2 New Lawsuits Filed Against Traffic Monsoon

Charles Scoville

Charles Scoville

3RD UPDATE 4:21 P.M. EDT U.S.A. Two new lawsuits were filed yesterday in Utah federal court against Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville. The separate complaints allege breach of contract, with Rizwan Naseer Puri and Pokhunduth Vickash Thoree listed as the plaintiffs.

The development appears to mark the first instances of private individuals suing Scoville and his company in a U.S. court.

A listing for a U.K. solicitor named Pokhunduth Vickash Thoree exists at the Law Society, and the London address on the complaint against Traffic Monsoon and Scoville is the same as the address of the lawyer.

Thoree contends in the complaint that he paid the defendants $138,350 for 2,777 “Ad Packs” between May 10 and July 25, 2016, expecting to be paid $1 a day per ad pack. The SEC sued Traffic Monsoon and Scoville on July 26, alleging securities fraud and a Ponzi scheme.

In addition to seeking the return of his $138,350 outlay, Thoree wants $149,958 for lost ad-pack earnings and an additional $120,000 for “emotional distress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, Guilt and frustration caused to him by the Defendants,” according to the complaint.

Meanwhile, the complaint seeks prejudgment interest of 8 percent a day on $408,808 allegedly owed to Thoree by Traffic Monsoon and Scoville. Contrary to Scoville’s view that Traffic Monsoon was not offering an investment, Thoree identifies himself as an individual who “invested into their business.”

He further contends that Traffic Monsoon was openly promoted as an investment opportunity.

Scoville may be facing court action on a third front. At least two class-action firms in the United States are investigating Traffic Monsoon. No complaints have been docketed to date.

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One Response to “2 New Lawsuits Filed Against Traffic Monsoon”

  1. Do not they understand that their claim will be put on pause or withdrawn completely due to SEC case and Receiver being appointed to TM estate?

    They will never get what they want and can only count on whatever there will be left to be distributed across all victims proportionaly when Receivership is done.

    But they add +2 points to the SEC to show that TM did offer an investment.