actions in the ASD case. Leaming’s company — American-International Business Law Inc. — is referenced in the April 8, 2011, Congressional Record as the filer of an unspecified claim against the United States.

At least two notaries public associated with Leaming have had their licenses revoked, according to records.

Some ASD members have been associated with a practice that has been called “paper terrorism.” The practice is designed to chill litigation opponents and create inconvenience for public officials such as judges and prosecutors by making them the targets of vexatious litigation pleadings or other documents designed to nuisance them.

Here are the comments attributed to “Keny” in the email ASD members reported receiving yesterday on the heels of the remissions payouts by the government last week. (Italics added.)

SCAM by DOJ …. By accepting these funds, they claim to be ASD/Andy’s VICTIMS (NOT DOJ victims) who will be required to testify that they were victims of ASD/Andy if they don’t want to be arrested and prosecuted for perjury /false claims. It will totally bury Andy.

As a “victim refund” they will now be coerced into testifying that they were a victim of Andy, not the DOJ, and unless they TESTILIE claiming that Andy scammed them, they will be put into prison for false claims and fraud. MARK MY WORDS.

They MUST (within 72 hrs) acknowledge “receipt of the funds stolen by the DOJ, and specifically (name the ss agent, us attys, and judge as the DOJ thieves), and do so in affidavit form, filing a certified copy into public records (county recorder, etc,) and sending a notary certified copy to Eric Holder, DOJ, and the Chief Justice (Roberts) of the Supreme Court of the United States (at home), and to the RUST Group.

ALSO, maybe close out with “Claimant hereby conditionally waives any punitive and/or exemplary and consequential damages claims in the event the funds taken are returned to me within 30 days of (NAME OF AGENT/OFFICER) receiving this claim.”


Whether the government has taken or will take extra security measures because of the strange nature of the ASD case was not immediately clear. There have been repeated attempts for months by some ASD members to discourage ASD members from filing for remissions from proceeds seized in the Secret Service’s ASD Ponzi probe and to cast prosecutors, investigators and judicial officers as corrupt.

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  1. I don’t know if this story has been posted before but it is new to me. From 2007:
    Patriot Games Part II
    More fruit cake nonsense from Kenny:

    On March 17, 2000, just before the final order was handed down, Stewart responded to the state’s proposed finding with a 14-page, constitutionalist-inspired repudiation. Stewart’s answer was written by David Carroll Stephenson’s associate, Kenneth Wayne Leaming. (The pair, on their website at http://www.crtf.org, claim to be “recognized international lawyers.”)

    Leaming, who refers to himself as Kenneth Wayne, created a 14-page answer spewing constitutionalist rhetoric. He wrote that the cease and desist had not been issued “under the authority nor in the name of the body politic of the organic republic of The State of Utah as required by the constitution of said body politic.” His document wondered under what authority the Utah Securities Division could restrain Stewart’s liberty. He inferred that the state of Utah is actually a subdivision of Washington, D.C.

    Stewart, according to Leaming’s paper, is entitled to $30 million dollars for injuries the Securities Division caused through its enforcement proceeding. Plus, he claimed the state owed him an additional $1,000 a day for each day it restrained his liberty.

    The article also has an explanation of why so many “sovereign citizens” get involved with these ponzi schemes. It also explains why these emails are being sent out:

    “Somehow, perpetrators know how to target constitutionalists with the exact trust-gathering statements of common distrust of government,” Hines said.

    Unlike “normal” victims, victims who are constitutionalists often won’t turn to government agencies for redress because of fear or hatred.

    “In Utah, we have a disproportionate number of victims who are constitutionalists and, normally, they refuse to cooperate with the government,” Hines said. “They would rather eat their losses than work with us.”

    I doubt the evilgovernment will need any ASD “victims” to testify, mainly because Honest Andy provided enough evidence himself. But also:

    There are other kinks in possible prosecution as well. Not the least of these is the very real possibility that many other victims may themselves have committed fraud to enter into Stewart’s, the Millers’, or anyone else’s “Program.” Specifically, they could have lied on their real-estate loan applications. Once a victim has committed fraud, his testimony against someone who may have pulled off an even bigger fraud is tainted.

  2. It seems the roaches are scampering for cover and making up ludicrous legal lamentations. They need to worry about their own exposure in ASD, not just Andy’s. “Keny” needs to stop getting his legal information off of cereal boxes !!!!! !!!!! !

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