UPDATE: U.S. Attorney Says Ponzi Sentences Handed Down To The ‘3 Hebrew Boys’ Were Longest In History Of South Carolina District; Forex Fraudsters Bought $5 Million Private Jet, $900,000 ‘Party Bus’

The 3 Hebrew Boys' party bus. (Screen shot from for-sale ad by Beattie B. Ashmore, the court-appointed receiver. The bus, a Prevost XLII 68988 VIP/Executive Coach, is marked "SOLD.")

UPDATED 4:16 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) Yesterday U.S. District Judge Margaret B. Seymour of the District of South Carolina sentenced the “3 Hebrew Boys” — Tony Pough, Joseph Brunson and Timothy McQueen — to a combined total of 84 years in federal prison for a massive Forex fraud and Ponzi scheme.

Today the region’s top prosecutor said the fraud sentences handed down by Seymour were the “highest” in the history of the South Carolina federal district. Seymour also ordered the men to pay $82 million in restitution to victims of the colossal scam.

“As U.S. Attorney, especially in this time of economic hardship, I will continue to seek out and aggressively prosecute those who prey on their fellow citizens and deprive them of their hard-earned savings,” said U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles. “I hope that those who would defraud their neighbors, friends, and associates hear this message loud and clear.”

McQueen, 52, and Brunson, 47, each received sentences of 27 years. Pough, 47, was sentenced to 30 years because he had a prior conviction, Nettles said.

The men purchased a $5 million Gulfstream jet and a $900,000 “party bus” as part of their caper, prosecutors said. They also bought expensive cars, real estate and luxury suites at the NFL stadiums of the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons.

People of faith and members of the military were among the victims, prosecutors said.

“These schemes wrecked the lives of thousands of people,” Nettles said, pointing out that South Carolina fraudster Al Parish had been sentenced to 24 years in a separate case that involved $66 million.

Beattie B. Ashmore, the court-appointed receiver, has recovered about $20 million so far for victims, prosecutors said.

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  1. Patrick,

    The PP Blog would be styling if you picked up the jet and bus. Rumor has it that ASD supporters are more than willing to lend you enough AdPacks to cover the cost…you just have to pay them back in AdPacks at 10% per month interest. If Andy’s programs are legit, you’ll have a bus and jet and the lenders will make lots a ton on the deal. Treasuries are not paying nearly as much.


  2. Do you have information aon AdView Global or Adgate?

  3. Do you have information aon AdView Global or Adgate?


    Look for the Search form in the upper-right corner of the Blog. You’ll find plenty of info on AdViewGlobal and AdGateWorld, both of which launched after the seizure of ASD’s assets and the filing of a racketeering lawsuit against Andy Bowdoin.


  4. This particular Blog is always writing about THE alleged MONEY/$82,000,000.00 million dollars IN WHICH WAS allegedly taken by from THOUSANDS of PEOPLE by the 3-HBS/CCG-Agents Pough, McQueen and Brunson…; and that the FEDERAL COURT SENTENCED! the said 3-agents on the DATE December 14, 2010…; but! YET! Federal Judge Seymour HAS NEVER! SIGNED! nor! Entered! that said Court Order of December 14, 2010; nor! as of January 5, 2011, has NEVER! allowed ANY! of those said alleged “VICTIMS” to claim! absolutely! ANY! of the said MONEY in which the RECEIVER-Beattie B. Ashmore alleged to have COLLECTED.

  5. Ms Hall,

    you will find the latest info regarding the court appointed receivers’ efforts here: http://www.3hbreceiver.com/uploads/20101213_statement%20regarding%20status.pdf

    The receiver, Mr Beattie B Ashmore has a website here: http://www.3hbreceiver.com/ which also contains relevant information.

    In reading both documents, you will notice several facts pertinent to your above post:

    1) Mr Beattie points out that, to date, he has not received any documentation from 3HB WRT accounts or members, and is having to trawl through 19,000 bank transactions before even beginning to reclaim monies.

    2) In his court submission, the receiver acknowledges that he has so far managed to reclaim just $20 million of the estimated $82 million involved.

    3) The rules governing a court appointed receiver do not allow for claims to be processed before a) all claimants are identified and b) all assets are realized.

    The receivership process can take several years, PARTICULARLY in the case of ponzi frauds where the fraudsters notoriously maintain poor/no records, have deliberately destroyed them and/or they are not available to the receiver.

  6. It’s amazing that this said Blog, or the STATE NEWS PAPER has NEVER REVIEWED!! or spoke with ANY! of the alleged THOUSANDS! of “VICTIMS” whom the said RECEIVER-Ashmore – was QUOTED by this said BLOG and or the STATE NEWS PAPERS that the said RECEIVER-Ashmore – alleged he RECEIVED 4000 thousand alleged RETURNED! CLAIM FORMS!! – which ALL those said alleged “VICTIMS” WERE GIVEN PERMISSION!! in a COURT ORDER of JUDGE SEYMOUR since! the date! APRIL 15, 2010, to CLAIM THE FORFEITED MONEY/and or PROPERTIES and BENEFITS in which Receiver-Ashmore Forfeited and also!! SOLD! must of the said PROPERTIES without! the said THIRD PARTIES/or “VICTIMS” having their LEGAL RIGHTS to claim their said Properties…BEFORE the date December 14, 2010 – and or before Judge Seymour could LEGALLY!! SENTENCE the said 3-Hebrew Boys agents, Pough, McQueen, and Brunson…; Judge Seymour’s reasons for NOT allowing the said alleged “VICTIMS” to claim what was forfeited by the said Receiver-Ashmore… was that “…The COURT DENIED DEFENDANT’S MOTION…Sought to UNSEAL ENTRIES MADE by the RECEIVER for the COURT’S! EYES! ONLY!!, as well as Entries CONCERNING (alleged) GRAND! JURY! matters. Certain EXHIBITS were redacted to PREVENT!! DISCLOSURE!! of INFORMATION! GENERATED!! FOR! the COURT’S!! EYES! ONLY!!.”

  7. THIS said BLOG, or the said STATE NEWS PAPERS, admitted to this said bloger, that it was ALWAYS AWARE! that the South Carolina’s ATTORNEY GENERAL (Henry D. McMaster and or Officials)just! recently!!, as of the dated DECEMBER 7, 2010 – REQUESTED! the STATE! COURT JUDGE! James to allow the STATE! COURT! Officials! to DROP/their CLAIMS! against the said 3HBS/CCG-TWO Incorporations, (which involves!! ALSO the said THIRD PARTIES/or the alleged “VICTIMS” already! SOLD/and or FROZEN!! Money, Benefits, and or PROPERTIES – since! in! the YEAR! 2007! – which were FIRST/and ONLY!! FROZEN by SCAG – Henry D. McMaster- WHICH McMASTER admits! in his DECEMBER’S Letter! and MOTION TO DISMISS – placed before the said STATE COURT JUDGE James (who is from SUMTER COUNTY/and NOT! FROM RICHLAND COUNTY JURISDICTION)- since! in the YEAR!! 2007!!…(Which THE RICHLAND COUNTY COURT’S DOCKET SHEET, shows! that the HONORABLE JUDGE JAMES!! indeed DISMISSED!! ALL of SCAG-Henry D. McMASTER’S RIGHTS! to have Sold, Forfeited/and or FROZEN/ANY! of the said 3/HBS/CCG-Incorporation’s MONEY/Benefits/and or PROPERTIES – when the STATE! COURT! JUDGE James – actually GRANTED!! the said 3/HBS-CCG-Business- Three Agents, Pough, McQueen and Brunson filed MOTION FOR RELIEF FROM THE JUDGMENTs and ORDERS filed within the said RICHLAND COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT, by the now! former! ATTORNEY GENERAL – HENRY D. McMASTER (as being the SCAG-SECURITY COMMISSIONER) who FIRST! filed his said UNSUPPORTED! Claims involving these said THIRD INTERESTED PARTIES/or the alleged “VICTIMS” property rights.

    And now! former SCAG Henry D. McMaster/who was also SC Security Commissioner, and U.S. Federal District Court Judge Seymour, both! are AWARE! that the said Federal!! Court! NEVER!! HAD! LEGAL!! JURISDICTION!! to have RULED on these said THIRD INTERESTED PARTIES/or the allege “VICTIMS” alleged involvments with the said 3-HBS/CCG-Incorporations nor their involvments with the said 3-Agents, Pough, McQueen and Brunson…within the said STATE nor FEDERAL COURT; Due to the STATE! COURT! indeed DISMISSED! the said FROZEN ACCOUNTS illegally placed by SCAG, and! SCAG! FAILED!! to have PROSECUTED! any! Civil or Criminal since in the year 2007 and! just! now! as of DECEMBER 7, 2010 requested for SCAG Claims to be DROPPED! against the said Defendant parties/involving the said THIRD INTERESTED PARTIES/or the allege “VICTIMS”…whom indeed FILED each! of their FILED STATE! COURT’S OBJECTIONS for SCAG to be dismissed – Before!! SCAG RETURN!! ALL! their said MONEY, Benefits and PROPERTIES!! only! FROZEN!! and assisted to have been illegally SOLD by SCAG-with! the assistance of the Receiver-Beattie B. Ashmore with!! the said STATE!! COURT! Officials, which is CONFIRMED!! WITHIN! Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour’s OWN written ORDER dated AUGUST 20, 2007 – which confirms! the said RECEIVER-Ashmore and the SCAG PARTICIPATION, and so! to NOT! ALLOW the THIRD INTERESTED PARTIES to know! of their said DECEPTION…

  8. In Response to Littleroundman;

    Please review my above two statements after your reply.

    Sir, I am quite aware of the receiver-Beattie B. Ashmore’s said Websites. Therefore I agree with you as to claims in your number “…3)…” stating that… “…The rules governing a court appointed receiver do not allow for claims to be processed before a) all claimants are identified and b) all assets are realized…”;

    Whereas please (Google) and go to the said Receiver-Ashmore’s WEBSITE and PULL UP under Court Pleadings…and go down to the DATE APRIL 15, 2007, you will SEE (the actual! ORDER! of Federal Judge SEYMOUR) SHOWING that Federal Judge Seymour ISSUED her ORDER for Beattie B. Ashmore to file his said UNTIMELY filed “claim form” to be ILLEGALLY issued to the said THIRD INTERESTED PARTY(s)/or the said alleged “VICTIMS”. And AFTER! that said written ORDER of Federal Judge Seymour – you will also! SEE RECEIVER-Beattie B. Ashmoore’s ATTACHED CLAIM FORM’S LETTER!! signed! with the SIGNATURE!! of Beattie B. Ashmore, who is ALSO acknowleding!! or ADMITTING! as to the said (untimely) CLAIM FORMS were indeed! being sent to the said THIRD INTERESTED PARTIES/or “DISPOSITORS/Investors”/and or the alleged “VICTIMS” for them to ALLEGEDLY RETURN!! EACH! of their said CLAIM FORM BEFORE!! the alleged DATE! AUGUST 16, 2010, which RESULTED! in the Receiver-Ashmore – indeed PLACED!! MANY! NEWS PAPERS! including! the STATE! NEWS! PAPER – where the Receiver Beattie B. Ashmore – ADMITS!! that allegedly – OVER!! 4000 THOUSAND!! “PEOPLE”/or the said THIRD INTERESTED PARTIES/or the alleged “VICTIMS” RETURNED!! Beattie B. Ashmore’s!/and Federal Judge SEYMOUR’S ORDERED! APPROVED!! Claim! FORM! – illegally ISSUED!! since! the date April 15, 2010.

    And also! in Beattie B. Ashmore’s WEBSITE, If you, stroll BACK UP to the DATE!- AUGUST 20, 2007, YOU WILL SEE that Federal Judge Seymour “ORDERED!” the Receivership duties of Beattie B. Ashmore – regarding the US Federal Attorney’s/PRE-INDICTMENT RESTRAINING ORDER – to be ONLY!! UNSEALED!! by the said FEDERAL! COURT!to be COOPORATED!! with! the STATE! COMMON PLEA Court, and! with the SOUTH CAROLINA ATTORNEY GENERAL Office, and was ORDERED! “…NOT! BE! DISSEMINATED!! OTHERWISE! to ANY!! OTHER! PARTIES!!.”

    WHEREAS, shows the S.C. Federal U.S. District Court/nor Federal Judge Seymour – NEVER! HAD! ANY! LEGAL! Jurisdiction!! to have filed ANY! ORDERS! involving the said 3-Agents Pough, McQueen, nor Brunson – with these said Third interested Parties/or the said “VICTIMS” – whom! as recent! as December 14, 2010, the said Federal Court CONTINUES!! to NOT!! ALLOW! the THIRD INTEREST PARTIES/or the allege “VICTIMS” – whom!! Receiver-Beattie B. Ashmore! PUBLICLY!! ANNOUNCED! that indeed 4000 THOUSAND of the alleged “MEMBERS” he received “DOCUMENTATION from 3HB WRT”; THEREFORE Mr. Beattie B. Ashmore is UNTRUTHFUL when he claimed “… he has not received any documentation from 3HB WRT accounts or members…”.

  9. Attention Littleroundman: Correction please Google – and go down to April 15, 2010/nor April 15, 2007.

  10. Not enough exclamation points used. What a hack.

  11. Err,


    I think.