‘Traffic Hurricane’ Members Beware: Preliminary Injunction Prohibits Traffic Monsoon, Scoville From Benefiting From ‘AdPack’ Businesses

2ND UPDATE 6:58 P.M. EDT U.S.A. Here’s a news flash for individuals who joined a “program” called Traffic Hurricane with the belief they somehow were helping the defense of Charles Scoville and Traffic Monsoon: Both Scoville and Traffic Monsoon  are “prohibited from soliciting, accepting, or depositing any monies obtained from actual or prospective investors, individuals, customers, companies, and/or entities, through the Internet or other electronic means for Traffic Monsoon or a business model substantially similar to Traffic Monsoon’s sale of AdPacks.” (Bold emphasis added.)

The quoted passage is from the very first paragraph of a preliminary injunction issued by U.S. District Judge Jill N. Parrish March 28 against Traffic Monsoon and Scoville. The order effectively bars Scoville from being an owner, silent partner or beneficiary of an adpack business.

Though the passage doesn’t specifically reference Traffic Hurricane, it is known that Traffic Hurricane operates over the Internet and surfaced after the SEC brought Ponzi charges against Traffic Monsoon in July 2016 and that Traffic Hurricane traded on a theme of assisting Scoville and Traffic Monsoon with defense costs.

In August 2016, the PP Blog reported that Traffic Hurricane was a reload scheme targeting Traffic Monsoon participants.


Ernie Ganz, a onetime associate of Scoville’s, reportedly is the operator of Traffic Hurricane. Earlier this month BehindMLM reported on a falling out between Ganz and Scoville.

Peggy Hunt, the court-appointed receiver for Traffic Monsoon, once subpoenaed Ganz, according to BehindMLM.

Hunt today published the March 28 preliminary injunction that includes the adpack ban.

Because the prohibition appeared in the very first paragraph of the preliminary injunction, it appears as though the judge, the receiver and the SEC are aware of reload schemes aimed at members of Traffic Monsoon.

The receivership website today announced that Parrish had “found that Traffic Monsoon, LLC operated as a Ponzi scheme.”

Some supporters of Traffic Monsoon and Scoville have claimed on Facebook that that never happened.

This document on the receivership website today says that it did happen, and Hunt urged Traffic Monsoon members to review the March 28 court rulings against Traffic Monoon and Scoville “in their entirety.”

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One Response to “‘Traffic Hurricane’ Members Beware: Preliminary Injunction Prohibits Traffic Monsoon, Scoville From Benefiting From ‘AdPack’ Businesses”

  1. This sure put a damper in Charles’ legal defense fund. Most of the donations were coming from members of TH+.

    I think this will force Charles not to appeal the judge’s ruling on the TRO and go straight to jury trial once the Motion to Dismiss is denied. I don’t think he has enough money to appeal and do a civil trial and then a criminal trial later.