EgoPay Site Inaccessible

This screen shot from Google cache appears to show that thr website of was active at least part of the day on March 9.

This screen shot from Google cache appears to show that the website of was active at least part of the day on March 9.

Poster “Markus” stopped at the PP Blog at 2:19 p.m. ET today, raising a question about why the site of the EgoPay payment processor won’t load.

When the PP Blog later sought to visit the site, it encountered this error message: “ – Connection failed.”

Precisely when the site started generating that message is unclear. A March 9 Facebook post included a screen shot of the same error message the PP Blog observed today.

It is unclear if the EgoPay site has been offline continuously since the 9th. Google cache appears to show the site was online at least part of the day on the 9th.

HYIP enthusiasts apparently haven’t lost faith. On March 11, someone posted this on Twitter: “Huge Income For Your Egopay Account,investing money.”

On March 10, someone posted this on Twitter: “Egopay Payment Received,investing tips.” The post included a link to something called “Qatar Investment,” a site that promises “3400% profit in 24 Hour [sic] (Principal Return).”

The Qatar Investment site also says this: “Fund your Perfecy [sic] Money, Bitcoin or EgoPay account. You can fund your account by Credit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, Cash Deposits, Western Union, Money Gram and other payment methods.”

Despite the apparent Twitter claim on March 10 that Qatar Investment had paid someone through EgoPay on that date, whether anyone actually got paid is unclear.

Could it be the end for EgoPay, a Ponzi-board darling? And if it is the end, what caused it?

Also see Jan. 26 PP Blog post.

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5 Responses to “EgoPay Site Inaccessible”

  1. Also, Virtex disappeared on or about the 27th Feb:

    Therefore, at this point in time, we do not know what has happened to Virtex. All we know is that customers have been experiencing difficulties getting money out of the exchange since January, and it disappeared altogether on February 27.

  2. Thank you for those, Tony.


  3. Egopay was owned by a bunchs of worthless pieces of shit.
    It’s just a plain simple scam, I hope that they will spend the money that they stolen in medicines.

  4. There is quite enough information about Egopay owners.
    Egopay creditors should unite together to bring them to the court.
    We at have some useful data as well about them, for example their bank account and company behind they used to work with exchangers.