BRIEF: Feds Tweet Photo Of $20 Million Allegedly Found In Box Spring And Tied To TelexFree

Federal prosecutors have Tweeted a photo of $20 million allegedly found stuffed in a box spring and linked to the massive TelexFree Ponzi- and pyramid caper.

The cash was found Jan. 4 by the Homeland Security Investigations branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Agents seized the cash and arrested Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha, 28, of Brazil. He remains jailed.

In other HYIP news, apparent supporters of the Traffic Monsoon “program” have been using Twitter in the past 24 hours to ask President Trump to intervene in the SEC’s fraud case brought in July 2016.

Traffic Monsoon was pitched as an “advertising” program. The SEC alleged the program operated as a Ponzi scheme.

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  1. Quick note: Some of the Traffic Monsoon faithful also are asking Laura Ingraham and Greta Van Susteren to investigate the SEC.

  2. List of suspects, according to Federal Public Ministry:

    Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler

    Carlos Roberto Costa

    Katia Helia Wanzeler, wife of Carlos Wanzeler

    Jozélia Miriam Sangali, wife of Carlos Costa

    Danny Fabricio Cabral Gomes

    Febe Wanzeler de Almeida e Souza, sister of Carlos Wanzeler

    Marisa Machado Wanzeler Salgado, sister of Carlos Wanzeler

    Roberta Rosa de Jesus

    Draco Vaz de Oliveira

    Alex Gomes

    Diorgeney William of Assisi

    Lelio Celso Ramires Farias

    Rhalff Junio de Almeida Coutinho

    Leide Januaria de Araújo

    Elizabeth Cerqueira Costa Alves, sister of Carlos Costa