Certain International Zeek Members Due Distribution From Receiver Eligible To Receive Wire Transfer — But There Are Restrictions

In a May 6 announcement, Zeek Rewards’ receiver Kenneth D. Bell shares important news with international Zeek members who have been unable to cash checks from the U.S.-based receivership estate.

“Many foreign Affiliates have reported that they are unable to deposit or cash their distribution checks due to local banking fees and regulations. We filed a motion with the Court seeking a remedy for this problem so that all Affiliates, could receive their distributions,” Bell wrote.

“On April 27, 2016, the Court entered an Order that permits the Receiver to pay certain foreign Affiliates by wire transfer in US Dollars. I sought this relief because various foreign Affiliates that were eligible to receive distributions contacted me to alert me to the fact that they were unable to cash the physical checks denominated in US Dollars that they had received. This relief will allow me to pay those foreign Affiliates who complied with the Court mandated process, but were otherwise unable to recover on account of their Allowed Claim because of their location.

“If you are eligible to receive your distribution by wire transfer, my team will be sending you an email explaining how you may exercise the option to receive your distribution by wire transfer,” Bell continued. “However, if you are eligible to receive your distribution by wire transfer and you choose to do so, all of the fees and costs associated with the payment of the wire will be deducted from your Distribution (including without limitation the fees and costs associated with the sending of the wire by the estate, the receiving of the wire transfer by your bank, any currency conversion fee associated with converting the wire transfer from US Dollars to your local currency, any bank charges, and any canceled check fees incurred on account of any uncashed check which was previously issued to you. In addition, you agree to pay any costs associated with canceling uncashed checks previously issued to you). If you request a wire transfer and it is determined that the cost of the transfer will be greater than your Distribution, your Distribution will be sent by check.

“In order to receive the wire transfer, you must submit all of the requested banking information via the Claim Portal. You must also give the estate a release in regard to any misdirected wire transfer caused by the entry of any incorrect banking information.

“Wire payments will follow the same schedule as check Distributions and will not be made until the Release and OFAC have been submitted,” Bell wrote.

Bell also announced that he will ask Senior U.S. District Judge Graham C. Mullen “this summer” for an order against more than 9,000 alleged Zeek winners sued in a class-action case for the return of their winnings.

“We remain confident of success in that litigation, and that it will result in the collection of tens of millions of dollars for distribution to qualified claimants,” Bell wrote.

The receiver also expressed hope that litigation against Payza, Payment World and Victoria Bank will conclude this summer and result in a recovery for the estate. (See Feb. 21, 2016, PP Blog Special Report that questions whether some of the Zeek money ended up in one or more collapsed Russian Banks after being transferred from Moldova.)

“The bottom line is that we expect additional recovery of tens of millions of dollars for distribution in this year or next,” Bell wrote. “I’m sorry I can’t be more precise; litigation is slow and uncertain. You now know as much as I do.”

Read Bell’s full statement, dated May 6, 2016, on the receivership website.

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