** [UNCONFIRMED] ** ‘JustBeenPaid’ Experiencing DDoS Attack ** [UNCONFIRMED] **

UPDATED 2:56 P.M. EDT (APRIL 3, U.S.A.): After an outage that lasted more than 24 hours, the JustBeenPaid website is back online — although there are reports it is not accessible in all parts of the world. Our earlier story is below . . .

** [UNCONFIRMED] ** Some members of the JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid “program” have reported that the JBP website is experiencing a DDoS attack. The PP Blog cannot independently confirm the reports, which have appeared on the MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold Ponzi forums and on at least one JBP affiliate Blog.

The JBP domain has been returning a “timed out” error message for hours.

JSS/JBP purports to pay a daily return of 2 percent and a monthly return of 60 percent. The “opportunity” purportedly has more than 400,000 members. Similar “programs” have operated as virtually pure Ponzi schemes.

In a March 15 conference call, Frederick Mann, JSS/JBP’s purported operator, told members from the United States and Canada that JSS/JBP is paying them with money sent in by “new members.” Using “new” money to pay “old” members is the central element of a Ponzi scheme — although Mann did not use the phrase.

In the days that followed, JSS/JBP removed certain material from its website, including recordings of conference calls hosted by “Carl Pearson,” the purported COO of JSS/JBP. Images of certain JSS/JBP affiliates and customer-service personnel also were removed from the website.

JSS/JBP purportedly has been installing new servers. Members have grumbled in recent days about downtime at the site, delays in posting purported “earnings” and delays in sending payments.

Mann repeatedly has declined to identify JSS/JBP with a nation-state, leading to questions about whether members have any consumer protections at all.

If a DDoS attack is under way, the event may lead to questions about whether JSS/JBP has reported the attack to a law-enforcement agency or whether the “opportunity” would be reluctant to make such a report out of fear its base of operations would be exposed.

JSS/JBP has no known securities registrations, but Mann has advised members that it was OK to call JSS/JBP an investment program. Such guidance potentially could make both JSS/JBP and its affiliates targets of securities-related probes in various jurisdictions around the world.

The Italian securities regulator CONSOB announced a JSS/JBP-related probe on Jan. 23.

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  1. [quote]Mann repeatedly has declined to identify JSS/JBP with a nation-state, leading to questions about whether members have any consumer protections at all.[/quote] That’s an easy one, they don’t..!If you have no confirmation of who you are dealing with or where he is located, what protection do you have?

  2. Amazing how all these Ponzi’s all claim to have “secure” servers, and yet they all are hit with DDOS and hackers getting into their websites. But then why would those claims be any different than all the BS they spread about their program and how it can run indefinitely.

    It is time for a restart, as his liabilities are far greater than his money coming in. The only question is will he do a restart or claim to do one and run with the money? Next few weeks are going to be really interesting to see what happens.

  3. The “author” of this “report” REALLY likes the word “purported”.

  4. Hakuna Matata Trust In Tripler :)

  5. JSS was too good to be true. I just wonder if that big sharks earn those millions or they were just reinvesting and actually never earn anything.

    To be honest ddosed or not i m not sure if this guys are coming back. And this text by Pretty Patrick make me sad and i lost hope that this is just ddos. But let wait and see.

    And i m not sure that they are just cycling the money the get to older members, they wont last so long with that, they must invest into something. Forex, Stocks or maybe something better than that 2.

  6. Helio Carate: The “author” of this “report” REALLY likes the word “purported”.


    Right now, for example, there is a communication attributed to Frederick Mann in which Mann purportedly confirms the DDoS attack and says that JSS/JBP won’t be paying out the 2 percent today.

    Among the other assertions attributed to Mann:


    “Also, because of the servers being down we’re unable to pay tonight’s withdrawals. We’ll also resume paying withdrawals as soon as we can.

    “This downtime is no reason for panic. Last August we had a ‘business time-out’ for over a month while we did a Restart and moved to offshore servers. After that we came back in full force.”


    Moving to “offshore servers” is an interesting way of putting it, given that “offshore” would have a different meaning to different people.

    My guess is that those words were written by someone in the United States who was speaking to “offshore” from a U.S. perspective.

    In any event, the words reminded me of when the now-missing AdViewGlobal, which talked up the “offshore” angle in the aftermath of the AdSurfDaily seizure and purported to operate from Uruguay, incongruously claimed it had appointed a “national sales manager.”


    It was interesting in the sense that AVG’s “national sales manager” was identified in the pitch as Juan Fernandez, who just happened to be the former CEO of AdSurfDaily and a person (like ASD’s Andy Bowdoin) who’d asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in the ASD Ponzi case.

    The ASD Ponzi case was brought in the United States, of course.

    So, AdViewGlobal had a “national sales manager” who was a potential indictee in the ASD Ponzi case — but it somehow was all OK because AdViewGlobal purported to be offshore.

    Why AdViewGlobal would appoint a “national sales manager” when it purportedly was an international company based in Uruguay never was clear.


  7. A DDOS attack, sickness or family problems, are usually the reasons trotted out by HYIPs when they are about to stop paying. We’ve seen it all before and it is only the members who are new to the HYIP/ponzi world who ever believe it – until the day that they wake up and realise they have lost their money.

    It’s a pity they can’t be more original. The recent dengue fever claim by one “honest admin” was a little better, though still not good enough to be plausable, but a DDOS attack doesn’t even make a pass score.

  8. The next excuse will be either a problem with the payment processors that needs to be worked out, but all is fine OR they will announce that their database has been hacked and have to do an internal audit to get things back in order before resuming payments.

    But then it has been asserted and stated as fact that the DDOS attack is happening because the program is so popular or is the result of a jealous competitor. I guess he could not make up his mind which it was, so he covered his bases by claiming both scenarios were why the DDOS attack.

    But there are a few who are questioning this as being real, and are showing signs they think Fred is doing a runner. For sure the next few weeks will be most interesting in this program that can run “indefinitely.”

  9. Its funny how no one else can find this scam but hackers somehow care enough to even look.

  10. They have just announced a heads up on the next restart, prompting me to wonder why all of a sudden they are warning, when previously they just restarted…? Maybe this is the final push for cash prior to the runner…!

  11. If PP could market his tears he’d be rich.
    Grab a Kleenex Paul, did you know that unsuccessful DDOS attacks (like this one) help Alexa ratings?

  12. On March 5th I actually reported this site (the scammer not this one :) ) to the SEC http://noscamworkathome.biz/another-ponzi-scheme-disclosed/

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