Noobing Had ‘Deaf Sales Team’ And Strong YouTube Presence

mrjimbeachcomdeafnoobingvideoUPDATE 4:16 P.M. EST (U.S.A.) The Noobing domain — — is now back online. It had been offline for more than an hour, throwing this error message: “The remote name could not be resolved: ‘’

What caused this and why the domain tried to resolve to a Blog instead of the sales website are unclear.

Meanwhile, Noobing identifies Jim Beach, an employee cited in the story below, as “Noobing Sales Manager.” On what it deems its “official” Blog, Noobing says Beach is the son of a deaf parent and, in 2008, traveled to Deaf Expo events in New Jersey, Kansas, Texas and Missouri to promote Noobing.

“And Noobing was a hit at each,” the company said on its Blog.

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An autosurf under fire in recent days for slashing payouts pitched itself directly to the deaf and employed a salesman who promoted a Noobing “Deaf Team” on YouTube.

The Noobing salesman’s name is Jim Beach. His YouTube name is “deafnoobing.” Beach, who lives in Kansas — the home state of Noobing — also owns a domain named, which redirects to the Noobing autosurf site. From there, customers who wish to register are included in a downline with the user ID of “Jim Beach (70).”

Beach, who speaks in Noobing videos and also uses sign language, repeatedly is referred to as Noobing’s point man on the ASA Monitor forum.  He has produced a number of YouTube videos that position Noobing as a good opportunity for deaf people.

On his YouTube site, Beach instructs that “Deaf Noobing is dedicated to helping the deaf community succeed in all areas of life! Physically, financially and spiritually!

“Let the Deaf world show the rest of the world that Deaf People are GREAT PEOPLE!” the site exclaims.

Pitch to deaf members.

Pitch to deaf Noobing prospects.

The YouTube page includes at least three URLs deaf people can advertise on Noobing if they don’t have their own business to promote. One of the URLs appears to be a subdomain that uses Beach’s name and the name of a wellness site. Another URL is the address for Clickbank, and yet another is an address that redirects to an affiliate site that sells Multi-PureDrinking Water Systems.

Noobing has come under intense fire in forums in recent days for slashing payouts to advertisers. A Noobing employee blamed the cuts on an unclear ruling in the ADSurfDaily Ponzi scheme case, and encouraged Noobing members to complain to the government.

At the same time, Noobing openly criticized members who signed up for the program while not owning their own businesses. Beach’s YouTube page, however, seems to imply that people could sign up for Noobing as long as they had a URL to insert in the advertising rotator.

Nonbusinesses advertising in ASD’s rotator and a lack of member controls were elements in the forfeiture case filed by federal prosecutors last August.  Meanwhile, Noobing is being slammed in forums for sending a mixed message and is being accused by posters of “bait and switch.”

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Sign-language Noobing pitch.

Sign-language Noobing pitch.

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  1. This does it – I’ve had it! This is the lowest of the low!

    I propose that all males caught establishing and/or promoting Ponzi schemes be castrated in the public square. (Some creative person can come up with a suitable punishment for females.) Perhaps that sort of strong, visual consequence would at least slow down the proliferation of these scams by these maggots!

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