Delays Launch; Produces Video With Voice, But No Faces; Sends Members To News Release By Unnamed Author; Mysterious Firm Has 18,000 Twitter Followers

UPDATED 7:26 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A Nevada company that advertises “job” openings and is being promoted on Ponzi forums such as TalkGold, MoneyMakerGroup, ASAMonitor and DreamTeamMoney has delayed its launch. made the announcement on its website. Forum posters across the world had expected the launch to be under way fully today, but Website Tester says the launch now will be delayed until the company records 400,000 registrations.

The mysterious firm says it has 375,000 registrants.

Adding another layer of mystery, the company posted a video on its website that purports to feature the voice of Michael Anthony DeBias, the “CEO.” Michael A. DeBias is listed in Nevada corporation records as director, treasurer, secretary, and president of Alpha Market Research Inc., the apparent parent company of Website Tester.

The address listed for Alpha Market Research — 3651 Lindell Rd.,  Las Vegas, NV. — appears to be the address of a company that offers “virtual office” services, meaning Alpha Market may not actually be located in Las Vegas. Promotional material attributed to Website Tester has featured awkward phrasing, including this curious sentence:

“Potential clients who are disturbed by trifles during the ordering process are often unaware of exactly why.”

The video includes audio that purports to be of DeBias’ voice, but does not show his face. The video does not explain why a company that is asking people from across the world to register and provide private information — and says citizens of 140 countries have done so — is not showing the face of its CEO.

Meanwhile, a link at the Website Tester site is adding yet-another layer of mystery. Under a headline of “ – Is it a Scam or Real Business,” the company is sending registrants and prospects to a purported news release posted on, a free news-release service.

The news release is by an author who did not provide a name, but purported to have conducted an interview with DeBias. The news release author claimed that he or she had conducted “the first official interview” with DeBias.

Why the author of the news release chose to remain anonymous was unclear. Why WebsiteTester would send traffic to a news release written by an anonymous author also was unclear.

“We contacted the initiator, Alpha Market Research, Inc. (AMR), to find some answers,” the news release began.

Although the news release used the word “We,” it did not define who “We” is — an individual, a company, a WebsiteTester affiliate, a company employee. The release included a link to yet-another anonymous release. The domain-registration data for the second anonymous release is unclear, meaning the ownership of the domain cannot be determined immediately.

Meanwhile, the websites of both and Alpha Market Research are registered behind proxies. Separately, Alpha Market Research’s Twitter site shows 18,178 followers.

Precisely what Website Tester and Alpha Market Research do remains unclear — weeks after the prelaunch hoopla began. The launch delay now apparently extends the hoopla.

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  1. Michael Anthony Debias may be the puppetmaster behind Wazzub, an “opportunity” that claims to share 50% of its profits once it opens its door… To what, nobody knows exactly. His phone number came up as part of Wazzub’s corporate info, and Wazzub is on the same server as his prior ventures.