Georgia Police Chief Says Foreboding Maps Part Of Nightmarish Encounter With ‘Sovereign Citizen’; See The Video On WSB-TV Channel 2

Chief Timothy Shaw. Source: Temple Police Department website.

The police chief in the small town of Temple, Ga., told WSB-TV that his department’s encounter with a purported “sovereign citizen” issued a traffic ticket in November has turned into a nightmare.

Chief Timothy Shaw did not identify the recipient of the ticket, but told the station that a judge has issued a protective order.

From WSB-TV Channel 2, quoting the chief:

“I received Mapquest driving directions that he had pulled up, from his personal residence to my personal residence. Also his personal residence to my mother and father’s personal residence in Florida.”

Other worrisome events that sprouted from the traffic encounter ensued, the chief told the station.

Read a Feb. 6 USA Today story that reports the “FBI is being inundated with calls from local government officials asking for assistance in dealing with anti-government extremists.”

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4 Responses to “Georgia Police Chief Says Foreboding Maps Part Of Nightmarish Encounter With ‘Sovereign Citizen’; See The Video On WSB-TV Channel 2”


    Shaw took the case to the FBI, and said he discovered the law does protect federal officers and members of the judiciary from frivolous legal motions, and harassment.

    But he says Georgia law does not provide the same protection for state and local officers.

  2. As much as someone does not want to encourage further intrusion into the lives of people by politicians and bureaucrats, it’s not hard to see how and why such intrusion comes into being.

  3. For anyone out there who is dealing with sovereign citizens or Fake Indian Tribes or liens or any of this other nonsense, the following legal citations relating to Curtis Richmond’s war on Utah may be of help:

    431 F.Supp 2d 1159 (2006) This is where Judge Jenkins invalidated the tribe and suppressed liens

    2006 WL 1049101 This is where Judge Jenkins ruled against money liens obtained through fake arbitration

    2007 WL 321398 More of the same

    2007 WL 321398 Judge Jenkins awarded Uintah county and its officers $45,587.50 in legal fees against Richmond. Can’t tell if it was ever collected.

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