Video Promo For Narc That Car Demonizes Sweet-Faced ‘Rena The Realtor’; Some Reps Said To Make More Money Than President Of United States

UPDATED 4:32 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A video Narc That Car promoters may rent for $12.95 a month and a onetime set-up fee of $15 through a third-party provider demonizes a fantasy deadbeat named “Rena the Realtor” for stiffing a bank on her car loan and says some members of the multilevel-marking company are making more money than the President of the United States.

Narc That’s Car’s name is not mentioned in the video, which does not name the NTC reps out-earning the President.

“Rena” is depicted as an attractive, sweet-faced young woman with blue eyes and perfect teeth. She buys a car to impress her real-estate clients, makes payments for a couple of months — and then misses three payments in a row and hides the car to save herself from the repo man.

The video depicts a glum-faced collection agent who had no luck getting “Rena” to cough up her payments, and it becomes time for the bank to dispatch the repo man. But where to start searching?

Thanks to a Narc That Car member named “John,” who is depicted as having the bearing of a plainclothes cop and happens to write down Rena’s license-plate number as he exits a hair salon a few doors away from the gym at which “Rena” works out, the information is entered in the NTC database.

Through a process that the video does not make clear, it is established that “Rena” works out at the gym every day at 7 p.m.

This sets the stage for the repo company  to snatch the car. The video shows a car (presumably Rena’s) being hauled off by a repo truck — a successful conclusion from the lender’s point of view, but a stinging defeat for “Rena the Realtor,” who didn’t make her car payments but still had the money to stay toned by working out at the gym.

The video displays scores of cars backed up during Rush Hour — each one of them with a dollar sign superimposed. The video also implies that an NTC sponsor will give prospects their first 10 plate numbers to enter into the system — if the prospect does not have time to get 10 on his or her own.

How the data can be validated if a sponsor provides the plate numbers is not made clear in the video. Such an approach would mean that the prospect would have to accept as truth the address at which the sponsor said the car was sighted, since the prospect neither saw the car nor recorded the plate number.

Also unclear was whether the sponsor could share the same 10 plate numbers with other incoming prospects and perhaps simply instruct them to enter a fabricated address at which the plate was sighted.

“Either contact your sponsor, who will provide you with your first 10 plates to enter into the system, or you can do it yourself,” the narrator says.

And the narrator said a handsome wage is possible:

“Several people saw this opportunity and dropped everything they were doing on the spot,” the narrator says. “Ninety days later, they’re making more money than the President — and without the stress.”

The video displays a picture of the White House, the official residence of the President and the office from which he makes $400,000 a year, and has an expense account of about $169,000. The video does not say how much the President makes.

The video’s ending was a little flat — a businessman was depicted walking on a tightrope, and another businessman (presumptively) with a briefcase was pictured falling into a safety net.

It might have made for a better ending had “Rena the Realtor” redeemed herself by deciding to join NTC after her car was repossessed — as a means of making sure nothing like that ever could happen again.

Then again, how could she? Deadbeat “Rena,” her blond hair, blue eyes and perfect smile notwithstanding, no longer had a car, no way to get to work, no way to get to the gym to record plate numbers.

Too bad. The parking lot in front of the gym and the hair salon could have been a wonderful place to record numbers every night at 7  — and perhaps the next time around she could have returned the favor by getting “John’s” plate for NTC.

Who knows if the repo man — or someone else — might one day have benefited from knowing where John got his hair cut?

See the news release dated today with the video attached. The video appears to have been produced by this site, which says it has done promotional work for teams and companies such as Ad Surf Daily, AdGateWorld, BizAdSplash.Ad-ventures4U, TVI Express and Global Verge/Buzzirk Mobile, among others.

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2 Responses to “Video Promo For Narc That Car Demonizes Sweet-Faced ‘Rena The Realtor’; Some Reps Said To Make More Money Than President Of United States”

  1. AH, these fantasy stories are hysterical as all these scammers live in a fantasy world.

    Only a few things wrong with yet another of their ridiculous scenarios…….

    Who is stupid enough to pay a $15 setup fee and then keep paying $13/month (media researchers excluded).

    The mythical realtor hides the car. That means, it will not be seen at the salon or gym…she hid the car! Hiding the car means it is not being used! If it’s going to be found anywhere, it will be in a garage at or near the residence of the deadbeat(usually). You can read repo complaints all over the net.

    The repo guy would have gotten the car loong before anyone had a chance to see it in a salon/gym parking lot as he would have been camped out at the realtor’s residence waiting for the car to become ‘unhidden’.

    These people’s stupidity never ceases to amaze.

  2. [Admin note: Abuse pattern detected in this thread. Would-be poster appears to have changed username and email address, after making bizarre assertions under previous identity.]