DIABOLICAL: Purported ‘Christian’ Enterprise With Purported Ties To Catholic Church Launches Spam Campaign For Purported ‘Loan’ Program And Bizarrely Tries To Sanitize It By Linking To PP Blog Story On Profitable Sunrise Scam

The scam/spam pitch from "ALL SAINTS."

The scam/spam pitch from “ALL SAINTS.”

Is it channeling Profitable Sunrise as part of an affinity-fraud/identity-theft reload scam? An enterprise that bizarrely is calling itself  “ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC CHURCH LOAN FIRM” purports to have an office in England and appears to be targeting Catholics and Christians in general to be fleeced in a purported “loan” program.

The spam/scam pitch begins, “I am so disappointed of fake loan companies on the internet . . .”

The PP Blog received spam from the purported enterprise at 7:53 a.m. and 7:55 a.m. today. The ribald spam campaign includes a link to this March 6, 2013, PP Blog story: URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: Alabama Issues Warning On ‘Profitable Sunrise’

Longtime PP Blog readers are aware that things can be downright diabolical in the fraud sphere, with criminals sometimes using the names of government agencies to create the impression that an enterprise is legitimate or even endorsed by the government or a media company. The aim of the “ALL SAINTS” scammers appears to be to plant the seed that law enforcement has scrubbed the scheme, that the loan program won’t meet the same fate as Profitable Sunrise in Alabama (or elsewhere) and that the PP Blog backs “ALL SAINTS.”

It’s also possible that the “ALL SAINTS” scammers are seeking to use html links to the PP Blog to improve the search-engine penetration of their scam. Meanwhile, there are other, more nefarious possibilities, including bids to affect the server performance of the PP Blog and to dupe people into believing the “offer” originates at the PP Blog.

The “offer” appears to originate at an IP of in Bangalore, India. The PP Blog is published in the United States.

Profitable Sunrise purported to be a “loan” program based in England. In April, the SEC called it a scam that may have collected tens of millions of dollars.

It was not immediately clear whether “ALL SAINTS” had an accompanying, Profitable Sunrise-like HYIP scheme. What is clear is that the “ALL SAINTS” enterprise is fishing for personal information, something that could be linked to identity theft.

Here is part of the fractured spam pitch (verbatim/italics added):

Welcome to ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC CHURCH LOAN FIRM we are international Christian loan firm and Lenders that has offered Loans to various individual and firms in Europe, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world,Are you in need of a loan? Do you want to pay off your bills? Do you want to be financially stable? We offer all types of loan, please email us back with the amount and duration of the loan you require. the bible says” Luke 11:10 Everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

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14 Responses to “DIABOLICAL: Purported ‘Christian’ Enterprise With Purported Ties To Catholic Church Launches Spam Campaign For Purported ‘Loan’ Program And Bizarrely Tries To Sanitize It By Linking To PP Blog Story On Profitable Sunrise Scam”

  1. From looking them up, I can say that I am fairly certain that this “loan firm” is an Advance Fraud Fee scheme, or as more commonly known, a Nigerian 419 scam.

    “All Saints Catholic Church Loan Firm,” promoted via spam by a “Rev.Fr. Samson Anthony,” seems to be one and the same as “Holy Angels Catholic Church Finance Loan Firm” of http://holyangelsloanfirm.webs.com and promoted by “Rev. Vincent Purcell.”

    Other names they seem to have spammed under include:
    “Holy Cross Financial Loan Service” as “Rev Mehall Lowry”
    “Michelle Campbell,” sock puppet using the address michellecampbell244@gmail.com
    “St Martins Church Loan Service,” as “Rev. Harry Oscar”
    “Catholic Church Loan Finance Firm,” as “Bishop Richard Anderson”
    “Church of Holy Redeemer Loan Finance Firm” as “Sister Hannah Doyle”
    “PSF Finance LTD” as “Alexander R Collins” (the PSF seems to stand for “Pacific Standard Finance” going by his email name)
    “Our Lady of Lourdes Loan Finance Firm” as “Rev.Fr. David Leashy” with sock puppet “Jane Morrison” vouching for him
    “St Paul Cathedral Finance” as “Rev. James Benjamin”
    “Cathedral Church of St. Marie Loan Funding Firm” as both “Hannah Doyle” and as “Rev. John Rawstone.” Under this name I can see that someone in India called “Yuvaraj Kannan” of in.linkedin.com/pub/yuvaraj-kannan/54/561/ab3/ has been actively “liking” the scam spam postings from such fake loan firms.
    “Holy Trinity Loan Finance Firm” as “Rev. Ken Walker”
    “Church of St Mary the Virgin Loan Finance Firm” as “Rev. John Franklin”

    The list just goes on and on.

  2. You are not the only one spammed by them. Here is another spam of theirs. Second one has a different name: “ST JOHN THE BAPTIST CATHOLIC CHURCH LOAN FIRM”.


    I have feeling this scam has Nigerian connections. Can not prove it, but have seen tons of Nigerian scams my Spidey sense is tingling.

  3. And another spam I bet from the same people. This one from “CHURCH OF HOLY REDEEMER LOAN FINANCE FIRM”. They could have many names.


  4. Yep. Looks like a serial spamming/scamming bid, Boris.


  5. I’m not sure if my prior attempt to post went through, but yes, this is definitely a serial spammer. My suspicions are firmly in the Advance Fee Fraud catagory, given the names and places I’ve tracked them to so far.

  6. ProfHenryHiggins: I’m not sure if my prior attempt to post went through

    It’s there now, ProfHenryHiggins. It was temporarily held because the system read it as spam. Same thing could happen again, but I’ll go through the queue and approve them manually if need be.

    Thanks for posting.


  7. A quick check withe the Financial Services Authority site shows NOTHING registered for All Saints Catholic Church Loans site nor the ST JOHN THE BAPTIST CATHOLIC CHURCH LOAN FIRM which claims to be registered with them, but the number quoted is in fact false and belongs to another company with no apparent connection

    Don’t you just love it when the scammers abuse the church to prey on the needy and the desperate.

    Hopefully they will appear on the FSA warning list soon

  8. ProfHenryHiggins: “St Paul Cathedral Finance” as “Rev. James Benjamin”

    Just got spammed by this one, Prof.



  9. Now it’s being promoted as “CHRIST THE KING CHURCH LOAN FIRM,” purportedly through “REV.FR. ROBERT NICOLAS [C.E.O]” and “SIS MARY GARDNER [ASST. C.E.O].”


  10. […] May 9, the PP Blog reported that an emerging scam that is seeking to tie itself to the Catholic Church is engaging in a spam campaign and seeking to lure Profitable Sunrise victims into a new trap. The […]

  11. Add “OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL LOAN FIRM” to the list, with “Rev Smith Douglass” purportedly at the helm.


  12. Well, this morning it’s now “CREDIT TRUST FINANCIAL LOAN SERVICE,” with “Williams Brown” purportedly at the helm.


  13. Must be using random name generator. These spammers can’t even tell a good first from a good surname.

  14. This loan firm uses the name of God to scam people. They have people giving them high recommendations but I am very sure now that it is all a setup. I have tried to acquire a small loan for four months since my mom past away. They were very concerned showing genuine interest in assisting individuals. There scam is with continuous fees and promising the loan would be transferred after this final fee. This organization kept in contact with me daily several times a day. I have paid a final fee last week and still have not heard from them but once saying sorry for the delay. The transfer would be made the next day. I was a fool to believe in them. I was in a devastated, distraught desperation. I have spent thousands honestly thousands in fees believing lie after lie after lie. I was promised that if there was any more delay or difficulty acquiring this loan, I would be guaranteed my fees be refunded. Now this organization has fallen off the face if rhe earth.

    I beg you to handle your desperation differently. I believe that somewhere out there that there are genuine people that are legitimate but certainly not Holy Angels Catholic loan finance firm or any name associated with Rev. Vincent Purcell because he is the high priest of scam artists. I have lost a great deal but he will get his in the end. Do not be fooled of his pictures that are posted. I am going to report him to the Uk officials as well.