BULLETIN: Zeek Rewards Claims Portal Scheduled To Open ‘On Or Before’ May 15, Receiver Says

breakingnews72BULLETIN: The claims portal for the alleged Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme is scheduled to open on or before May 15, the court-appointed receiver has announced.

“It is with pleasure that I report on May 8, 2013, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina granted our motion seeking Court approval of our Claims Process for ZeekRewards,” receiver Kenneth D. Bell wrote in a May 9 letter to Zeek investors published on the receivership website.

Bell cautioned claimants not to submit claims before the portal opens. And, he noted, most claims will be handled electronically. Special permission must be received from the receiver in writing to submit a claim in any other form.

The PP Blog reported yesterday that Senior U.S. District Judge Graham C. Mullen had approved the claims process.

“Our proposed Claims Process was designed to provide the greatest possible return to the investors and other potential creditors of the Receivership Defendant by minimizing the percentage of Receivership Assets we have to spend to reconcile and determine claims,” Bell wrote.


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