UPDATE: NX Systems Inc. Says It Has More Than $14.4 Million In Frozen Zeek Account

Oregon-based NX Systems Inc. has advised a federal judge that Rex Venture Group LLC, the North Carolina-based parent company of Zeek Rewards, had more than $14.4 million in an account frozen on Aug. 17. On that date, the SEC accused Zeek of being a $600 million Ponzi- and pyramid scheme that had affected more than 1 million people.

Visit ASDUpdates to read filings related to the Zeek case.

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4 Responses to “UPDATE: NX Systems Inc. Says It Has More Than $14.4 Million In Frozen Zeek Account”

  1. Wonder if this $14 million is part of the $225 million which SEC estimated in the beginning or it is an add on to the $225 million? And also is it same with the other money which the banks announced the other days, i.e. are those amount part of the $225 million?

  2. One wonders how much money is Four Oaks bank (North Carolina) holding that belongs to NxSystems (Oregon), which clearly has a big chunk that belongs to Zeek (North Carolina)?

  3. Don over at ASDUpdates noted that First Premier Bank filed an amended statement:

    31 mil in Zeek’s primary account, then another 1.2 mil held in reserve by a check clearinghouse by First Premier Bank.

  4. I started a Nxpay account Aug. 7th with $1 and on the 15th added 500.00 via bank transfer. I cancelled the transaction on the 16th. Chase and Nxpay say they don’t know where the money is. I am jumping through every hoop Nxpay says to, providing bank statements but the transaction never showed on that account. Only the $1 showed. Chase says go to the SEC.