Purported ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Leads Utah Troopers On Freeway Chase And Is Arrested

In a case reminiscent of the bizzare tale of Jennifer Melisa Herring in North Carolina, a Utah woman and purported “sovereign citizen” has been charged with fleeing police in an automobile.

Lisa Ann Sovereen, 44, refused to pull over and led the Utah Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase on an Interstate highway, KSL.com reports.

Sovereen explained that she was “not required to pull over and that police had stolen her previous vehicle and taken her blood,” the station reports.

Jail records in Salt Lake County list the Sovereen name as an alias used by Lisa Ann Bluth.

See the police dash-cam video . . .

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2 Responses to “Purported ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Leads Utah Troopers On Freeway Chase And Is Arrested”

  1. Because I obviously have nothing better to do than watch a dashcam video, I noted the following points: At 29:20ish, she says that she’s “international” and “can’t be stopped.” At 30:30, the cop says, “She’s a sovereign citizen, that’s why she’s acting like this.” At about 49 minutes in, she starts raving and dropping F-bombs. The video ends a few minutes later. (Yes, it says 1 hour 14 minutes, but in reality it’s about 55 minutes long.)

  2. Thanks for the breakdown, mirele. And it’s good to see you at the PP Blog.