REPORTS: Traffic Monsoon Pitchman Who Urged ‘RIOT’ And Called Receiver ‘Lying Cow’ Later Accused Of Kicking Woman ‘To The Head’

Some promoters of Traffic Monsoon have engaged in heated rhetoric. This is a screen shot of a hijacked image that depicts President Trump as a supporter of the “program” the SEC has called a massive Ponzi scheme.

UPDATED 1:36 P.M. ET U.S.A. Jose Nunes, the Traffic Monsoon pitchman who last fall used a slogan of “RIOT” to support the company and called the receiver in the SEC’s Ponzi case a “lying cow,” later reportedly was involved in domestic-violence incidents in November and January.

A Feb. 6 report in the North Wales (U.K.) Daily Post says Nunes, 42, of Llanrug, was accused of carrying out “repeated acts of violence” against the woman, including kicking her “to the head” in front of their daughter.

The most recent attacks reportedly marked at least the third time Nunes had been accused of assaulting the woman. According to the Daily Post, Nunes pleaded guilty to assaulting her in 2011.

A purported “Revenue Shares Matter” campaign backed in September by Nunes featured a flaming graphic with the word “RIOT” in all-caps. By October, Nunes was calling Utah attorney Peggy Hunt — the receiver in the July 2016 Traffic Monsoon case — “Piggy,” a “[b . . . h” and a “Lying cow.”

Attacks against his former girlfriend allegedly followed in November and January. The newspaper account of Nunes’ most recent alleged assaults does not report specific reasons or dates on which they occurred, but stress has been high in some Traffic Monsoon circles.

Some supporters of Traffic Monsoon have been awaiting impatiently since November for key rulings from U.S. District Judge Jill N. Parrish.

Rhetoric among some supporters of the “program” has been over-the-top. One effort in support of Traffic Monsoon on a Facebook site featured a hijacked photo of President Trump displaying a bogus executive order shutting down the SEC and declaring the agency “full of shit” and “useless.”

The SEC alleged that Traffic Monsoon’s claim that it was a successful advertising business was “merely an illusion” and that 99 percent of the “program’s” revenue was derived from new investor funds.

Traffic Monsoon operator Charles Scoville — who once appeared in a promotional photograph with Nunes — contends no Ponzi existed. He has asked Parrish to shut down the receivership and to dismiss the charges.

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  1. What I found most interesting is that in the newspaper article they said his occupation was web developer. They didn’t mention that he claimed to be a “certified and qualified internet marketing professional.” Well, that’s what he claims he is. Guess he wasn’t as proud of this title as he claimed.