UPDATE: Year Ago This Week, Prosecutors Filed Third AdSurfDaily Forfeiture Complaint — But 2 ASD Members Whose Bank Accounts Were Seized In Case Have Not Filed Claims

Andy Bowdoin

UPDATE: On Dec. 1, 2010, AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin was arrested on charges of wire fraud, securities fraud and selling unregistered securities. Sixteen days later — on Dec. 17, 2010 — federal prosecutors filed a forfeiture complaint against certain ASD-related bank accounts, including an account in Bowdoin’s name and accounts allegedly controlled by ASD members Erma Seabaugh of Missouri and Robyn Lynne Stevenson of Florida.

In the December 2010 forfeiture case, Bowdoin filed a claim for nearly $500,000 in assets he allegedly controlled. But Seabaugh and Stevenson did not, and federal prosecutors in the District of Columbia filed motions for default judgments in August 2011, according to court records.

The motions for default against more than $153,000 allegedly controlled by Seabaugh and more than $96,000 allegedly controlled by Stevenson are pending.

Seabaugh, Florida-based ASD’s purported “Web Room Lady,” is listed in Oregon records as the operator of a purported Missouri-based “religious” nonprofit firm known as Carpe Diem.

Stevenson operated a company known as Robyn Lynn LLC, according to court filings.

Bowdoin, 77, is free on bail. His criminal trial is scheduled for September 2012.

Separately, ASD figure and purported “sovereign citizen” Kenneth Wayne Leaming remains jailed near Seattle. The FBI accused him last month of filing false liens against five public officials involved in the ASD case, including U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer.

Collyer is presiding over the forfeiture case against money in the bank accounts allegedly controlled by Seabaugh and Stevenson. Collyer also is presiding over Bowdoin’s criminal trial and two related forfeiture cases involving ASD assets. Those cases were filed in August 2008 and December 2008.

The portion of the December 2010 forfeiture case involving assets allegedly controlled by Bowdoin has been placed on hold because of the criminal trial, but the cases against the assets allegedly controlled by Seabaugh and Stevenson are active.

Prosecutors have scored a clean sweep in ASD forfeiture-related litigation, with Bowdoin losing appeals to funds seized in the August 2008 and December 2008 cases. The U.S. Secret Service brought all of the ASD-related forfeiture cases.

The December 2010 case involving Bowdoin, Seabaugh and Stevenson traces its roots to February 2009, when Bowdoin — who’d initially submitted to the August 2008 forfeiture a month earlier — sought to undo his forfeiture decision and reenter the case as a pro se litigant. The AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf, which came to life after the August 2008 and December 2009 forfeiture cases were filed and after Bowdoin was sued by members amid allegations he had engaged in racketeering, was morphing into a so-called “private association” as Bowdoin was morphing into a pro se litigant, according to records.

AVG, which members said had close ASD ties, purportedly operated from Uruguay. Members positioned it as an offshore, safe alternative to the post-seizure ASD, but AVG appears to have gone belly-up in June 2009, less than a year after the first sound of seizures began in the ASD case.

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