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MUSINGS: It’s Possible ASD NEVER Operated Legally

EDITOR’S NOTE: Many observers hold the view that ASD broke the law the first time it paid an “old” member with funds from a “new” member in the classic Ponzi setup. It’s hard to argue with that point of view, given the failure of hundreds and hundreds of autosurfs, all of which used a Ponzi […]

BREAKING NEWS: Pro Se Filer Says Government Owes Her ‘Approximately $250,000 In [ASD] Ad Packages’

More pro se motions to intervene in the AdSurfDaily civil forfeiture case have streamed into U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Some of today’s docketed motions were mailed in September — after Judge Rosemary Collyer’s Aug. 31 denial of motions filed by the first 10 pro se litigants. Today’s docketed filers include Julie […]

EDITORIAL: Andy Bowdoin, Have You No Shame?

Andy Bowdoin, have you no shame? Once again your closest followers and insiders are asking rank-and-file members to believe you are acting in their interests. They do this after you turned to the membership in August and asked for letters of support while not sharing details members needed to make informed decisions. The membership delivered […]