BULLETIN: Sann Rodrigues, TelexFree Figure, Ordered Jailed

Sann Rodrigues.

Sann Rodrigues.

BULLETIN:  (2nd Update 10:46 P.M. ET U.S.A.) TelexFree figure Sann Rodrigues has been ordered jailed.

The order, dated Jan. 15, was issued by U.S. District Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton of the District of Massachusetts. Gorton found Rodrigues in civil contempt last month for violating an asset freeze.

Rodrigues did not purge the contempt by Jan. 15, so Gorton ordered the U.S. Marshals Service to incarcerate him, according to the order. The huckster was charged by the SEC in April 2014 with fraud.

The SEC has described Rodrigues as a recidivist securities fraudster who claimed God invented MLM and “binary.” He also was charged criminally with immigration fraud. A separate judge in that case had threatened to revoke bail if Rodrigues did not comply with orders in the SEC’s civil case.

Whether Rodrigues now faces a bail-revocation hearing in the criminal case was not immediately clear.

TelexFree was a pyramid- and Ponzi scheme that generated about $3 billion in illicit economic activity, according to bankruptcy trustee Stephen B. Darr.

The PP Blog reported today that Rodrigues, who claimed to have made $3 million in TelexFree, was not listed among the scheme’s top winners in recent lawsuits filed by Darr. TelexFree had billed Rodrigues as its “TOP PROMOTER.”

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  1. Great news! If they hadn’t he would have been long gone. They need to keep him there until all of his legal issues are resolved.