UPDATE: Promo For Club Asteria Says Earnings ‘1000% Guaranteed,’ Introduces ‘Benefactor’ Program; Pitches Purportedly Show How To Earn ‘Huge Amount Without Doing Nothing’

At least 20 charts showing a scenario for progressive Club Asteria earnings appear in this Blog promo. The promo, which is hosted on Blogger, Google's free Blogging service, was the subject of a forum post two days ago that appears to have been deleted. Although the forum post is missing, the Blog and the promo remain.

Club Asteria, a Virginia-based company that acknowledged last week that it had liars selling its “opportunity,” appears to be having difficulty controlling its own members. A multisite promo that includes a promise of guaranteed earnings coupled with a “benefactor” program that encourages members to pay prospects’ fees to join the program now has surfaced.

A forum post that appeared Friday claimed Club Asteria earnings were “1000% Guaranteed.” The post included a link to a Blog and videos that promote Club Asteria. Although the forum post itself appears to have been deleted, the Blog and videos remain.

Among the text claims in the promo is that Club Asteria members can be “100% passive” and earn money. It also claims that benefactoring members into Club Asteria by paying their fees for fives months is something “we expect.”

Such claims lead to questions about whether Club Asteria is selling unregistered securities as investment contracts and whether members are bribing prospects to join while at once encouraging new members also to bribe prospects in an endless cycle.

How much can a person earn by paying Club Asteria $20? Here are the answers, according to the promo. (Verbatim.)

  • Without any work Your Guaranteed Earnings are as Follows (A short List) : –

12th months: $683.72
18th months: $4,746.11
20th months: $7,933.50
From 19th months onward, you earn $400/wk
Giving you an Annual income of: $20,800
Benefactor Focus: Upon reaching a point of financial comfort, we expect each of our members to benefactor a minimum of 10 people by paying their $20 Gold Membership Fee for 5 months. At that time their membership fee will be fully funded by their progressive earnings from within our system. Our desire is to have One Million people benefiting from our club within 5 years and for you to become financially free within 2 years. This automatically happens as your spirit of generosity spreads throughout the world.

"Guaranteed" earnings and a "Benefactor" program are being outlined in this current promo for Club Asteria.

In addition, the promo preemptively claims “Club Asteria is NO PONZI.” It also features at least 20 charts that outline progressive earnings during a 20-month window and notes that “spread sheets with various combinations as to how 100% passives too can make money to the tune of $400 and above every week” are available.

The Club Asteria referral ID in the promo is a number in excess of 300,000. Members have said the program, which trades on the name of the World Bank, is on its way to recruiting 500,000 members, with 1 million members the ultimate, short-term goal.

At least one other thing about the promo is incongruous: Although it claims earnings are guaranteed, it also claims the earnings “scenario” presented is “based on present conditions” and that earnings are not guaranteed.

See earlier story.

Although this forum post promoting Club Asteria appears to have been deleted, a Blog promo to which it linked remains. The forum post promised "1000% Guaranteed" earnings of $1,600 a month," claiming members can make "huge" sums "without doing nothing." The Blog post is at odds with itself in that it both promises "Guaranteed" earnings and says earnings are not guaranteed.

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3 Responses to “UPDATE: Promo For Club Asteria Says Earnings ‘1000% Guaranteed,’ Introduces ‘Benefactor’ Program; Pitches Purportedly Show How To Earn ‘Huge Amount Without Doing Nothing’”

  1. If Club Asteria really was the money making opportunity the author of the forum article claims, you’d think he could afford to pay for advertising and not have to spam forums and use the free Google blogsite to promote his “business”

  2. Curious that this is popping up AFTER all the hoopla about the publication of their code of ethics,etc. etc on April 27.

  3. HeHeHe, “Benefactor program”

    That’s actually quite novel.

    A new way for the Club Asteria owners to stab its’ members in the back and rip them off some more, while simultaneously making them feel good about it.