BULLETIN: Britain’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) Puts ‘Profitable Sunrise’ On Warning List Of ‘Unauthorised Firms And Individuals’

Source: FSA website. Red highlight by PP Blog.

Source: FSA website. Red highlight by PP Blog.

BULLETIN: The Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom has placed the Profitable Sunrise “program” on a warning list of “unauthorised firms and individuals.”

Profitable Sunrise also is under scrutiny by American regulators in North Carolina and Alabama. The HYIP “program” purportedly is operated by Roman Novak.

Separately, the New Zealand Herald is reporting that New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority “says it is also looking into the activities of the website.”

Like “programs” such as Zeek Rewards, Legisi, AdSurfDaily and others, Profitable Sunrise is being promoted on well-known Ponzi scheme forums such as TalkGold and MoneyMakerGroup.

Zeek, Legisi and ASD scammed a combined sum of at least $791 million, according to court filings in the United States.


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  1. The FSA list is here:

    Also on the list is a “program” from the past, A3 Union. Those who believe the Profitable Sunrise is “real” because “it’s paying” might like to search talkgold/MMG to see what happened to A3 Union.

  2. Payza is on the list too.

  3. Roman was expecting this, it’s just a routine inspection and after they get some of the paperwork right FSA will announce that they’re clean as a whistle and PS will be stronger than ever. Don’t you rubes know that businesses get investigated all of the time?

    And that would be funny except that somewhere someone is saying something very much like it.

  4. No, Roman has a different solution. From a “christian money” blog, quoting a message from “Nanci Jo Frazer” or “NJF Global Group website”:

    So lets get rid of the problem and make sure nobody can sell, present, recruit or sign up anyone to protect our community participants from any harm. Problem solved… Roman did listen and has granted for us to be a fully closed community and shut off the sign up link capability.

    Yes folks, it the “Going Private” excuse!!

    I haven’t seen that excuse for a while. It’s always good to see the classics, it’s like an old friend. The “Going Private” excuse is usually a good sign that the end is nigh.

  5. “going Private” is the end, a ponzi just doesn’t work when you cut off the new suckers and their money.

    And people who don’t understand that are the same ones who want to move the deer crossings away from the busy roads (google that, I’m not kidding) so no one hits any deer.

  6. Tony H: Yes folks, it the “Going Private” excuse!!


    You have made many, many good posts here. This is perhaps my favorite — one of the “Ponzi Buzzword Bingo” posts:



  7. Quick note: Serial huckster “Ken Russo” is busy on the Ponzi boards trying to sanitize Profitable Sunrise, apparently by positioning longtime fellow Ponzi pimp Dr. Goddie as a thought leader/expert.

    It wouldn’t sell as fiction.

    To me — and I acknowledge it’s still early in the Profitable Sunrise story — the most amazing thing is that the apologists seem completely unconcerned and/or oblivious to the fact that one of the plans was the “Long Haul,” purported to pay 2.7 percent a day.

    X number of hundreds or thousands of Christians were helping a shadowy figure sell a plan called the “Long Haul.” The “Long Haul!”

    Regardless, no one seems remotely interested in asking a question such as this: Could the name of the plan — the “Long Haul” — be a deliberate taunt?

    If so, how dark would a mind have to be to serve up such a taunt — and what might come next?


  8. My gosh what a load of baloney. The LH program is 2.7 until Easter. No more funding of it from 1 March. At Easter we all have to take back half of our earnings. We cannot leave it in there. That means seed money back and interest. It’s a one off and customized through a wholesaler.

    Most of the loans are between 5 – 15 days in PS.

    Lighten up you guys… who cares what it is…Investments take on all forms… the share market is no guarantee and people voluntarily put their money into it. Who knows what any form of investment will look like in five years time… Are you reading the crystal ball?

    Stop acting like you’ve got the answers and your BIG BROTHER !!! Who care what you think…

  9. They may not all be named “Sucker”… but it seems there is an inexhaustible supply of suckers…

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  11. Gurtrude Sucker:
    Stop acting like you’ve got the answers and your BIG BROTHER !!!Who care what you think…

    Clearly YOU do as you are here crying about your scam being exposed. Not our fault you got in too late. You are not getting any money back.

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