Hawaii Prosecutor Says ‘Women’s Gifting Circles’ Pyramid Scheme Operating In State — Plus, Update On ‘Blessing Gold Club’

recommendedreading1“Women’s Gifting Circles” or “Women Empowering Women Circles” pyramid schemes are operating in Hawaii, said Kauai Prosecuting Attorney Justin F. Kollar.

“These schemes are marketed as a way to entice women through a tiered investment model, often using language that speaks in terms of ‘empowering’ women spiritually or financially,” Kollar said. “The people at the top of the pyramid collect money from those at the bottom of the pyramid, plain and simple. The people at the bottom are promised future rewards that are based on recruiting additional followers to start new circles. These schemes are illegal and are designed by predators to extract money from people who trust them.”

A similar scam led last year to federal prison sentences for two Connecticut women. There were reports that  “Women’s Circle” scheme also was operating in British Columbia in Canada.

From a statement today by Kollar’s office (italics added):

In many cases, women who are being recruited are told not to talk about the circle for various reasons, or are told that the practices are legal as long as the dollar amounts are under a certain threshold. However, violators can be subject to criminal and civil penalties under State securities laws.

In other cash-gifting fraud news, a source told the PP Blog today that members of a cash-gifting scam known as BlessingGoldClub are trying to offload “units” in the Better-Living Global Marketing HYIP scam for $500. The units purportedly are being discounted from $1,295.

BLGM members have been fretting about not getting paid. The “program” is similar to the Zeek Rewards’ Ponzi scheme.

TelexFree figure Scott Miller also has been a proponent of cash-gifting. Miller’s Facebook site for TelexFree, alleged in Brazil to be a massive pyramid scheme, appears not to have been updated since Jan. 10.

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2 Responses to “Hawaii Prosecutor Says ‘Women’s Gifting Circles’ Pyramid Scheme Operating In State — Plus, Update On ‘Blessing Gold Club’”

  1. I think we all know that when Ponzi participants start offering to sell their “numbers-on-a-screen” accounts at reduced prices for CASH, the Fat Lady is tuning up.

    This is how Will Hunt is encouraging “entrepreneurship” at Blessing Gold Club by offering BGC members Better Living Global Marketing “units” currently held by the “admins” at a 38.6% discount:





  2. oops

    Will Hunt’s generous offer to sell you the units they are holding for the low price of $500 is 38.6% off of their “regular price”, and represents a whopping, GET-ALL-YOU-CAN-BEFORE FEBRUARY 28TH DISCOUNT! of (( 61.4% )) !!!

    Further quoting Will Hunt from his “exciting” conference call @37:55: “Because of the exciting news that we got from Better Living that they are not going to close the doors any time soon I went to work really fast. A lot of folks saw me advertising and bringing folks in to the group … I wasted no time and I started brainstorming: what can I do to get everybody in to the program at a more competitive price? Currently, the price for the units … Who knows? They may raise it. You never know what these guys are going to do in the coming months. They may raise the price of the unit, they may not. But currently, right now, it’s at $1,300 to purchase a unit in order to get in to the Better Living Program. We did some fineagling, some math, and I was able to work out a price point at %500. I can tell you right now, you’re not going to see that price anywhere else. We have the opportunity to do this, but it’s only going to be for a limited time. You can purchase as many units as you want for $500 each”

    My favorite quote from this call was from Michelle Orkline:
    “Luke Teng in the Chinese culture is an honorable man and his word means everything to him”

    For 49 minutes of sheer, unadulterated online scamming check out the February 17th “conference call”: