NO EASTER PAYOUT: How To Contact State Securities Regulators About Profitable Sunrise HYIP SCHEME; [UPDATED WITH INFO FOR PROVINCES IN CANADA]

recommendedreading1UPDATED 8:49 A.M. EDT (APRIL 16, U.S.A.) Today is the day payouts were due on the bizarrely named Profitable Sunrise “Long Haul” 2.7-percent-a-day plan. The Profitable Sunrise website has been offline for 18 days, leaving investors in the lurch. All of the U.S. states and provinces in Canada listed below have issued Investor Alerts or cease-and-desist orders against Profitable Sunrise. The number may grow.

The link at the bottom of this post is from the North American Securities Administrators Association. It provides info on how to contact each of the state and provincial securities regulators in the United States and Canada.

ALABAMA: Joe Borg, director of the Alabama Securities Commission, urged anyone in Alabama who has invested with Profitable Sunrise to contact the ASC’s Enforcement Division at 1-800-222-1253.

Link to cease-and-desist order:

ALASKA: Persons with information regarding Profitable Sunrise are encouraged to telephone the division at 907-269-8140 or send an email to


CALIFORNIA: All California investors in Profitable Sunrise are strongly encouraged to contact the Department of Corporations to file a formal complaint at (866) ASK-CORP or at

[March 14] order is available on the Department’s website at

COLORADO: (Added April 2.) As reported by the Denver Post. Colorado Division of Securities website is here.

DELAWARE: “This scam is a reminder to be alert and skeptical of money-making claims that are simply too good to be true,” Attorney General Beau Biden said. “I urge investors who believe they have been the victims of this or other schemes to immediately contact our Investor Hotline at 302-577-8424.”


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: (Washington, DC): If you’re a District resident and have questions about Profitable Sunrise, email the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking at or; or call (202) 727-8000.


FLORIDA: File a complaint if you have fallen victim to fraud or if you suspect questionable business practices. Consumers can call the OFR at (850) Its-Your Money (850-487-9687) or file a complaint online.


GEORGIA: See online complaint form on right ride of this page:

Link to Georgia cease-and-desist order:

IDAHO: “Those investors who receive compensation for soliciting other investors may themselves be subject to the licensing and anti-fraud provisions of state and federal securities laws,” said Gavin Gee, director of the Department of Finance.


INDIANA: Anyone who has invested in Profitable Sunrise should contact the Secretary of State’s office at 1-800-223-8791 or find us online at


KENTUCKY: Investors can file a complaint or fraud report with DFI by phone or online at


LOUISIANA: Consumers who have invested with Profitable Sunrise are encouraged to contact the Securities Division of the Office of Financial Institutions at (225) 925-4512.


MAINE: Consumers who have invested with Profitable Sunrise are encouraged to contact the Office of Securities at (877) 624-8551 (toll free in Maine) or (207) 624-8551. Shaw also urged consumers to contact Maine’s Office of Securities before investing to obtain general information about investment professionals and products, including online investment or business opportunities. More information is available at


MARYLAND: Attorney General Gansler reminds anyone who may have invested in “Profitable Sunrise” to contact the Securities Division of his office at 410-576-7050 if they have questions. Any investor may call the Securities Division to inquire about the status of investment promoters or the securities in which they plan to invest.

See Maryland cease-and-desist order:

MINNESOTA: If you have questions or want to report suspicious activity, the Commerce Department’s Consumer Help Line can be reached by phone at (651) 296-2488 or (800) 657-3602. Questions or consumer complaints related to securities can be sent by email to or by mail to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, 85 7th Place East, Suite 500, Saint Paul, MN 55101.

Link to Minnesota case-and-desist order:

MISSOURI: “File a Complaint” link is on left side of this page:

NEVADA: Residents who have been contacted or solicited by someone claiming to represent Profitable Sunrise or any of its affiliated entities are encouraged to contact the Nevada Securities Division at (702) 486-2440 or by visiting the Securities Center on the Secretary of State’s website at


NEW HAMPSHIRE: Bureau of Securities: 603-271-1463.


NEW JERSEY: Individuals who have invested with Profitable Sunrise are encouraged to contact the New Jersey Bureau of Securities at (866) 446-8378 and to file a complaint.


NEW MEXICO: New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Superintendent J. Dee Dennis Jr. urged anyone in New Mexico who has invested with Profitable Sunrise to contact the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Securities Division at New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department at 1-800-704-5533.


NORTH CAROLINA: Secretary of State Elaine Marshall urged anyone in North Carolina who has invested with Profitable Sunrise to contact the Secretary of State’s Securities Division at 1-800-688-4507.

Link to cease-and-desist order:

NORTH DAKOTA: Karen Tyler, North Dakota Securities Commissioner, urged anyone in North Dakota who has invested with Profitable Sunrise to contact the North Dakota Securities Department’s Enforcement Division at 701-328-2910 or 1-800-297-5124.

OHIO: Ohioans are encouraged to call the Ohio Division of Securities Investor Protection Hotline toll free at 877-683-7841 or file a complaint with the Division online at

OREGON: See news release:

SOUTH CAROLINA: Attorney General Alan Wilson urged anyone in South Carolina who has invested with Profitable Sunrise to contact the Securities Division of the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office at (803) 734-9916.

Read more:

SOUTH DAKOTA: If you or someone you know invested with Profitable Sunrise, Inter Reef, Ltd., Roman Novak, Radoslav Novak or any affiliated individuals or entities, please contact the Division of Securities at 605-773-4823.


TENNESSEE: Tennessee Securities Assistant Commissioner Daphne D. Smith urges any Tennessean who has invested with Profitable Sunrise to contact the Securities Division at 800-863-9117 or to visit


TEXAS: Texas State Securities Board website:

See cease-and-desist order here:

WEST VIRGINIA: The Securities Division encourages any West Virginia residents who have invested in Profitable Sunrise to contact the Securities Division Enforcement Section at (304) 558-2251 or toll free at (877) 982-9148.


WISCONSIN: Anyone who has invested with Profitable Sunrise is encouraged to contact the Division of Securities enforcement office at 608-266-1603.


In Canada

ALBERTA: The ASC urges investors to familiarize themselves with some common red flags of investing and offers the Red Flags of Investing factsheet.  If you unsure about an investment opportunity, consult a registered financial adviser or obtain independent legal advice before making a decision or handing over any money.  Do more research using the resources of the Alberta Securities Commission by visiting or contacting ASC Public Inquiries at 1-877-355-4488 or


BRITISH COLUMBIA: The BCSC urges investors, agents or members of the public who have been approached by or have information about Profitable Sunrise to contact the BCSC inquiries line at 604-899-6854 or 1-800-373-6393 (toll free).


MANITOBA: Check out the MSC website at for resources on investment scams and what action you can take to protect your hard earned money.  If you have received unsolicited phone calls about investment opportunities please contact the Manitoba Securities Commission at (204) 945-2548 or toll free at 1-800-655-5244 and ask to speak to an investigator.


NEW BRUNSWICK: Being an informed investor is the best defence against investment fraud. Learn how to protect yourself by taking advantage of the materials available on the New Brunswick Securities Commission’s website at


ONTARIO: If you have any questions or information relating to this matter, please contact the OSC Contact Centre at 1-877-785-1555.


QUEBEC: If you have responded to solicitations from Profitable Sunrise or any similar type of solicitation, please contact an officer at our Information Centre.



NASAA list of state and provincial regulators

Also see March 25 PP Blog post.

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  2. Quick note: At 11 a.m., the PP Blog received a spam for the “ProfitClicking” program.

    It’s a scam linked to the JSSTripler/JustBeenPaid scams, and also the “ClickPaid” scam.


  3. This story from about 2 weeks ago:
    REAL ESTATE: Profitable Sunrise followers criticize Internet shutdown

    Some of the quotes from the punters from just 2 weeks ago:

    The government needs to get a real life and stop harassing good programs.
    Please allow this guy to continue. He has touch(ed) a lot of lives, from story to glory, from grass to grace
    Any time I’ve requested a pay-out, it’s right there,
    “I don’t know exactly what is happening,” Meuse said, before going on to say he’s not afraid he’ll lose his money. “Knowing what I know about them, and how the company has been, they’ll find a way to be back up online, and do whatever it takes to go through court” to make things happen.

    Compare with some at MMG recently:

    You only need one to last 90 days or so @ 2% then its working w/profit forever.
    Whoever “Roman” is, a lot of people enjoyed great financial benefits during PS’s lifespan, but in the end, it was what we all really, down deep, knew it was….a hyip who had run its course.
    Yes many wins at the expense of others’ losses….and that is sad you know…..this is the price of looking an easy but very risky venture since it is full of scammers who are too cunny to make us believe that they are real.

    The more experienced ponzi players knew exactly what this was and kept quiet to lure the stupid, greedy and gullible. Just like they did with Zeek Rewards. And ASD. And any number of obvious ponzi schemes before. And yet the formula works.

  4. The explanations put forth on the ProSun (GIR) calls is mind numbing. I guess they want people to believe total crap, and it seems to work on some, but not all….

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  6. […] Payouts from the Long Haul were dubbed an “Easter Gift” and were due April 1, April Fool’s Day. The Profitable Sunrise website, however, has been offline since at least March 14. At least 34 regulators in the United States and Canada have issued Investor Alerts or cease-and-desist orders…. […]

  7. The long haul plan wasn’t “bizarrely named”. The investment term was approx. 1 year…a proverbial long haul.

  8. […] And, Joseph said in a news release, Profitable Sunrise is an “Internet scam” and the subject of crackdowns by multiple states. (See list here.) […]

  9. […] least 34 U.S. states and provinces in Canada have issued Investor Alerts or cease-and-desist orders against Profitable […]

  10. i was convinced by my upline this was a legal company,so i thought how bad can a christian company be. let me know if i can join any class acton lawsuits in canada.

  11. these people who go around using christian to do their dirty work will suffer. it can’t be too soon enough.

  12. […] Borg and other state and provincial regulators are tacking the Profitable Sunrise scheme, which traded on faith and promised absurd […]

  13. Hi would you be able to provide any info regarding residence of Australia and how they may seek legal advice to recover any monies, I have lodged a compliant with ASIC but they said they would just post a warning i said a warning is to late they have closed the website down and done a runner
    So thanks for articles above and maybe look forward to any comments about recovery of funds sent to Profitable sunrise
    Regards jim

  14. I wish there was a clear and simple answer for you Jim but I’m afraid there isn’t. If you transacted with Pro Sun through payment processors I’d file a complaint with them and you ~might~ see a partial refund in six months or so. If you used bank wire, the story might be sadder still.

    This is one of the problems with playing HYIP games. Roman Novak wasn’t a real person and Profitable Sunrise wasn’t a real business. The people who play these games all the time know what the deal is and they know that the numbers on the screen in the back office aren’t real, the only real money is what they take out and receive before the game ends and when it’s over, any money still in the program is gone.

    All that is left now are small sums in the payment processors and a number of frozen bank accounts in a number of countries. I’d be pleasantly surprised to be wrong here but I don’t think there will be any coordinated effort between the governments of those countries to pool those funds, find the victims and prorate a refund.

    If you noticed the names attached to the shell companies the bank accounts were held under, a good number of them were Russian. Google the phrase “Magnitsky Act,” if Roman and his shell companies were able to transfer funds to Russian banks there will be almost no chance the Russian government will be in the mood to cooperate with any refund effort.

    I would be pleased if someone could post something to give you more hope than I did. But this is the problem with investing in imaginary companies. They can go out of business with no warning at all and when they do they take real money with them.

    Sorry Jim.

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  16. Any way to get money back?

  17. What about arizona state information?

  18. kim: What about arizona state information?

    Try this, kim: