In Wake Of Asset-Seizure Claim, Videos By ‘Achieve Community’ Huckster Rodney Blackburn Go Missing From You Tube

With “Achieve Community” members posting on Facebook over the long President’s Day weekend claims attributed to co-founder Troy Barnes that he was under criminal investigation and assets had been seized, something seemed a bit odd on YouTube: Search results appeared to demote Rodney Blackburn in listings when the term “Achieve Community” was entered into the form.

Mass deletions by Blackburn (see below) of Achieve-related content almost certainly explain the apparent SEO erosion. Blackburn, though, hasn’t completely run away from Achieve. A couple of the huckster’s productions remain, including one dated Saturday in which he throws Achieve’s Kristi Johnson under the bus.

It is titled, “Achieve Is Done But We are Not!” The length is 6:24. In the video, Blackburn claims to be “really in shock right now on how everything has played out.”

He further claims he had a falling out with Johnson in the recent past. “I didn’t want to bring that information out because I wanted Achieve to work just as much as each and every one of you,” he said.

This falling out, Blackburn suggests, happened within four days of a Dec. 10 conference call Blackburn co-hosted with Mike Chitty. Johnson, the purported business partner of Barnes in Achieve, was a guest on the call. (Someone who goes by “washable jones” and appears not to be keen on HYIP hucksters posted a recording of the call on YouTube.)

Blackburn and Chitty are Achieve members associated with a sponsor’s group known as the Legendary Income Solutions Team (LIST). On the Dec. 10 call, Blackburn claimed LIST had “over 2,000 people within our marketing team that is supporting Achieve. So, that’s just our little part of the 13,000 people who are in Achieve.”

If “supporting” means “joining,” this means that LIST members alone had plowed at least $100,000 into Achieve and that they constituted 15 percent of Achieve’s membership, something that would have provided Blackburn and Chitty plenty of incentive to keep insisting prosperity for the masses was right around the corner if members would simply not abandon ship when payouts stopped in early November.

It’s not that they stood to gain commissions through Achieve, which claims everybody was on the same team for the common good and promoted a common affiliate link. In Blackburn’s case, what he stood to gain was a payout on the claimed 221 Achieve positions he held. These positions weren’t going to pay if new people did not register and if both existing and new members didn’t keep reinvesting “earnings.”

Blackburn’s expected payout, according to one of his videos, was ballparked at $90,000. And he’d already cashed out $16,000, he said. Registrations for LIST were a second benefit. From there, the LIST “leaders” could plow the marks into other Ponzi-board scams, some of which do pay commissions on top of preposterous interest payments.

The minimum buy-in at Achieve was $50. Much higher buy-ins were possible, with some Achieve members likely spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars and expecting a minimum return of 800 percent, more through the Achieve-endorsed  process of plowing “earnings” back into the scheme.

Johnson was a guest on the Dec. 10 call co-hosted by Achieve/LIST members Blackburn and Chitty.

Johnson ostensibly went on the show to lead cheers for Achieve in the aftermath of the payout suspension in November. In that strange network-marketing way, Johnson’s guest spot also gave Blackburn a chance to shine. Rodney, unlike other Achievers, could summon the master and, in some ways, use her to dial down the pressure he might have felt if LIST was responsible for bringing 2,000 people into the “program.”

Most disturbing about the call was the revelation that an elderly woman with an 86-year-old husband who was ill had joined Achieve. She was described by Chitty as “exactly the type of person that the Achieve Community is built around and for . . .”

Blackburn also implied during the call that he was an Achieve insider, telling listeners that Johnson told him things they didn’t get to hear. He also suggested that LIST sponsorship group could do a better job performing customer service than Achieve itself.

These things could not have been music to the ears of Johnson.

It’s now clear that several Achieve promos by Blackburn have gone missing from YouTube, including one in which he recorded six minutes of footage from the website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission while planting the seed the agency had no jurisdiction over “programs” such as Achieve

On this President’s Day it is unclear if the SEC is investigating Achieve. The agency last month declined to comment on Blackburn’s video. Achieve is reported to be under investigation by state authorities in Colorado and Michigan.

Blackburn’s now-missing SEC challenge was titled, “Network Marketing & MLM Programs Are Getting Better!!!” It returns the message shown below.


Also missing is a video posted in mid-December in which Blackburn appeared to apologize to Achieve Community members for not being supportive enough of Johnson and Achieve “admins” on a Facebook site who were clashing with or deleting individuals who raised concerns about Achieve. It was titled, “Rodney Apology Achieve Community.”

All of these Achieve-themed videos by Blackburn appear to have been removed.

  • Achieve Community Update 1 10 2015 By The LIST Marketing Team
  • Network Marketing & MLM Programs Are Getting Better!!!
  • Achieve Community Update 1/ 4 /2015
  • LIST – Achieve Community Update and More!!!
  • Rodney Apology Achieve Community
  • Achieve Community Update 12-5-14 2014
  • Achieve Community Update 12-2-14 Part 2
  • Achieve Community Update 12-2-2014 Relaunch is Here! No be patient…
  • Achieve Community Update 12 1 14 2014
  • Achieve Community Update 11 21 2014
  • Achieve Community Relaunch is Coming
  • Achieve Update 11-12-2014
  • Achieve Community – Believe…
  • Achieve Community Are You Ready?
  • Achieve Community Update 10 22 2014
  • Achieve Community What’s Possible? Paid out $138,000 this week!
  • Achieve Community Update- $102,000 Paid Out This Week!!!
  • Achieve Community~ Chuck made Money! $8,000!!!
  • Achieve Community Come Experience Achieve
  • Achieve Community- How to Repurchase Positions and Why…
  • The Achieve Community- How Does It Work?

Meanwhile, there have been deletions of certain LIST content and content from other “programs” pushed by Blackburn, including Unison Wealth. Blackburn pitches for Ponzi-board programs such as “Rockfeller,” “Automatic Mobile Cash,” “Bring The Bacon Home” and “Trinity Lines” remain.

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5 Responses to “In Wake Of Asset-Seizure Claim, Videos By ‘Achieve Community’ Huckster Rodney Blackburn Go Missing From You Tube”

  1. Quick notes: It was a long holiday weekend in the United States. Very hard to confirm any of the assertions in the post on the Achieve forum attributed to Troy Barnes.

    We’ll let you know if/when we can firm up any of it.

    The conspiracy theories already are flying. This from a post on Facebook:


    Their funds are frozen, but don’t know what bank. I want to believe they didn’t run off, if you do the math, $310,000.00 per month max times an ever increasing membership around the world and in one year it is way up in the Billions. There is only 700 billion dollars in circulation around the world. The US government or one of its many entities probably forced the failure of the Achieve Community. Achieve did pay-out around $3 million before re-structure. Troy and Kristi would have benefited more by keeping it alive for themselves and our entire community. Don’t think for one moment that the FED, the Congress, or Homeland is going to allow a chance for half the population of the US to become independently wealthy, that becomes a national security problem to a Fascist government who only wants you in debt. They maybe getting their families out of harms way? We don’t know. What we do know is they have worked deligently for more than 7 month’s to put this community together. I wouldn’t toss them in the trash just yet. Now, there is a way to get back CC purchases through the loophole called ‘Chargeback Claim’, give it a try with your CC Fraud Dept.


    As for the “only 700 billion dollars in circulation around the world” claim:

    This doc from the CIA would seem to refute the claim:

    So would this note by the Fed:

    “There was approximately $1.34 trillion in circulation as of January 7, 2015, of which $1.29 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes.”



  2. “Account Suspended” messages on both and


  3. More and more people think that achieve is hacked.

    Gerrit from the Netherlands

  4. Rodney Blackburn seem to be pimping something called “Automatic Mobile Cash” aka “AMC. I haven’t looked into AMC, I don’t need to.
    From the serial ponzi promoter’s YouTube:

    I’m actually making $250- $300 a day now! You can do this too. Start off with what you can afford and gradually grow your residual nest egg. Thousands of people are making money in AMC!
    I made over $2,900 in less than 3 weeks!

    It’s an obvious ponzi scheme.

  5. Tony H: Rodney Blackburn seem to be pimping something called “Automatic Mobile Cash” aka “AMC.

    Thanks for this, Tony. Some notes on Automatic Mobile Cash here in this thread: