‘DAVE’ UPDATE: JSS Tripler 2 (T2) Blocks Public Access To Forum; Purported ‘Admin’ Claims Members Distorting ‘The Facts’ As He Announces ‘Scan’ Of Member-Critics On MoneyMakerGroup; Faith Sloan Chides Legendary Huckster ‘Ken Russo’ With ‘Oopsies’

UPDATE: “Dave,” the purported “admin” of an increasingly bizarre HYIP known as JSS Tripler 2 (T2), has blocked public access to the T2 forum.

T2, which purportedly was born after a meeting of Ponzi-forum minds, is using payment processors notoriously friendly to Ponzi and fraud schemes. The “program” is trading on the name of a different Ponzi scheme even as it preemptively denies that T2 itself is a Ponzi scheme and advertises a return of 2 percent a day on top of referral commissions.

But payouts can’t be made because an AlertPay account in the name of “Chris,” an apparent one-time business partner of “Dave,” was frozen, “Dave” has asserted.

The action blocking the public from the forum was taken because naysayers were copying information from the forum and using it to make critical posts elsewhere, according to “Dave.”

Forum closures, post deletions, traffic blockages and leeching off the name recognition of other “programs” often are signatures of scams-in-progress. (See July 2009 story on the roller-coaster ride of the AdViewGlobal (AVG) forum, which rose from the carcass of the alleged AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme and was accompanied by threats that AVG critics would be banned, sued or lose their Internet connections.) Similar claims have accompanied events at T2.

Purported ‘Scan’ Of MoneyMakerGroup

And “Dave,” posting on the T2 forum as “foradmin,” also claims he has performed “a scan over on [MoneyMakerGroup”] to “see who is turning against us and promoting T2 as a scam.”

“Dave” did not say precisely what his “scan” entailed or how he intended to hold naysayers accountable for their off-site posting activities. Nor did he explain how scanning MoneyMakerGroup for T2 traitors could help T2 solve its core problem: the apparent blockage of the “Chris” AlertPay account that was used to launch T2 in the fall of 2011.

Although “Dave” and “Chris” purportedly are battling electronically across continents, “Dave” purportedly is telling T2 members there is reason to be hopeful that onetime T2 business partner “Chris” will stop being a wretch long enough to get the “program” restarted, according to forum posts.

But even the amount purportedly trapped in the AlertPay account when the freeze ensued and things purportedly turned sour between “Dave” and “Chris” is in dispute. “Dave,” according to forum posts, has claimed at least two separate sums: $200,000 and $160,000.

The reporting disparity only leads to more questions about T2. “Dave,” according to forum posts, is advocating for T2 members not to file AlertPay disputes. T2 says it sells “dream positions” (DPs) for $10 each and something called “dream matrices” (DMs) for $20.  T2 bills itself as the place “WHERE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.”

With a representation of a sparking-silver  crescent moon encasing the phrase “2%” in glowing gold — and against a backdrop of twinkling stars in multiple sizes — T2 goes about the business of impressing website prospects.

Among the veteran hucksters in its ranks is Ponzi-forum legend “Ken Russo.”

OINKER ALERT: ‘Ken Russo’ Assesses Criminality Of ‘Chris’

“Ken Russo” — a man whose fraud bona fides only grow as he leads participants into one train wreck  after another and habitually posts his “earnings” in forums listed in federal court filings as places from which Ponzi schemes are promoted — claims to have communicated with “Chris” and decided that the lack of follow-up communications from “Chris” suggests that “Chris has “committed a serious crime” and that he “should cooperate fully at this time.”

Whether “Ken Russo” called police on “Chris” is unclear. Also unclear is how any police investigation would proceed once officers determined that “Ken Russo,” too, was promoting a “program” whose advertised annualized return was on the order of 730 percent — with recruitment commissions on top of that — while simultaneously insisting it was not a Ponzi scheme after having been born on a Ponzi forum listed in federal court files and claiming to be trying to rebirth itself from Thailand.

The word “MoneyMakerGroup” is spelled out by a fraud victim in longhand in a 2008 evidence exhibit in the Legisi HYIP scheme, which triggered both civil (SEC) and criminal investigations (U.S. Secret Service) and charges. Legisi, another Ponzi forum darling, allegedly gathered more than $72 million and sparked an undercover probe by the Secret Service, which assigned an agent to pose as an interested investor.

Mazu.com operator and forum huckster Matthew J. Gagnon was charged both criminally and civilly in the Legisi case, with the SEC describing Gagnon as “a danger to the investing public.” Civil judgments totaling more than $2.5 million have piled up against Gagnon. The evidence exhibit filed in the case (referenced above and partially displayed on the right) shows “Money Maker Group.com” in longhand, along with Gagnon’s name and phone number in longhand.

“Dave” asserted last week that “Chris” would be arrested — and then “Dave” purportedly left England for Thailand, apparently with the expectation that an unidentified police agency would mop up on “Chris” after “Dave” boarded a plane for the Indochina Peninsula.

Thailand now has emerged as the purported venue from which “Dave” now claims he is back in communication with “Chris,” after “Chris” purportedly had ducked him in England when both men were in the country simultaneously.

After being subjected to arrest threats, “Chris,” according to Dave, is starting to understand that he is in an impossible legal thicket and is displaying a willingness to solve the purported AlertPay problem.

“Chris,” according to “Dave,” apparently also recognizes that T2 members who live in England might pose a localized threat to “Chris,” something that reportedly has made “Chris” more amenable to making sure money gets back in the hands of T2 members.

“Dave” did not say what police agency he purportedly called on “Chris.” Whether “Chris” will construe “Dave’s” purported actions and the prospect of local menacing by individual T2 members as extortion bids is unclear.

Despite preemptively denying T2 is a Ponzi scheme, “Dave,” appears not to recognize that prosecutors might construe at least one of his forum remarks as a virtual confession that T2 was selling unregistered securities as investment contracts and positioning the “program” as a passive investment opportunity.

“Dave,” according to “Dave,” worked his “ass” off and created a condition under which members “can sit and watch TV and make a fantastic return.” Meanwhile, the T2 website claims that “Dream Positions are perfect for the ‘passive type’ member.”

Faith Holds Forth

HYIP aficionado Faith Sloan has trained her sights on both “Dave” and “Ken Russo.”

Sloan, who published a “JSS Tripler2 (T2) Calculator” on her Blog and speculated that her “$1500 outlay of cash” compounded for 75 days would morph into an “account value of $6,623.75” of which “$5,123.75” would be profit, announced that “Dave” booted her off the T2 forum — apparently for making him look bad.

Events at T2, she now ventures, may be “borderline insane.” And “Dave” may be “EXTREMELY INCOMPETENT” or perhaps “just a little SCAMMER boy” — if not a “hybrid mix.”

In July 2010, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) ran a public-awareness campaign that warned about HYIP scams that spread on social-media sites. FINRA described the HYIP sphere as a “bizarre substratum of the Internet.”

The awareness campaign occurred against the backdrop of criminal charges being filed by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service against Nicholas Smirnow, a one-time bank robber and drug dealer and the alleged operator of the Pathway To Prosperity HYIP fraud scheme.

Pathway To Prosperity generated more than $70 million and created 40,000 victims from 120 countries, according to court filings.

Whether Sloan acquainted herself with FINRA’s public-awareness campaign about HYIPs and documents by Professor James E. Byrne that explained the alleged fraud behind Pathway to Prosperity is unclear. Also unclear is whether Sloan is aware that the U.S. Department of Justice has spotlighted the Pathway To Prosperity case as an example of international mass-marketing fraud.

What is clear is that T2’s asserted payout rate is nearly as absurd as Pathway to Prosperity’s. It’s also clear Faith Sloan — despite her T2 calculator — is publicly challenging fellow HYIP purveyor “Ken Russo” to get real.

“Ken Russo,” Faith Sloan declares on her Blog, is “a crybaby!”

And “Ken Russo,” she asserts, made a bad call on a program known as “Dollar Monster” and has “NOT made any money with his $24000.00 in JSSTripler2 . . .”

“Oopsies,” she chides “Ken Russo.”

Whether “Ken Russo” actually has $24,000 riding in T2 is unclear.


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  1. “Dave” had made the statement that he contacted police in the UK (did not say which agency) and based on the information they could not pursue it. This is strictly unverified based only on statements by “Dave”.

  2. Now that’s funny after all the big to-do he made about his filing charges and Chris would be under arrest before the end of the day a few days ago. Kind of makes you wonder which lie to believe doesn’t it.

  3. Faith Sloan?? Like she can chide anyone.. LOL

  4. Well, Dave has announced the big restructuring of his program and also they are changing their name. Now what I found most interesting in his very long update is why he just didn’t do all of this from the very beginning since he claimed he knew what he was doing all along. There are still a lot of “if’s” and “holes” in his plan, and he grossly over estimates the amount of his “outside revenue.”

    What will really be the telling success of his restructure will be how his members respond to it, and especially after the restart. His biggest problem is not so much his plan, but his credibility and temper. Both of which will do him in.

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