REPORTS: TelexFree Figure Sann Rodrigues Arrested In New Jersey

Sann Rodrigues. From a promo for the TelexFree international convention in Spain in 2014.

Sann Rodrigues. From a promo for the TelexFree international convention in Spain in 2014.

BULLETIN: (Updated 9:27 p.m. EDT U.S.A.) TelexFree and iFreeX figure Sann Rodrigues has been arrested in New Jersey, according to the Blog of Joaldro Dalla “Billy” Costa, citing a report on radio station WSRO 650 AM in Framingham, Mass.

Billy’s story is in Portuguese. Here is the English translation by Google Translate.

Rodrigues — listed as Devasc Sanderley Rodrigues in online booking records and believed to be a native of Brazil who has lived in the U.S. states of Massachusetts and Florida — appears to have been arrested May 18.

On the same day, U.S. and Brazilian law-enforcement officials met in Washington, D.C. Whether the international talks and the arrest were a coincidence was not immediately clear.

The records suggest Rodrigues was detained at the Essex County Correctional Facility.

Billy’s story suggests the booking was immigration-related. The PP Blog could not immediately confirm the information.

The Essex County site provides a link to When the name Sanderley Rodrigues is typed into the form and viewers click on a follow-up link, a booking photo of Rodrigues appears.

No release date appears, suggesting Rodrigues, 43, still is being held. Information on bond and a specific charge was not posted.

Rodrigues was one of eight TelexFree figures charged civilly with securities fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He is a recidivist securities violator, according to the SEC.

TelexFree, an alleged Ponzi- and pyramid scheme that may have gathered on the order of $1.8 billion in about two years, is under investigation by the SEC and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Alleged TelexFree operators James Merrill and Carlos Wanzeler have been charged criminally.

U.S. authorities have called Wanzeler an international fugitive perhaps living in Brazil.

On May 18, officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an arm of the Department of Homeland Security, met in Washington with officials from the Brazilian National Police.

The officials “discussed the joint commitment to continued information-sharing and conducting investigations into child exploitation, financial fraud and human trafficking, among other topics,” according to an ICE news release dated May 21.


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  1. Sorry about hijacking this topic, PP, but you may want to post about this:

    Harvard researcher + 3 others sued by nutritional supplement maker due to research paper linking stimulant to heart attack

    The chilling effect on critics is tremendous if they manage to silence real researchers. What chance would us bloggers have?

  2. The story that Sann Rodrigues was held on immigration charges is bogus. He is a green-card holder or perhaps us citizen, and it does not make any sense.
    Probably the reason was something related with his business.

  3. Sann have no activity whatsoever in his official facebook profile since May the 16th, so another indication that the arrest on May the 18th is probly true.

    You can also notice that aint deleting/blocking anymore the angry ppl scammed in Ifreex.

  4. is reporting Rodrigues was arrested on a warrant for visa fraud. There are allegations of green-card shenanigans.

    And the PP Blog now is reporting that the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agent involved in the visa case also is involved in the TelexFree case.

    In fact, the agent — in 2014 — filed the affidavit that led to the arrest of Katia Wanzeler on a material-witness warrant at JFK Airport in New York.



  5. Diva Gina Bertha:
    The story that Sann Rodrigues was held on immigration charges is bogus. He is a green-card holder or perhaps us citizen, and it does not make any sense.
    Probably the reason was something related with his business.

    It makes perfect sense when you realize it’s BECAUSE of his green card, how he got it, and how he used it that he was arrested.

    Telexfree wasn’t even mentioned in the court documents or by the Department of Homeland Security special agents’ affidavit.

    It’s not unreasonable to expect further Telexfree related charges to be laid, now he’s in Federal custody, though.

  6. Diva you got be really naive to believe it happened only for the green card. Is pretty much safe to say he is being track down for a while, since he got the attention of the HSI and FBI.

    Join all the puzzle pieces, you’ll find out that there ain’t no coincidence here.

    This man fooled the justice in 2006 (Phoneclub), reloaded the scam more 2 times, with the first reload (Telexfree) being just one of the largest and harzadous ponzi schemes… EVER !

    In the 2nd reload (Ifreex) he got a warning from Willian Galvin BEFORE he actually pick the very first pocket…

    Now you ‘do the math’…

    Like I allways said in Oz’s blog and here, Sann is the menthor of Telexfree, the other 3 figures (Merril, Wanzeler and Costa) are just running his master plan and taking the blame for him… TILL NOW ! 3:o)))))))) (<-joker evil laugh)

  7. they should throw him in Northern. He’ll get the beatdown he deserves there.

  8. Apple store pull down Ifreex Daily app from Apple website, and website no longer exists.

  9. ASD Updates has posted a brief and a link to the U.S. complaint against Sann Rodrigues:


    Link to complaint:


  10. Quick note: An Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) involved in the Sann Rodrigues visa-fraud case also is involved in the TelexFree criminal prosecution, according to the dockets of the cases.

    So, there is at least one HSI agent involved in both cases, and at least one AUSA involved in both cases.


  11. I read the affidavit on ASDUPDATES website.

    The agent states very clear he WAS in immigration until 2003. And adds that he IS BY NOW working in a TASK FORCE which deals with drug trafficking and… FINANCIAL FRAUD.

    After reading such statement, it becomes clear for me that te main reason Sann was being traced was because of the investigation on his financial activities, and not for the green card.

    Of course if you found out that he is comitting another federal crime, you may arrest him for good right now, while the wire fraud crime continues under investigation/judgement.

    specially if your inteligence service KNOWS that this guy just is a escaped from a arrest order in his native country (Brazil).

  12. DMPontes: The agent states very clear he WAS in immigration until 2003. And adds that he IS BY NOW working in a TASK FORCE which deals with drug trafficking and… FINANCIAL FRAUD.

    Participating Agencies:

    Federal: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Housing and Urban Development, Inspector General’s Office, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division, Department of Defense Joint Task Force Six, United States Attorney’s for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, United States Coast Guard, United States Customs Service, United States Marshals for Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, United States Postal Service, and United States Secret Service

    State: Connecticut State Police, Connecticut National Guard, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Maine State Police, Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts Department of Corrections, Massachusetts National Guard, New Hampshire State Police, New Hampshire National Guard, New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force, Rhode Island State Police, Rhode National Guard, Vermont State Police, Vermont National Guard

    Local: Auburn, MA Police Department, Boston, MA Police Department, Bridgeport, CT Police Department, Brighton, ME Police Department, Bristol, CT Police Department, Brockton, MA Police Department, Chelsea, MA Police Department, Cranston, RI Police Department, Easton, CT Police Department, East Haven, CT Police Department, Enfield, CT Police Department, Essex County, MA Sheriff’s Department, Fitchburg, MA Police Department, Framingham, MA Police Department, Franklin, MA Police Department, Greenwich, CT Police Department, Hamden, MA Police Department, Hartford, CT, Police Department, Hopkinton, RI Police Department, Lawrence, MA Police Department, Leominster, MA Police Department, Lowell, MA Police Department, Lynn, MA Police Department, Madison, CT Police Department, Manchester, NH Police Department, Methuen, MA Police Department, Milford, CT Police Department, Milford, MA Police Department, Nashua, NH Police Department, New Britain, CT Police Department, Newburyport, MA Police Department, New Haven, CT Police Department, North Andover, MA Police Department, Norwalk, CT Police Department, Orange, CT Police Department, Pawtucket, RI Police Department, Portland, ME Police Department, Providence, RI Police Department, Southbridge, MA Police Department, Southington, CT Police Department, South Burlington, VT Police Department, South Portland, ME Police Department, Stamford, CT Police Department, Stratford, CT Police Department, Warwick, RI Police Department, Webster, MA Police Department Westbrook, ME Police Department, Westerly, RI Police Department, West Haven, CT Police Department, Woodbridge, CT Police Department, Woonsocket, RI Police Department, Worcester, MA Police Department

    Other: State Medical Examiners, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island

  13. And your point is… ?
    I believe your point is that he still is a federal agent so he still have all that range of fields to act.
    Thats of course true, but despite of that, you cant deny what he wrote in the first statements of the affidavit.
    He presented himself as a memeber of a finantial fraud task force investigating sann. And made very clear he WAS a member of team realated to immigration till 2003.
    IMHO he is linking both fields but at the same time reinforçing that the main reason they are watching his steps is because of the finantial fraud suspiction.

    BTW: I just received the news that SANN WAS RELEASED TODAY.