Some Zeek Claimants From Outside The United States Unable To Deposit Distribution Checks; Receiver Provides Guidance

Kenneth D. Bell, the Zeek Rewards receiver, published an announcement last night that certain Zeek claimants from outside the United States who received a distribution check were unable to deposit it. Here is the announcement, dated Oct. 30, 2014 (italics/bolding added).


Various foreign claimants have reported that their banks have refused to deposit the distribution checks I have sent to you. It is likely that these banks are mistakenly seeking to deposit the checks in the local currency instead of in United States dollars. ALL checks issued by the Receivership are issued in United States dollars. Please inform your bank when you are depositing your check that it is in United States dollars. I am unable to issue checks in any currency other than United States dollars.

Visit the receivership website.

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