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NOTE: This subscription post originally was published at 11:34 p.m. ET U.S.A. on Feb. 7.

As was the case with our 2,500th-post commemoration in November, there are four subscription options. In the spirit of that post and the 6th anniversary post last month, I’m returning to the “penny a post” theme. We’re asking readers who believe in what this Blog is doing to take out a one-year subscription for either $25, $50, $75 or $100.

The $25 fee constitutes a penny a post for our current editorial well of 2,500+ articles. There’s a pull-down menu in case you decide you’d like personally to value the editorial well at 2 cents a post ($50), 3 cents a post ($75) or 4 cents a post ($100).

It is my hope that newer readers who can afford to subscribe will do so at either the $25 or $50 levels. The higher options may be best suited for readers and researchers who’ve been with us a long time and perhaps have read hundreds or even thousands of stories.

Because the Blog’s well is so deep, we’re able to provide readers additional context. You’ll often find this reflected in “quick notes” in the Comments threads below stories. The notes point readers to stories on the same topic or to stories that have a similar theme.

The Blog, of course, also points readers to other sources of information.

There is no paywall at the PP Blog. By purchasing a subscription that automatically renews in one year, you’ll be helping me personally. And, as I noted in November, you’ll be helping a Blog that publishes hundreds of stories a year and keeps matters important to readers a bookmark away remain free for other readers.

This “penny-a-post” idea has helped me scotch the very real concern about affecting readership by offering subscriptions. The readers who subscribe will be helping keep the Blog free for those who cannot afford to subscribe and for those who simply choose not to.

Our readers of goodwill recognize the PP Blog as a persistent effort to contain harm and to educate the public about matters that destroy pocketbooks and families and, in some cases, affect national security.

My sincere thank you for your continued interest in the PP Blog.


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3 Responses to “PP Blog Subscription Post”

  1. If you weren’t so clueless, I would consider it.

  2. no you wouldn’t. still a liar we see.

  3. Tex: If you weren’t so clueless,

    “Clueless” is mild, compared to some of the things I’ve been called, Tex.

    Short list (summarized/edited for brevity): Nazi, Socialist, Communist, liberal, [homosexual slur], homophobe, Romney supporter, Bush supporter, Obama supporter, tool of the Left, tool of the Right, porn addict, complicit in genocide, trademark-infringer, accommodator of false-flag operations, hater of Christians, hater of Muslims, tool of Israel, tool of the Federal Reserve, tool of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, enemy of freedom, racist, bigot, idiot, clown, moron, beggar, loser, person whose family members might die over his HYIP reporting, person who might die at the hands of God over his HYIP reporting, person who’d better think twice (because a 2009-era HYIP scheme had “firepower” and lawyers), person who should have been aborted, person too ugly to be taken seriously, recipient of government leaks, government plant, purveyor of government Kool-Aid, (etc.).

    In any event, I’ll let my readers decide if the 2,584 posts here constitute cluelessness.

    As I noted above, a deep editorial well often is helpful in providing readers additional context, thus helping them see the bigger picture.


    PP Blog called “part of an undercover Zionist Neocon Cabal”:


    Ponzi supporter calls U.S. government “giant common enemy”:


    PP Blog described as “an accomplice” with “complicity in GENOCIDE”:


    PP Blog threatened with fine of $500,000 and subsequent fines:


    PP Blog called purveyor of “socialist-fascist-communist non-sense of garbage,” amid assertion that the U.S. Feds used the seized AdSurfDaily money to “finance black opps etc.”:


    PP Blog called [homosexual slur]:


    Death of PP Blog’s dog should be interpreted as sign from God and warning that family members could be next: