DATA NETWORK AFFILIATES: Churches Have ‘MORAL OBLIGATION’ To Pitch Members On Firm’s ‘Mortgage Reduction’ Program; Purported Data And Cell-Phone Firm Venturing Into Foreclosure-Rescue And ‘Resort’ Businesses

A multilevel-marketing (MLM) company that positioned itself as a firm that collected data that could be used by law enforcement and the AMBER Alert program to rescue abducted children — and later declared itself the world champion of cell-phone pricing — may be entering the foreclosure-rescue and real-estate businesses, members said.

News about the purported moves of Data Network Affiliates (DNA) follows on the heels of federal sweeps in which 1,215 defendants were charged criminally in real-estate fraud cases and the FTC banned more than a dozen companies from selling mortgage-relief services.

One of the firms charged by the FTC was assessed an $11.4 million fine when it was found to be in contempt of court for violating previous sanctions, the FTC said.

In the FTC cases, enrollees in the purported mortgage-relief programs were charged “up-front fees and made false promises that they could get their loans modified or prevent foreclosure,” the agency said.

DNA has advised members that it intends to charge a fee of $1,500 and that some affiliates can earn commissions by recruiting hard-hit homeowners into a program known as “DNA Mortgage Reduction.”

In an email to members, DNA suggested that churches were an excellent place from which to recruit members into the mortgage-reduction program (italics and bold added):

“DNA Mortgage Reduction is a SUPER BIG HIT… Sorry only for USA Properties for now… Even the smallest package upon the $1500 payment once we know the person has a case… (remember it is 100% free to see if a person qualifies for the program)… Pays a MINIMUM to ALL Affiliates $100 1st level; $5 on levels 2 to 9; and $50 on level 10… Plus the PROS earn up to 100% Matching Bonus…

“REMEMBER that is the smallest package for homes up to $125,000… There are so many Million Dollar homes out there that qualify and for them the fee is less than ONE MORTGAGE PAYMENT… We estimate that DNA will have tens of thousands of home owners who will purchase this package once they find out they qualify for such… THE SAD NOTE IS: that 9 out of 10 people who do qualify don’t even know this service exist… THAT IS WHERE YOU COME IN… Our DNA Vendor is even offering incentives of $1,000 to $10,000 CASH BONUSES to DNA Affiliates who personally reach multiple sale quantities within a 90 day period…

“THINK OF ALL THE CHURCHES… They have a MORAL OBLIGATION to let their Church Members know about this DNA OFFER… There are Churches that could turn in 100 to 1000 applications in 30 days… ALWAYS REMEMBER IT IS 100% FREE TO FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A CASE… Statistics say that 85% of all mortgages written from 1996 to 2006 will qualify…

How DNA arrived at the conclusion its $1,500 mortgage-reduction program was a “SUPER BIG HIT” when it appears to be only days old was unclear. Also unclear are how DNA arrived at the conclusion that churches have a “MORAL OBLIGATION” to point members to DNA, how DNA arrived at its estimate that “tens of thousands of home owners” will purchase its package and the source of the “statistics” DNA used when advertising that “85%” of mortgages written between 1996 and 2006 “will qualify.” The name of DNA’s “vendor” also was unclear.

DNA, which is believed to have no ability to help either law enforcement or the AMBER Alert system and no capacity to deliver cell-phone service despite YouTube claims it had a branding deal with Apple’s IPhone and could offer “unlimited” service for $10 a month  — also recently has pitched members on an “opportunity” called the “DNA Resorts Program,” members said.

The program also has been referred to by DNA as the “DNA SPA & Resort” program,  which purportedly features a “No Interest Easy 24 Month Payment Plan” of $625 a month. DNA is soliciting members to spend $14,995 on the resorts program, suggesting that some prospects will put the entire amount on a credit card.

Meanwhile, in an earlier pitch for the purported mortgage-reduction program, DNA suggested applications would be vetted to determine if “Mortgage Compliance Violations” had occurred. (Italics added.)

“Are you a Victim of Deceptive Predatory Lending Practices?

“Is your Value of your home UPSIDEDOWN?

“Find out if you may be a Victim of Mortgage Compliance Violations involving Predatory, Deceptive, Discriminatory and Unfair Lending and Servicing Practices. These Unfair Lending Practices have placed thousands of HOMEOWNERS all over the United States into Non-Affordable Mortgage Programs.”

DNA, whose domain registration data is hidden behind a proxy in the Cayman Islands but lists a street address in Boca Raton, Fla., on its website, may be venturing into even choppier waters with its mortgage and resort pitches.

“The possibility of losing your home to foreclosure can be terrifying,” the FTC says. “The reality that scam artists are preying on the vulnerability of desperate homeowners is equally frightening. Many so-called foreclosure rescue companies or foreclosure assistance firms claim they can help you save your home. Some are brazen enough to offer a money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, once most of these foreclosure fraudsters take your money, you lose your home, too.”

Read details about recent mortgage-relief scams targeted by the FTC.

DNA says it is promoting its mortgage-reduction and resort programs in a webinar and that it believes “9 out of 10 people who attend this upcoming DNA Webinar will say ‘YES’ to DNA.”

The “one” who says no will be offered the “FREE DNA PSYCHIATRIC DISCOUNT PLAN,” DNA said in an email to members.

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  2. Patrick, was this a cut and paste from the email or did you type it out?

    Pays a MINIMUM to ALL Affiliates $100 1st level; $5 on levels 2 to 9; and $50 on level 10

    If I miss the first level……..I guess I’d wait until level 10. LOL

  3. Whip: Patrick, was this a cut and paste from the email or did you type it out?

    Hi Whip,

    The section is verbatim. It’s one of the strangest emails I’ve ever read — and I found it virtually impossible to understand.


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  5. The info I found on the net is also hard to believe.. are people really this gullible???
    I hope the Feds shut down these crooks soon…

  6. Don: are people really this gullible?

    Many believed in Honest Andy & ASD – before and during all the legal developments. Some are that gullible, many don’t care as long as it an “opportunity” and it keeps paying.

  7. Patrick:

    Since they are doing business in the State of Florida they should read up on our laws since the only person that can charge a fee is a licensed Attorney and only after they have done something concerning a refinance or foreclosure not before. Florida’s Financial Fraud Unit has come down hard on over 500 such illegal companies in Florida.

  8. Hilarious! They pull something new out of their Piccolo hat every time you blink. Has anyone else noticed their “pay” structure changed on the license plate collections. It used to be $2.00 for collecting 20 tags. Now, their website shows that you earn “tokens” for collecting tags and that those can later be traded for US Dollars. Oh please! I LOVE that they are dipping their toes into the mortgage stuff because hopefully they will set off major red flags to the powers that be in Florida and get shut down soon. Hopefully, before anyone gets ripped off. Why after the cell phone debacle are they even still around? THAT I don’t understand…

  9. Neither does anyone else, nor do they understand why this is being pushed by the usual ponzi players, who really should be warned by now that they are no longer immune to prosecution

  10. Quick note:

    DNA advertised as a “job” in a listing targeted at veterans:

    “Data is just part of our company we offer Mortgage Reduction Services legally reduced DRASTICALLY . . .”

    DNA’s purported mortgage-reduction and resorts program pumped on the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi cesspit:

    DNA advertised on Craigslist in Costa Rica as a “part time” job:

    DNA advertised as a cell-phone distributorship in Minnesota:

    ” . . . Qualifications are as follows if you can give away free camera phones, and sign people up for monthly service with that phone for unlimited talk text and interenet for only the lowest monthly price in the industry!!! No Monthly contracts or credit check everyone is pproved!!!!!We have National coverage and nobody will beat are pricesfor the value we give . . .”

    DNA adevrtised as a “job” in Hong Kong.

    DNA “retire by Christmas” plan explained:


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