The ‘Wave’ Continues — Plus, A Brief On BlessingGoldClub And Possible Promotional Ties To Better-Living Global Marketing, A Zeek-Like Scheme With A ‘Bidders Paradise’ Arm

The series of screen shots (below) show spam waves aimed here today that appear to originate in China. The would-be visitors tried to register to post “comments” in older stories detailing the MPB Today pyramid scheme, the Evolution Market Group and FinanzasForex fraud schemes and the ProfitClicking fraud scheme. Not pictured are URLs from another Oct. 8 wave, which sought to pull stories and/or post “comments” in threads on scams of more recent vintage, including Zeek Rewards and Profitable Sunrise.






This is an expanded view of a wave tonight and the spammers' bids to register to post "comments" here.

This is an expanded view of a wave tonight and the spammers’ bids to register to post “comments” here.

Through 12:49 p.m. EDT today, the PP Blog had received 24,575 spams this month alone. By 9:05 p.m. today, the number had risen to 25,264. The total in the past six months has exceeded 317,000. For a month or so, the Blog has been testing a new means of minimizing the effect of data floods on its core systems. This is a work-in-progress that occasionally has created inconvenience for legitimate readers and posters. We appreciate your thoughtful notes and patience as we continue this battle.

‘BlessingGoldClub’ Brief

Speaking of thoughtful notes, we received one today from a person knowledgeable about a purported “opportunity” known as “BlessingGoldClub,” which appears to be a cash-gifting scheme with some members trying to marry themselves to a purportedly Hong Kong-based, Zeek Rewards-like scheme known as Better-Living Global Marketing and an apparent subsidiary known as Bidders Paradise.

We referenced Better-Living Global Marketing in this May 12 thread involving former Profitable Sunrise pitchman and Zeek Rewards fawner John Schepcoff. It also is referenced in this June 5 story about an SEC subpoena aimed at Schepcoff.

We have briefly reviewed some information about Blessing Gold Club, which purports to be a “private membership association.” In any event, offering materials for Blessing Gold Club show children displaying handfuls of cash. If members now are congregating with Zeek and Profitable Sunrise scammers and pushing Better-Living Global Marketing, it could be yet another MLM disaster in the making.

The person knowledgeable about BlessingGoldClub is raising the prospect that gifters are trying to keep Better-Living Global Marketing/Bidders Paradise under the radar and may be avoiding traditional scam-pushing sites such as the Ponzi boards.

Longtime readers will recall that AdViewGlobal, a knockoff of the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme, also purported to be a “private association.” According to an AVG consultant (in 2009) who had a criminal record for securities fraud, such structures permit individuals to practice medicine and law without a license.

And by the various magical constructions that existed within AVG, they apparently also make Ponzi and pyramid schemes “legal.”

Be careful out there, Folks. The bots and spammers are doing all they can do to make sure the scammers can thrive on the Internet.

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