DEVELOPING STORY: Kidnapping, Murder Linked To WCM777/Kingdom777 Scam, Newspaper Reports

wcm777DEVELOPING STORY: (Updated 8:43 p.m. ET U.S.A.) The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa, Calif., is reporting that detectives in Napa County have linked the kidnapping and murder of 44-year-old Reynaldo Pacheco to the WCM777/Kingdom777 MLM scam and as many as four suspects.

From the Press Democrat in a story dated Jan. 15 about the arrest of Angela Martinez Arias, 41, of Petaluma (italics added):

According to investigators, Pacheco had been involved in a business scam known as WCM777, or Kingdom 777. Early last year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced it to be an illegal pyramid scheme targeting Asian and Latino communities worldwide. Assets were frozen.

Pacheco apparently had gotten Arias to invest an undisclosed amount of money in Kingdom 777, according to detectives. Pacheco “owed her money from a failed business relationship,” [Napa County Sheriff’s Capt. Doug] Pike said.

The other suspects, according to the newspaper, are Mauricio Tovar-Telles, 24, and Norberto Guerrero Gonzalez, 29. Both are in custody.

A fourth suspect, Miguel Angel Garcia, reportedly shot and killed himself last year after a standoff with SWAT officers.

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  1. PP Blog’s Tag Archive of references to WCM777:


  2. Bloody hell, Ming Xu has blood on his hands.

    Where is his religion now?

  3. Quick note: The receiver in the WCM777 case is seeking court permission to sue Ming Xu’s mother and sister:


  4. Another great find Patrick!

    I’m looking forward to see what we find out regarding the Tiger Liu lawsuit soon.

  5. On Jan. 22, 2015, a federal judge granted the WCM777 receiver authority to sue Ming Xu’s mother, sister and others:


    The Court, having considered the motion (“Motion”) of Krista L.
    Freitag (“Receiver”), Court-appointed permanent receiver for Defendants
    World Capital Market Inc.; WCM777 Inc.; WCM777 Ltd. d/b/a WCM777 Enterprises, Inc.; and Relief Defendants Kingdom Capital Market, LLC; Manna Holding Group, LLC; Manna Source International, Inc.; WCM Resources, Inc.; ToPacific Inc.; To Pacific Inc.; and their subsidiaries and affiliates (the “Receivership Entities”), for authorization to pursue claims against Sue Wang [sister]; Jianjun Wang; Xiaomei Deng [mother];
    MaNa Fashion Inc.; JJ Sparkles, Inc.; and Yuanhao Inc. (collectively, the “Proposed Defendants”), and good cause appearing therefor, hereby orders as follows:

    1. The Motion is granted; and
    2. The Receiver is authorized to initiate, pursue and prosecute
    claims against Proposed Defendants for recovery of funds transferred to them, directly or indirectly, from the Receivership Entities.
    3. The Receiver shall file the complaint against the Proposed Defendants within 60 days of the entry of this Order.



    Receiver’s website: