‘BitClub Network’ Now Reportedly Set To Launch On Sept. 10, Eve Of Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks

bitclub350smallThe BitClub Network “program” — originally set to launch Sept 1, the 75th anniversary of the beginning of World War II — reportedly now will launch on Sept. 10.

That’s the eve of the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The Sept. 10 launch time is pegged for “2pm EST,” which possibly means the “program” is using Panama time. Panama, part of the Americas, does not use Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Some of the money from the Profitable Sunrise HYIP swindle last year went to an entity in Panama City, the SEC said last year. Other Profitable Sunrise money ended up in Australia and the Czech Republic, according to court filings.

Profitable Sunrise operated through a “mail drop” in England and had a “director” in Seychelles, according to court filings.

Zeek Rewards Ponzi- and pyramid-scheme figure T. LeMont Silver, an early adopter of BitClub Network who is promising a $600 sign-up bonus and “training” for the “program,” now is using a Seychelles address, according to an email pitch he sent last week.

Seychelles is a known money-laundering haven. Silver may be operating from the Dominican Republic after parachuting into the nation after the collapse of Zeek in 2012 and the later collapse of two other purported “revenue-sharing programs” he was pitching.

Those “programs,” which ended up suing each other amid allegations of fraud, were GoFunPlaces/GoFun Rewards and JubiMax/JubiRev. Silver described disaffected prospects as “low-hanging fruit.”

BitClub Network, which purportedly offers “shares” of “mining pools,” has a Bitcoin theme. The reported buy-in levels are $500, $1,000 and $2,000, with “Founders'” positions going for $3,599.

Whether Silver even knows precisely who is operating the BitClub Network “program” is unclear. Also unclear is why the “program” chose start dates that corresponded with the starting dates of World War II in Europe and the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States.

Are the dates merely coincidences?

Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich was hoped to last 1,000 years. BitClub Network, early bird MLM HYIPers say, will pay a daily dividend for 1,000 days.

HYIP schemes in general are exceptionally murky propositions, with narratives, descriptions and actions that may be designed as taunts against both prospects and regulators. Profitable Sunrise, for example, used images of Jesus Christ in promos and offered a purported “Long Haul” plan with a purported Easter gift to be paid out on April 1, 2013 — April Fool’s Day.

March 31 of that year was Easter Sunday.

WCM777 also used images of Jesus Christ. A follow-up scam used images of a golden pyramid.

John Neil Hirst was charged by the U.K. Serious Fraud Office in 2011 with running a Ponzi scheme that targeted British, French and Americans through a company registered in Panama and Seychelles.

A 2010 scam known as “Alpha Trade Group” that was promoted on well-known Ponzi-scheme forums purported to be registered in Panama and was using “various corporations and fictitious names registered in Florida” to pull off the scheme, according to court filings.

David F. Merrick of Traders International Return Network (TIRN) was charged in a 2009 Ponzi scheme that was operating in the United States while funneling money to Panama, Mexico, Malaysia, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

A 2014 online scheme known as Mutual Wealth might have operated through entities in Panama and the United Kingdom “and through Russian or Belarussian nationals,” the SEC said.

In August 2013, NEOMutual, a purported “crowdfunding” opportunity that claimed it used bitcoin and a series of offshore payment processors, further claimed to provide daily interest rates of 1.4 percent, 1.6 percent and 1.9 percent on sums between $20 and $250,000.

It was promoted alongside the bizarrely named “Cash Crop Cycler.” Among the provocative claims on the CashCropCycler website was that the “program” was interested in building “a network that ticks.”

A 2011 scam known as OneX used an image of a bomb in its logo.

Silver was a OneX pitchman, alongside Andy Bowdoin, the operator of the $119 million AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme that he positioned as a “revenue-sharing” program.

At least one promo for Bitclub Network claims “All Countries” and prospects are accepted for “Legal Passive Income.”

“EARN PASSIVE for 1,000 Days,” the promo roars.

“No Ponzi,” it says.


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  2. FYI, in a recent blogpost (August), Phil Ming Xu (of WCM777 Ponzi) wants to get into the cryptocurrency biz with “KingdomLoveCoin”, claims he’ll turn everybody’s losses into these ???? (Kingdom Love Coin), “similar to Bitcoin system”, he wrote.


  3. Or……..he could just give cash back. May be too cutting edge for him though.