From Profitable Sunrise To ‘Guaranteed50kIn30days’: ‘What Would You Do With $50,800? Or Better Yet, What Would You Do With A MILLION $$!’

From a Jon Simmons' pitch for Guaranteed50XXXXXX.

From a Jon Simmons’ pitch for Guaranteed50kIn30Days.

After the Profitable Sunrise intercontinental affinity-fraud and pyramid-scheme aimed at Christians, Rev. Jon Simmons has cast his net with a 5X5 matrix “program” known as “Guaranteed50kIn30days” and is fishing for a “team,” a source tells the PP Blog.

“Turn your $50 [into] a MILLION Dollars!” Simmons trawled.

Simmons was a Profitable Sunrise colleague of Nanci Jo Frazer and NJF Global Group. Frazer and two of her purported ministries were charged with fraud earlier this month in Ohio. Simmons was not charged. Profitable Sunrise may have scammed tens of millions of dollars in a cross-border fraud, the SEC said in April. Frazer and team may have driven $30 million to the scam, Ohio authorities said.

“What would you do with $50,800?” Simmons queried his audience about Guaranteed50kIn30days in an email, according to the source. “Or better yet, what would you do with a MILLION $$!”

Precisely what was “guaranteed” about getting $50,000 in a month wasn’t made clear in the pitch, which references a web entity known as

“Membership by Invitation Only,” the site says.

Schemes pushed by self-identified Christians that trade on claims of being private and exclusive have generated headlines in recent months. Profitable Sunrise was such a scheme. Zeek Rewards, which the SEC described in August 2012 as a $600 million Ponzi- and pyramid scheme, advertised itself as “private, invitation-only,” the agency said in court filings.

Guaranteed50kIn30days says it’s located in Nebraska as part of B & B Communications Inc. and is associated with entities known as B & B Communications Philippines Inc. and B & B Communications Hong Kong Limited. Web properties, according to the company, also include and, with,,, and also in the fold.

Frazer’s Profitable Sunrise team also targeted prospects in faraway lands. One of those lands — New Zealand — referenced Frazer’s group in a March 2013 warning about Profitable Sunrise. Ohio authorities have said they’d linked Frazer to “ProfitClicking,” a “program” that became the subject of actions in Italy and the Philippines.

According to the information provided by the source, a July 16 Guaranteed50kIn30days email from Simmons began, “Jon Simmons here. This is WAY BETTER THAN SGR!”

SGR appears to be a reference to a “program” known as “ShareGiveReceive.” Online promos for SGR position it as “A Ministry/Business . . . not operating like a regular business” and “A World Wide Community Of People Working For The Benefit Of All MAN Kind.”

Guaranteed50kIn30days, however, apparently blows SGR away — in Simmons’ view.

“This is Best program to come along in decades,” he told his email audience about Guaranteed50kIn30days. “We are talking real daily step by step training. A 30-day video training course that anyone can follow to be successful. True duplicating process.”

Another part of the pitch reads, “Get paid weekly every Wednesday by check, or have it loaded onto your Payoneer card. Go Quick! We just officially launched last Monday, July 1, 2013! Amazing earnings in 1 week!!!”

In the email, prospects were provided a link to a heart-tugging video featuring B&B co-founders Steve Borgman and Brian Barnhouse riding in an automobile and reflecting on their days spent living in rural poverty in Nebraska. Those painful days now are over, according to the video: Both men now are well-equipped on the vehicle front. Borgman owns “the biggest house in Gage County,” and Barnhouse resides in a home with a scenic river view.

The video was filmed in the region of Wymore, Neb., which has a population of 1,656, according to a road sign shown in the video. (Despite the newfound financial success of the duo, the mournful background music in the video seems more appropriate for a funeral dirge).

Simmons, according to his email pitch, also can provide help with getting “leads” for Guaranteed50kIn30days.

“Do you need help recruiting?” he asks. “I found a solution! Ask me about a great lead system I found for only $25 (one-time, NOT monthly)! Get your 5 for $50K easily! You can also use this Lead Scraper for ANY business. Imagine… No more having to talk to friends and family!!”

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  1. Well, you sort of left me hanging about the 50kin30days business. Is it a scam or not? Does it actually work or not? You have intimated it doesn’t but you don’t really say it. Please elaborate or finish you article. Thanks!

  2. Hilarious!