Former Zeek Pitchman Who Also Pushed JSS/JBP Scam Reportedly Doubts He’ll Be Paid By ProfitClicking, A Follow-Up ‘Program’

alanchapmanpcmmgFormer Zeek Rewards and JSSTripler/JustBeenPaid pitchman “Alan Chapman” reportedly now claims he hasn’t been paid by “ProfitClicking” for “at least 3 months,” according to a post quoting “Chapman” on the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum.

ProfitClicking is the absurd follow-up “program” to the bizarre JSS/JBP scam, a 730-percent-a-year “opportunity” purportedly operated by Frederick Mann. JSS/JBP may have had ties to the “sovereign citizens” movement. Like ProfitClicking, the JSS/JBP “program” made members affirm they were not with the “government.”

On Aug. 17,  the SEC described Zeek as a $600 million Ponzi and pyramid scheme that was selling unregistered securities to sustain a massive fraud that duped members into believing it provided a legitimate return averaging 1.5 percent a day. Just a day earlier, JSS/JBP took a page from the Zeek playbook, asserting that it was not selling securities and members were not making an investment.

After the SEC’s Zeek action, JSS/JBP morphed into ProfitClicking, amid reports of the sudden retirement of Mann, a former pitchman for the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme. On Sept. 5, the PP Blog received a menacing communication threatening a lawsuit over its coverage of JSS/JBP/ProfitClicking. The lawsuit threat was made after the Blog reported that ProfitClicking was disclaiming any responsibility on the part of itself or its affiliates for offering the “program.”

Like Zeek, JSS/JBP/ProfitClicking was promoted on forums listed in U.S. federal court files as places from which Ponzi schemes are promoted. In the hours after the SEC action, the PP Blog began to receive spam for a “program” known as “Ultimate Power Profits.” A check of the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum showed that Zeek peddler “mmgcjm” was the key pitchmen for Ultimate Power Profits.

The connectivity of the various scams shows how banks and financial vendors can come into possession of funds tainted by fraud schemes. Meanwhile, the court-appointed receiver in the Zeek case said last month that he had “obtained information indicating that large sums of Receivership Assets may have been transferred by net winners to other entities in order to hide or shelter those assets.”

“Chapman” was an apparent Diamond affiliate of Zeek. In June 2012 — apparently even as the SEC’s Zeek probe already was under way — a “Chapman” Blog known as “ZeekRewardsPays” asserted this (italics added):

ZeekRewards Daily Profit Last 7 Days!
June 11 2012 1.89 %
JUNE 10 2012 0.88 %
JUNE 09 2012 0.96 %
JUNE 08 2012 0.92 %
JUNE 07 2012 1.91 %
JUNE 06 2012 2.00 %
JUNE 05 2012 1.93 %

Court filings by the SEC last week suggest its Zeek probe began in April 2012 and perhaps earlier. What’s not known is when Zeek learned it was under investigation. It is not unusual for law enforcement to maintain secrecy when a “program” hits its radar screens. Court filings from 2008 show that the U.S. Secret Service had infiltrated AdSurfDaily with undercover agents who corresponded with ASD promoters prior to any public announcement of a probe.

At least one ASD member instructed an undercover agent not to call the “program” an investment, apparently based on the errant belief that wordplay designed to disguise ASD as an “advertising” program and not a program offering unregistered securities and unusually consistent returns at a preposterous rate of 1 percent a day somehow could insulate ASD from prosecution.

On Aug. 1, 2008, the Secret Service began the process of seizing more than $80 million from ASD-related bank accounts, alleging that the “opportunity” was a massive online Ponzi scheme. ASD, Zeek, JSS/JBP and Profit Clicking planted the seed they provided returns that made Bernard Madoff look like a piker. Viewed on an annualized basis, the “programs” effectively were asserting they could outperform Madoff by a factor on the order of between 30 and 70 to one.

The assertion by “Chapman” (as noted above) computed to an average daily return of 1.498 percent. On Aug. 17, the SEC said that Zeek operator Paul R. Burks “unilaterally and arbitrarily determines the daily dividend rate so that it averages approximately 1.5% per day, giving investors the false impression that the business is profitable.”

Burks consented to a judgment on the same day the SEC brought the Zeek Ponzi action. The U.S. Secret Service — also on Aug. 17 — announced it was investigating Zeek. In 2008, the Secret Service brought Ponzi allegations against ASD’s 1-percent-a-day “program.” ASD operator Andy Bowdoin later admitted he was running a Ponzi scheme. Bowdoin was sentenced to 78 months in federal prison. He is 78 years old.

Mann’s age is unknown. There have been reports he is in his eighties.

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11 Responses to “Former Zeek Pitchman Who Also Pushed JSS/JBP Scam Reportedly Doubts He’ll Be Paid By ProfitClicking, A Follow-Up ‘Program’”

  1. “Ad packs”, it’s been a while since I have heard that phrase. It’s not an investment, it’s advertising… yeah, right

  2. Anything called a ‘program’ is no doubt a scheme to defraud. I have tried to tell people this for years.

  3. Ace, include “opportunity” in your lexicon of scam buzzwords.

  4. Ace Baker:
    Anything called a ‘program’is no doubt a scheme to defraud.I have tried to tell people this for years.

    Bingo. Have you ever heard anyone working at a real job, from bricks and mortar to investment banking, calling their job a “program”? lol

  5. Chapman is the guy that created a Zeek blog and encouraged Zeek members to post those daily ads in his blog comments section, right?

  6. K. Chang: Chapman is the guy that created a Zeek blog and encouraged Zeek members to post those daily ads in his blog comments section, right?

    Hi K. Chang,

    That would be correct:

    After Zeek, JSS/JBP and Profit Clicking, “Chapman” was off to something called RicanAdFunds.


  7. I did a brief search on Alan Chapman, and so many scammy programmes popped up that it was plain as day that he doesn’t care a thing about whether what he invests in is legal or not.

    Push Button Extreme
    Little Ticket to Wealth
    Gold from KB
    Banners Broker
    3 Dollar Million

    And those were just the tip of the iceberg that showed up on page 1.

  8. Wow! Chapman is a regular Faith Sloan or maybe even as bad as the infamous Ken Russo/DrDave. Chapman was probably in many other so called ‘opportunities’ as well. Here are a few I found his name attached to: 6×6 millions and his own HYIP monitor site, called alansreport. (now parked)

  9. Well Clarence Busby is riding to the rescue of Profit Clicking, or at least attempting too. In his E-mail he proclaims PC as the “best thing he has seen” in a long time (guess that means since ASD/Golden Panda).

    No doubt he is contacting the Golden Panda/ASD database, which means Mr. Chapman may start getting paid again. PC must be thrilled Busby has endorsed them. Who better than a convicted felon, and the head of another former Ponzi?

    Why does Birds of a Feather keep coming to mind?

  10. Lynndel “Lynn” Edgington: Why does Birds of a Feather keep coming to mind?

    Unfortunately, Clarence is a day late and a dollar short on this tip.

    Even SuperPimp, Ken Russo/DRdave is telling people to stay away because ProfitClicking is now in his “not paying” category.

  11. […] individual promoters. “Alan Chapman,” a Zeek pitchman, also was promoting JSS/JPB and a follow-up scam known as “ProfitClicking,” for instance. Serial huckster “Ken Russo” also promoted Zeek and JSS/JBP […]