INetGlobal Loses Court Appeal; Judge Says Magistrate Judge’s Ruling On Treatment Of Witnesses Was Correct

Steve Renner

INetGlobal, a Minneapolis-based autosurf firm under investigation by the U.S. Secret Service and the IRS, has lost an appeal.

On May 28, U.S. Magistrate Judge Franklin Noel issued an order that permitted investigators to make contact with witnesses in the case under certain conditions.

Paul Engh, an attorney who said he represented INetGlobal employees, filed an appeal, saying the Noel was misinterpreting the law and that INetGlobal employees are entitled to protection from “isolated and surprise contact” by the government.

U.S. District Judge Paul A. Magnuson now has affirmed Noel’s ruling, saying the magistrate had applied the law correctly.

“Because Magistrate Judge Noel’s May 28, 2010, Order is neither clearly erroneous nor contrary to law, the Court affirms the Order,” Magnuson ruled.

Noel’s ruling permitted the government to continue to contact both former and current INetGlobal employees as the probe into its business practices continues.

“Before interviewing current and former employees of Inter-Mark and iNetGlobal, law enforcement shall first ask each individual if he or she is represented by an attorney,” Noel wrote in the order.

“If the individual responds that he or she is not represented by counsel, the interview may proceed,” Noel continued. “If, however, the individual indicates that he or she is represented by an attorney, law enforcement shall ask that individual for the name of his or her lawyer; at that time, questioning must immediately cease until such a time as the Government’s attorney obtains the consent of the lawyer named, whether Mr. Engh or otherwise, to communicate with the individual ‘about the subject of the representation.’”

Magnuson said the order was valid.

“Because any individual who has chosen to be represented by counsel will not be questioned, the Government’s contact certainly is not ‘so egregious that it impairs the fair administration of justice,'” Magnuson ruled.

“Defendants’ Appeal is denied,” Magnuson ruled.

INetGlobal members have said in recent days that the company is in the process of relaunching. Steve Renner, who formerly operated the firm, began an 18-month term in federal prison last month for tax evasion.

In February, the Secret Service said it believed INetGlobal was operating a Ponzi scheme. Renner has denied wrongdoing.

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3 Responses to “INetGlobal Loses Court Appeal; Judge Says Magistrate Judge’s Ruling On Treatment Of Witnesses Was Correct”

  1. “Defendants’ Appeal is denied,” Magnuson ruled.

    Some of the iNetGlobal supporters have recently been demanding an update to their pet ponzi scheme. I expect that they will be very pleased that this ponzi scheme has not been forgotten, and will read this update eagerly.

  2. “Confused, want to answer”
    Today, access to information: inetglobal project has been re-running, and accepting new members join, and freeze all funds will be unfrozen in the end of August.
    inetglobal have no legal problem? The government’s investigation is over? inetglobal is legitimate or it all is a

  3. Hello. I am from Russia. Recently joined the company inetglobal. What is currently known about this company?