JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid Touted On Race-Baiting/Catholic-Bashing Site; Pitchman Linked To ‘Church’ That Says It Preaches ‘True Gospel Of The Risen Lord Jesus Christ To White-Raced Peoples Of North America, Europe, Southern Africa And Australia’

EDITOR’S NOTE: A reader contacted the PP Blog yesterday, saying the JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid “program” was being “glorified and promoted” on a website styled Vatican Assassins.org. Sure enough, a fawning pitch dated May 21 for JSS/JBP appears on the site — along with a graphic that advertises the purported JSS/JBP payout rate of 60 percent a month and includes a prompt that higher earnings were possible through “daily compounding.”

But VaticanAssassins could serve up yet another PR disaster for JSS/JBP, which openly acknowledges it is not registered to sell securities, does not disclose its base of operations or identify itself with a nation-state, uses offshore payment processors linked to numerous fraud schemes, may have ties to the “sovereign citizens” movement and says its members must affirm they are not with the “government.”

“In general, government people are not welcome in JBP,” said JSS/JBP’s purported operator Frederick Mann on May 24, noting that a “cruise missile” attack against the “program” could not totally be ruled out.

It is paranoia coupled with a curious form of discrimination — we’ll call it exclusion by employment — and JSS/JBP’s new helpmate is almost certain to cause even more stomachs to turn. Indeed, VaticanAssassins describes black people as “savages” and “bastards” even as it tries to link the Catholic Church to one conspiracy after another.

Blacks, Catholics and other people of goodwill who are JSS/JBP members may recoil in horror if they spend so little as 10 minutes on the VaticanAssassins site and read the ramblings of their fellow pitchman for the “opportunity.”

On Feb. 7 — presumably in his pre-JSS/JBP days — the pitchman wrote this on VaticanAssassins:

“If you do not appreciate reading about the racial TRUTH in the Black Pope’s pro-Black, anti-White, ‘Holy Roman’ Fourteenth Amendment, Corporate-fascist, Socialist-Communist American Empire (1868-Present) then this website is not for you.”

On March 14, 2011 — while trying to draw a distinction between what he deemed “Majority Savage Blacks and the Minority Civil Blacks” — the pitchman said this:

“28 Majority Savage Black beasts, raised by their fornicating mothers due to seventy-percent of all Black American births being illegitimate, committed this gang rape. Yes, these animalistic Black bastards (for they act like animals’ and are indeed ‘bastards,’ they having no legitimate fathers) have perpetrated yet another unspeakable crime, this time against an 11-year old Hispanic girl.”

Just who is this pitchman?

None other than Eric Jon Phelps, who tells readers on another part of the site that he paid an IRS tax lien for $164,551.30 (presumably prior to his involvement in JSS/JBP) and introduces a conspiracy that the Pope secretly controls the tax-collection agency.

The reader who contacted us yesterday expressed concern, but also confusion.

“I thought they were shut down by the SEC,” he said of JSS/JBP. “I almost bought into this. Is there anything you can do to prevent people from losing [their] money? Or is this a [legitimate] business?”

Equally compellingly — in a JSS/JBP conference call Thursday — a distressed woman who said her name was “Ping” implied she was ill with a serious heart condition, was managing three JSS/JBP accounts that had been hacked a month ago and said her “sister borrowed on her house [to] put money in JBP.”

“I need, Mr. Mann, I beg your lifesaving help,” Ping said to Frederick Mann.

Ping recited her ticket number multiple times and asked Mann to intervene personally in her case because JSS/JBP customer support had been unresponsive for weeks.

Mann said, “Well, ah, one of our support staff will check it out.”

But what Mann said was not what Ping wanted to hear.

“Yes, but it has been one month and no one — I told them my situation, I told them my life was on [the] line. But help is so slow. Could you please take my case?”

At that point, JSS/JBP’s female conference-call host — “Dale” — intervened in an apparent bid to reassure the panicked woman that the “opportunity,” which advertises a daily return that corresponds to an annualized return of 730 percent, would look into her case. But Ping, who’d been panting and said she had made a recent trip to “the ER,” either did not hear what “Dale” was saying or was not satisfied that her complaint had been heard and would be escalated and resolved.

“Dale” then became agitated at Ping’s persistence.

“Ping, yes,” Dale barked. “We’re gonna try to handle that on this end. OK?”

Although Dale did express concern for Ping’s health, the remarks came off as patronizing because of the agitation she had displayed toward Ping. The scene had the deeply disturbing feel of the surreal/unreal: a woman who may be seriously ill and whose second language was English was on a conference call begging an HYIP that does not even disclose its base of operations for help. Why? Because support doesn’t respond, not even when a person’s home may be at risk.

My God.

Here is Ping’s Ticket No: 836560. May it become the most famous ticket number in the sordid history of HYIP frauds — and may Ping get the help she needs.

As the PP Blog was preparing a report on Thursday’s JSS/JBP call, it received the report about the promo on VaticanAssassins.org. We present that development below — with Ping still very much on our mind . . .

In a YouTube video dated April 7, 2009, Eric Phelps shares a vision of a "white" America.

UPDATED 12:29 P.M. EDT (JUNE 3, U.S.A.) JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid is being promoted on a website whose operator touts a vision of “white” America, advances conspiracy theories, bashes Catholics, claims the Motion Picture Association of America is “ruled” by the “Black Pope’s Knights of Malta” — all while the conspiracy site is linked to a purported church that says it preaches the “True Gospel Of The Risen Lord Jesus Christ to White-raced peoples of North America, Europe, Southern Africa and Australia.”

The website is known as VaticanAssassins.org. Meanwhile, the church is known as Reformation-Bible Puritan-Baptist Church. Both entities have conspiracy theorist Eric Jon Phelps, also known as Brother Eric Jon Phelps, in common — and Phelps now has emerged as a JSS/JBP pitchman.

Whether the site has received the blessing of JSS/JBP is unclear.

Phelps’ sales pitch asks prospects to obtain a Gmail account, register for JSS/JBP and to acquire accounts at the offshore payment processors AlertPay and SolidTrustPay — and start earning 60 percent a month.

“Your Editor is delighted to inform his readers of JSS Tripler,” Phelps gushes on VaticanAssassins in a post dated May 21. “It has been existence for over a year now with nearly one million members. This is a way we can make a little extra cash to help with daily needs or we can buy more Tripler positions and continue to make money over a period of time and benefit from greater returns.”

One of the most popular posts on Vatican Assassins is titled, “Three Savage Black American Soldiers Rape 12-Year Old Japanese Girl, 1995.”

Here is a snippet (italics added):

Meanwhile, no one, not one news room or major daily reported these merciless, heartless, savage bullies were Black. To add insult to injury, all articles in the Pope’s Trilateral Commission-controlled Japanese Press have removed every reference indicating these criminals were Black! Under orders from Jesuit-ruled Washington, Jesuit-ruled Tokyo removed this blatant fact of race, further generating a hatred for all Americans in general, as though we White Protestants and Baptists are equally guilty of such wicked and shameful behavior.

The post went on to assert that “Majority Savage Blacks were never taught to behave in civil White Protestant culture and thus have been released upon us Reformation Bible-believing Whites to further destroy our once White Protestant and Baptist American culture founded upon the Reformation’s AV1611 English Bible and a White Protestant Presbyterian Constitution with its attached White Baptist-Calvinist Bill of Rights.”

Both JSS/JBP and the payment processors have members who are black and/or Catholic. Mann has publicly claimed that JSS discriminates against no one — with the possible exception of government workers who are “part of a criminal gang of robbers, thieves, murderers, liars, imposters.”

Whether Mann or the payment processors would repudiate Phelps’ views was not immediately clear. For now, at least, Phelps has active affiliate links for both JSS/JBP and the processors.

Also unclear was whether Phelps had any licenses or registrations required to sell securities. The business model of JSS/JBP is similar in key aspects to the business model of AdSurfDaily, a Florida-based scam broken up the U.S. Secret Service in 2008. ASD President Andy Bowdoin pleaded guilty last month to wire fraud in the ASD case.

Federal prosecutors said ASD had gathered at least $110 million over the Internet, including tens of millions of dollars in just weeks during the spring and summer of 2008. ASD is known to have had “sovereign citizens” within its membership ranks. In 2008, JSS/JBP’s Mann was identified as an ASD pitchman — and a website linked to Mann has showcased videos on Francis Schaeffer Cox, a purported “sovereign citizen” implicated in an alleged murder plot against public officials.

Whether Phelps has any sympathies with the purported “sovereign citizens” movement is unclear. What is clear is that his presence as a JSS/JBP pitchman could become divisive. JSS/JBP purports to have a membership of about 1 million. It is a virtual certainty that a group of that size would include people of all races, belief systems and political persuasions — and Phelps potentially could alienate a large part of the JSS/JBP base.

In a YouTube video dated April 7, 2009, Phelps said he’d contemplated visiting Mexico to take in its culture, venturing that if he made such a trip he’d enjoy observing women in “beautiful Mexican dresses” and men in their “Mexican wedding shirts.”

And Phelps also ventured that he’d enjoy eating “tacos.”

But when it became time to leave Mexico, Phelps said, “I want to go back to my country that’s white. We speak English. We have organic hamburgers on wheat bread.”

The United States, he ventured, is experiencing an “alien invasion of Mexican Roman Catholics.”

“Mexico could be a wealthy country, but why it is broken is because of the Papacy, because of the Vatican . . .”

In his “new white nation,” Phelps ventured, “all the junk food’s gone.”

And then the man who’d one day become a JSS/JBP pitchman hatched a conspiracy theory involving “sugar processing” and the “Jesuit Order.”


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  1. Quick note: A JSS/JBP “defender” banned for chronic harassment (under three usernames and three email addresses) tried to post in this thread twice in 10 minutes.

    Naturally, the would-be posts were simple deflections had nothing whatsoever to do with the story above.

    “between you and me, your an idiot,” the would be poster said.



  2. admin: “between you and me, your an idiot,” the would be poster said.

    That may be so, Mr “defender”

    BUT, at least he’s an idiot who can spell “you’re” when required.


  3. Quick note: The banned JSS/JBP “defender” — now on his FOURTH email address — had this to say at 11:56 p.m. yesterday:

    “F[***] off,,,, you and your tribe.”

    On a side note, AdSurfDaily figure and purported “sovereign citizen” Kenneth Wayne Leaming once tried to sue a Catholic hospital in Washington state for the spectacular sum of $9.2 billion.

    In June 2009, Leaming sought unsuccessfully to attach “all tangible and intangible property” of the hospital, including its fixtures, furnishings, motor vehicles, bank accounts, passbooks, saving certificates, stock certificates, lines of credit, inventories, promissory notes, office equipment, educational equipment — and even its mineral and water rights, according to records.

    Leaming also tried to sue the United States — apparently for the sum of more than $29 trillion — for its role in the ASD Ponzi case. The sum was more than twice the U.S. Gross Domestic Product in 2009.

    He also claimed a small town targeted him for “DEATH” and threatened to kill him by “HUNTING” him down “in screaming packs and mobs” and using “several armed street gangs” that served as police, according to records.

    Flash forward a couple of years and JSS/JBP’s Frederick Mann ruminated about a “cruise missile” attack against the “opportunity’s” servers in the Netherlands.

    Apparently, the would-be poster now on his fourth email address in “defense” of JSS/JBP believes that HYIP oddities are best addressed with a “”F[***] off” and by asserting HYIP critics are members of a “tribe.”



  4. Hmmnn, would that be the “Credit Card Debt Eliminiation: Ministry of Reformation-Bible Puritan-Baptist Church” Vatican Assassins at this website: http://www.vaticanassassins.org/credit-card-debt-eliminiation-ministry-of-reformation-bible-puritan-baptist-church/

    (poor spelling seems to be a feature of this weeks’ Just Been Paid pimps. “eliminiation” ????)


  5. littleroundman: Hmmnn, would that be the “Credit Card Debt Eliminiation: Ministry of Reformation-Bible Puritan-Baptist Church” Vatican Assassins at this website: http://www.vaticanassassins.org/credit-card-debt-eliminiation-ministry-of-reformation-bible-puritan-baptist-church/

    Yes. That would be it.



  6. Would this “tribe” happen to meet ay any fast food place? Maybe Arby’s??


  7. wow, that was a misspellification…..


  8. Sounds more like a Denny’s crowd to me.


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