Was This Man Your Zeek Sponsor?

Was this Jack Phillips your Zeek Rewards sponsor or member of your upline/downline? (Contributed photo cropped by PP Blog.)

UPDATED 12:51 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) This man (photo left) has been identified by a PP Blog reader as Jack Phillips, a suspect in an alleged swindle involving investments in purported emeralds.

Phillips, 77, is a resident of Oregon. He was charged criminally last week in Salt Lake County, Utah, in the alleged emeralds caper.

Zeek Rewards listed a member by the name of “Jack Junior Phillips,” according to materials viewed by the PP Blog. Zeek’s Jack Junior Phillips was a “Diamond” member and appears to be associated with a Oregon entity known as Yes You Can LLC.

The Blog is seeking to determine conclusively if the Jack Phillips pictured on the left and associated with the alleged emeralds fraud is the same Jack Phillips associated with Zeek Rewards as a “diamond” affiliate.

Two readers now have contacted the PP Blog, saying they were swindled by Jack Phillips in the alleged emeralds fraud.

“We were solicited by Jack Phillips to [triple] our money in a matter of 90 days,” one reader wrote.

The other reader asserted that the alleged emeralds caper involved a purported showing of the precious gems in Sarasota, Fla.

“There were more than 30 families involved in this scam,” the reader wrote.

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4 Responses to “Was This Man Your Zeek Sponsor?”

  1. When the economy gets bad, all kinds of scams show up. what’s next, toilet paper dipped in gold?

  2. There was a “Jack Phillips” involved in something called “GUARDIAN INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL”. There are several reports at http://www.ripoffreport.com including this one:

    It may be the same person who was involved in “Yes You Can”.

    Guardian International Travel (GIT) was promoted at the ponzi forums back in 2005. Google has links to court documents, indictments etc.

  3. Here is another article on ripoffreport:

    Scroll down a bit, there is a post which seems to be a cut & paste of a court document. It refers to “JACKY JUNIOR PHILLIPS”.

    The “Jack Junior Phillips” associated with Zeek seems to have used the user ID “CASHAWARDS” and clled himself “JACK JUNIOR PHILLIPS (YES YOU CAN)”.

    I think they are the same person.

  4. I appreciate your input on this, Tony. Thank you.