‘3 Hebrew Boys’ Guilty In $82 Million Ponzi/Affinity Fraud Scheme; Company Operated In Fashion Similar To AdViewGlobal Autosurf, Imploring Members To Maintain Secrecy

ponzinewsIn yet another case that may cause widespread unease in the autosurf world, three men accused of defrauding participants in a bogus debt-relief “ministry” have been found guilty of 174 counts of mail fraud, money-laundering and transporting stolen goods.

Parts of the case against “3 Hebrew Boys” were remarkably similar to events engulfing the AdSurfDaily autosurf. In 2007, for example, the defendants filed a court document that described their investment program as an effort to free people from government “bondage” and referred to the investigation as “Satan’s handiwork.”

In 2008, AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin described the case against his purported Florida “advertising” firm as the work of “Satan,” comparing it to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Prosecutors said ASD was selling unregistered securities, while engaging in wire fraud, money laundering and operating a $100 million Ponzi scheme.

In 2007 and 2008, prosecutors brought essentially the same charges against “3 Hebrew Boys” — Joseph Brunson, Tim McQueen and Tony Pough.

About 100 supporters of the “3 Hebrew Boys” rallied in Columbia, S.C., in the early days of the probe, to demand that investigators leave them alone. Participants told reporters that the government did not understand the program, had overreached in its prosecutorial efforts and refused to deny it was wrong, choosing to move forward with the case in a bid to save face.

Prosecutors said the “3 Hebrew Boys” scam was targeted at churchgoers and members of the military from South Carolina and North Carolina, and also from other states. The scam got its name from the company’s website name, which was based on a biblical tale of believers who escaped a furnace by relying on their faith.

At least $82 million was consumed in the scheme, prosecutors said.

The company attempted to chill law enforcement, regulators and members of the media from scrutinizing operations, prosecutors said.

In an approach similar to one used by the AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf,  members were forced to agree to a confidentially clause that purportedly prohibited them from discussing the company outside the confines of meeting places. Participants were threatened with a $1 million penalty for sharing information.

AVG, which has close ties to ASD, morphed into a “private association” in February 2009. Members were scolded for sharing information and calling the autosurf an “investment” program. As the company appeared to be collapsing in May and June, members were threatened with copyright-infringement lawsuits. Critics were told AVG would contact their ISPs to file abuse reports and suspend service.

Not only did the plan to force secrecy and mute criticism not work in the “3 Hebrew Boys” case, it resulted in intense scrutiny by federal prosecutors, the FBI, the IRS and other agencies. It also resulted in intense scrutiny on the state level.

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster filed civil and criminal charges, posting all the documents in the case on his website.

A court-appointed receiver also published documents, listing an astonishing array of luxury purchases made by the schemers with investors’ money. Among the items were a Gulf Stream jet, a Prevost Motorcoach and automobiles with famous names such as Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Saab, Cadillac and Lincoln.

Some of the luxury items are missing, meaning they cannot be sold to compensate victims.

Brunson, McQueen and Pough were found guilty yesterday. The jury in the case, which was heard in Columbia, S.C., returned the verdict in less than three hours, after listening to testimony for weeks.

Separately, Lee Otis Fluker was charged with perjury and convicted in 2008 for lying about his knowledge of the scheme. He was sentenced to a year in prison.

Brunson, McQueen and Pough face decades in prison and fines in the millions of dollars.

Last month, Beattie B. Ashmore, the court-appointed receiver in the case, warned victims about “companies [that] claim to offer professional services for recovering losses associated with your involvement with CCG,” one of the companies associated with the “3 Hebrew Boys” scheme.

“Please note that you are not required to respond to these letters in order to be considered for a distribution from the Receiver,” Ashmore said on the receiver’s website.  “In addition, the Receiver takes no position as to any consequential effect filing a claim and recovering funds in this case may have upon any action you have taken or may take with Fraud Recovery Group or any similar type company.

“Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional legal and tax advice from a trusted advisor, and that you properly research any professional advice before acting upon it,” Ashmore said.

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  2. Your above QUOTE STATES… “In 2007 and 2008, prosecutors brought essentially the same charges against “3 Hebrew Boys” — Joseph Brunson, Tim McQueen and Tony Pough…”

    According to Research in the Year 2007, their were NEVER any CRIMINAL Charges filed against the said 3-HBS within the said FEDERAL! Court, although! their was an alleged GRAND! JURY! case number “2007R00845” – that IS YET! PENDING!! UP in this YEAR 2010 without! ever! placing an alleged “INDICTMENT” against the said 3-HBS- although that! said Grand Jury issues against the said 3-HBS are yet! pending! issues that aree COMBINED! with the SAME issues yet! Pending from the YEAR 2007! in the CIVIL lawsuit case no: – “2007-MC-00135-MBS” – which both!! said DIFFERENT Case numbers with the said Grand Jury and the said CIVIL Law suits – has the SAME!! Claims!! filed within the YEAR 2008! within the CRIMINAL Lawsuit in case no: “2008-CR-00615-MBS” in which a Jury CONVICTED rendered against the said 3-HBS in the YEAR 2009, on the date November 20th…which their SENTENCING is yet! pending…

    My comments is that…in ALL! THREE!! said above Federal CASE NUMBERS GIVEN…shows!! ALL! said Case Numbers, (The Grand Jury; the CIVIL lawsuit; and the CRIMINAL Lawsuit; numbers) are ALL!! BEING illegally! JUDGED!! BY! ONE! JUDGE, who has illegally/and or Unethically placed herself in! each! CIVIL! and CRIMINAL Case matters as being the SAME!! Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour – since! the YEAR 2007 who placed her said claims and her personal!! appearances!! to be “UNDER SEAL” in the CIVIL Grand Jury Case numbers “2007-MC-00135-MBS” and “2007R00845” – which resulteds!! in Judge Margaret B. Seymour kept! her said SECRET! Appearance- “UNDER SEAL” up! until! the date “November 24, 2009” (admitted by the Receiver-Mr. Beattie B. Ashmore’s PERSONAL signed! LETTER dated “April 15, 2010” being illegally/and Untimely mailed to the 3-HBS’ CCG-PUBLIC/Constituents/INVESTORS.

    WHEREFORE I agree with YOUR above said statement that “…In 2007 and 2008, prosecutors brought essentially the same charges against “3 Hebrew Boys” — Joseph Brunson, Tim McQueen and Tony Pough…”; due to CONSPIRED illegal R.I.C.O. Activities with the said presiding FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE Margaret B. Seymour – intentionally DONE a CONFLICT OF INTEREST …with the said 3-HBS and their CCG/IR/Investor – Mr. Larry Hill…since in the year 2007…which resulted in each! of their illegal INCARCERATION being illegally Jailed and Imprisoned…

    God Bless…

  3. I have a copy of the Karl S. Bowers Sr. federal file. What Henry Mcmaster did to get Bowers out of jail. Mcmaster he is our S.C. attorney general. What a joker. I intend to tell all on the good old boys. Despotism in American.

  4. To the American People,
    I do research on the U.S.D.A. Farmers Home Ad.
    The farmers have been robbed of their farm land.
    The good old boys got the farm land. Even their own agents.
    I have proof.I have 48 years in this and will tell all.
    I think the U.S.D.A. needs to pay for all the harm they have caused the American Farmers. I have the reports and files.
    The government belongs to the people not the crooks that run
    it. When do the People have a right in this country?
    Karl S. Bowers federal file tells it all about this ungodly system.
    Mcmaster needs to go home. He is for his kind.
    No real justice in this country. God is the Law and he is in control. God our real master.
    The elite own the farm land just check the farm subsides and see for your self. Also check the Federal File of Karl s. bowers and see what Henry Mcmasters done. He no better than the crooks.
    Thank you kindly for your time.
    Bery kaye

  5. The U.S. Department of Justice FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS – who’s main office is located in Washington, DC, as recent as last week – in MARCH 2011 – Shows AGAIN the South Carolina’s U.S. District Federal Court’s PRESIDING JUDGE Margaret B. Seymour – CONTINUES to place INTENTIONAL WRONG INFORMATION regarding the actual! CORRECT!! Federal CASE! NUMBER! in which the alleged “VICTIMS” are to receive THEIR RETURNED! MONEY/OR “Restitution” – in which Court Documents shows – Federal Judge Seymour – ALSO! ILLEGALLY! and or UNETHICALLY! placed Judge Seymour’s – former/and present!-CO-WORKER- Beattie B. Ashmore – to be over the alleged “RESTITUTION” in which is the job duties of a PROBATIONARY OFFICERS.

    But according to the U.S.DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE – FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS – RECORDS shows the AGAIN! – the INFORMATION being provided to the said “…Bureau ofn Prisons” IS INCORRECT from the said U.S. DISTRICT COURT regarding the alleged “DOCKET NUMBER-08-CR-00615” – which there is NO! SUCH! DOCKET!! NUMBER…;

    But that VERY SMALL CORRECTION YET! will not be CORRECTED! by the NEW! S.C. Attorney William Neattles OFFICE Officials – by PLACING THE actual! CORRECT CRIMINAL!! Case Number…/which is NOT! an alleged “DOCKET!! Number”…Due to FACTS! ARE! – the Receiver- Beattie B. Ashmore – has NEVER!! BEEN legally!! appointed!! (as being a RECEIVER) to be OVER!! ANY! MONIES/and PROPERTIES involving the said CCG/3-HBS Incorporations PARTICIPANTS – regarding any! alleged “DOCKET NUMBER…”…; Which even!! the South Carolina’s U.S. Attorney’s OFFICE of Mr. Nettles ALSO! will! not! CORRECT!! their KNOWN!! SIMPLE! ERROR…; Which said Correction just MIGHT! end up actually!! showing!! WHO! THE TRUE!! SCAMERS! are?? – who ILLEGALLY!! REMOVED! the said CCG/3-HBS Incorporations BUSINESS Participants!! MONEY, Benefits and Property Rights…which is YET! BEEN! illegally! KEPT! by an ILLEGAL/and UNETHICAL alleged RECEIVER-Mr. Beattie B. Ashmore – According to the S.C. Code of LAW provided by the said District Court – which entitles a TRUE RECEIVER – to hold that said job duties…

  6. I’m guessing that English is not your native language. I cannot make any sense of what you posted above.

  7. Don: I cannot make any sense of what you posted above.

    The same or similar post has appeared on multiple forums making the same claims.

    Up until now, NOBODY has been able to determine exactly what those claims might be.

  8. The sad thing is that the Timecube guy was more coherent than this Ms. Hall.
    So was Matthew/C++, author of the infamous Hybrid RPG.

    When two people more utterly removed from reality than the typical raving sovereign citizen/tax denier/conspiracy nut can write and get their ideas across far more clearly than you are writing yours, it is time to stop posting and take remedial courses. Perhaps Gibberish 001 or Kindergarten English for the Vegetative Mind would be about Ms. Hall’s level?

  9. WE ALL know how PATRICK!!! likes EXCLAMATION!!!!! marks !!!!

  10. U.S. SENATOR, Senator Lindsey O. Graham, as AGREED AS OF 7/10/2012 to “REPRESENT” before the U.S. “JUDICIARY COMMITTEE” -the 3-Hebrew Boys Agent – Pastor Joseph Brunson’s WIFE- ISOLDE BRUNSON who ONLY INCORPORATED the BUSINESS/Capital Consortium Group,LLC/CCG – who has filed LEGAL CRIMINAL Investigation FOUND illegal CORRUPTION of the recent! (Jan. 3, 2012) new selected “CHIEF” JUDGE Margaret B. Seymour’s ALWAYS FOUND CONSPIRACY with her personal APPOINTED prior CO-WORKER/as Receiver-Beattie B. Ashmore’s to have ALWAYS DEPOSITED the CCG’s MILLIONS and now due to Bank Interest BILLIONS of Dollars of the always KNOWN DEPOSITED MONIES of 3-Hebrew Boys/CCG BUSINESSES were located in the PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNTS OF the Receiver – Mr. Beattie B. Ashmore and within the PERSONAL INVESTMENT BANKS that PAYS the new South Carolina’ Federal “Chief” Judge Margaret B. Seymour.

  11. what?