UPDATE: Competing Cycler Advertised Inside ‘Achieve Community’ Forum Collapsed At Launch Yesterday

This ad for "Cycles 24/7," a Ponzi-board "program," appears in the Achieve Community forum. Source: YouTube promo for Achieve.

This ad (see top of screen shot) for “Cycles 24/7,” a Ponzi-board “program,” appears in the Achieve Community forum. Source: YouTube promo for Achieve.

UPDATED 2:12 P.M. ET U.S.A. A competing cycler advertised inside the supposedly private “Achieve Community” forum and promoted on the MoneyMakerGroup forum collapsed at launch yesterday, triggering a classic uproar among willfully blind Ponzi-board scammers.

The name of the cycler is Cycles 24/7. The PP Blog learned of the “program” only because Achieve promoter Mike Chitty recorded an Achieve commercial and posted it on YouTube on Dec. 15. Chitty’s Achieve promo shows a banner ad for Cycles 24/7 inside the Achieve forum, raising the specter that the unknown individual who posted the banner is an Achieve member promoting another scam.

The ads inside the Achieve forum will show “different things that keep coming out,” Chitty said in his video. The ad for Cycles 24/7  claims, “Non Stop Earning For Everyone[.] JUST LAUNCHED[.] Automated Hybrid Straight Line Cycler[.] Turn $10 Into $30 or Turn $50 Into $400[.] Receive $1.00 or $5.00 Bonus[.] JOIN NOW!”

Cycles 24/7 appears to have made its debut Dec. 10 on MoneyMakerGroup. With a prefunding period and a launch set for yesterday, the Cycles 24/7 server appears first to have showed to a crawl and then collapsed, triggering questions about whether a scamming “admin” had fled with the cash or was merely incompetent when choosing a hosting platform.

Ponzi forum legend “Ken Russo,” formerly of the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme and many others, apparently was not amused. “Just sent a support ticket with my refund request,” the huckster wrote at MoneyMakerGroup. “If it is not honored I will file a dispute with [Solid Trust Pay]. Just went through this with the AdBubbler fiasco!”

Although the Cycles 24/7 website appears to be back online today, this message appears: “CYCLES 24/7 is relaunching soon!”

Another Ponzi-board post claims “Rick Fleming” is the “admin” of the program. Cycles 24/7 members, according to a MoneyMakerGroup post, received an email that read (italics added):

Good day All C247 Members,

You will notice that my FB account has been suspended and reported by one of the members of Cycles24/7 group.

This is too personal and unprofessional behaviour to an admin who is offering a genuine and life changing opportunity online.

We can’t find any programs out there that Cycles 24/7 is offering to the members – instant payout, no preloaded positions to name a few.

Cycles 24/7 members will expect transparency, honest and fair play at all times.

The reason I am not showing you my photos is I am protecting myself and my family for possible threat or extortion.

Involving in the money making program will always have risk despite of good intentions that you will bring to the members there are still others you can’t please.

Cycles 24/7 was well plan and offering a generous compensation plan to the members. Admin only earn from 10% commissions every cycled position, other than that the remaining money is always given to the member’s position cycling out.

Let’s continue remain positive and hope this will not affect the success of Cycles 24/7.

The FB Group will remain open with the help of hardworking admins. All future updates will be send through our newsletter.

Kind Regards,

Rick Fleming

Chitty hosted an Achieve conference call last week with fellow Achiever Rodney Blackburn that revealed one or more senior citizens were Achieve members. Blackburn, a onetime Iraqi dinar enthusiast, now has backed away from certain claims he made during the call, although he still claims Achieve is a great “program.”

In his Dec. 15 YouTube promo, Chitty identities himself with the “Legendary Income Solutions Team” and asserts that “once those [Achieve payment] processors get in and we get everybody locked into the system, I really feel like — and this is a personal feeling; I’m not trying to make any forecasts for the Achieve Community itself — but the way I saw it before and the way I’m seeing it now, when that processor gets locked in, guys, hang on. Because we’re gonna blow up. And it’s gonna go absolutely insane again. Be ready. Have a repurchase plan.”

Achieve, which purportedly turns $50 into $400 and enables participants to buy multiple $50 “positions,” reportedly lost its ability more than a month ago to do business through Payoneer. An ad for Payza as shown on the Achieve forum also appeared in Chitty’s Dec. 15 promo, although it is unclear if Achieve is moving to Payza. The court-appointed receiver in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi-scheme case said in an Oct. 30, 2014, report to the court that he is continuing his “investigation and pursuit of outstanding funds from Payza” and other processors used by Zeek, including SolidTrustPay.

Some Achieve members reportedly have grumbled or expressed concerns that anti-Achieve “spies” may be reading posts in the private forum. Chitty’s Dec. 15 video, however, shows that Achievers themselves may be creating leaks.

From the video alone, the PP Blog was able to see multiple thread titles inside the forum and posts by some individual Achieve members.


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5 Responses to “UPDATE: Competing Cycler Advertised Inside ‘Achieve Community’ Forum Collapsed At Launch Yesterday”

  1. Quick notes: Achieve Community now says its “payout processor” is “Global Cash Card.”


  2. Quick note: Have now seen the first reference to “Global Cash Card” from an Achieve fan on the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum.

    It was only yesterday that Plastic Cash International told a federal judge a horror story about what it was like to get involved in Zeek Rewards, another Ponzi-board “program.”

    Of course, there are serious questions about the type of due diligence performed by PCI before getting involved with Zeek.



  3. One of the first people to offer Facebook congratulations to Kristi on the the announced retention of “Global Cash Card” was the guy who videotaped the offloading of his Achieve profits at an ATM in Hawaii with the Payoneer card.

    Another person offers, “Oh boy this is fantastic !!!also just another selling point for Achieve because they have had about time to check out the community and if they thought there was anything fishy about the program they wouldn’t work with us.”

    Still another says, “Smart move, Kristi – making it as simplified as possible so members don’t need to do anything to get paid (yet again).”

    Kristi, in part, says, “What everyone must do now is go into their back office and click on Personal Information, and be absolutely sure your information in there is completely correct. Your card will be sent to the address in our system, so check everything now please.

    “There will be some other changes that we will need to make and I will update you as we go through the process.

    “Best news? The limits on Global Cash Card for us will be $5000.00 per day!”


  4. Kristi Johnson, via Facebook, says this tonight:


    “Some of you who have been with Achieve for a long time have noticed that Troy Barnes has not been around much in the last few months. I have this message from him for you:

    Hello Achieve Community,
    I’m sorry to say I wont be around much anymore.
    I have some Family issues to deal with and I’m sorry but that has to
    come first. Enjoy all that Achieve Money your going to be
    making. I’ll be right behind you. I Love you all and wish you all a Happy
    Holiday. Get ready for the Greatest New Year Ever.
    To Your Success – Troy


    Kristi also says this and more:

    “If you have questions about Global Cash Card please go to their website, the information is all there.

    “If you have questions about Achieve – our program, our products – please go to the Forum in the members area of your back office.

    “If you have a problem with your account please send a support ticket (just one!) to support on our website. It can take a couple days to get an answer, depending on your issue, but we will take care of you.

    “You will be able to repurchase positions with your Global Cash Card from your back office, but you will need to enter the card details.

    “I will let you know as we go when to expect your cards. We will begin sending them out first to those members who joined us from the beginning through October 31st. We have some programming to do and will give everyone a few days to correct any Personal Information before we begin.”


  5. From a promo for Achieve on Facebook this morning:


    Welcome to The Best Marketing Company online…The Achieve Community. Where every single member is CEO! Clock in, purchase positions, plan vacations, dream big, get paid, pass it forward! No lay-offs, no boss, no office politics. Great benefits, great retirement plan. Again, “WELCOME!”