BizAdSplash Website Offline For ‘Upgrades,’ But Surf Says It Is ‘Excited’; BAS Also Was ‘Excited’ After Announcing Meltdown In Summer

BizAdSplash, one of the so-called AdSurfDaily autosurf clones, always is “excited” about something.

This time it’s “excited” about 2010. The surf, however, says it will be offline for the first four days of the new year — and a note on the site suggests members could not log in for the final eight days of 2009.

BAS said the site was down “For Server Upgrades and other changes in our system.”

Known for going heavy on the syrup, BAS said “We are excited and look forward to a tremendous 2010. God Bless You All.”

BAS, which lists its “chief consultant” as former Golden Panda Ad Builder President Clarence Busby, also was “excited” after it crashed and burned last summer. In July, reports surfaced that BAS was behind on payments to members. On July 24, Busby, who is listed in Georgia corporation records as the surf’s registered agent, announced BAS was in a “crisis situation.”

BAS also says it is registered in Panama. Its Georgia address is UPS Store No. 2644 in Kennesaw.

Busby blamed the July crisis on overpayments to members — one of the excuses AdSurfDaily used in March 2007 to explain why it was not paying members. With Busby at the helm, Golden Panda’s assets were seized in 2008 as part of the ASD probe.

BAS launched after the federal action against ASD and Golden Panda in August 2008.

After BAS suspended payouts in July 2009, Busby announced the company was performing an audit. In August, the planned launch of a new site was delayed, but Busby explained exciting developments were in the offing.

By the middle of August, he promised, the company would show members how to make “instant money, very, very quickly.”

“We need you to believe in us,” Busby said. “You’ll see why we’re excited. You’ll see why it’s important to hang on.”

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  1. Hmmm, I seem to remember the same things being said about AVGA with their announcement that they were in negotiations with highly professionals and a proven team of professionals, to run AVGA instead of George and Judy Harris. Then the big announcement of SyndicateDigital and Donna Rougeau being brought in to save the day. Then a few mnths later it was announced the contract between AVGA and Donna was severed, and implication were Donna had altered accounts. Then the big announcement members had been overpaid, and money was missing of over $2 Million and it had been reported to the authorities. Then the website went down and a few mods from Surf’s Up tried to find investors to rebirth the dead carcass.

    Wonder if the results of the BAS audit will reveal members being overpaid and someone stole money too? Seems to be the pattern. First ASD, then AVGA, and now I expect BAS will announce the same problem. Of course they were dead before they started this turkey as the magic was gone. Maybe they need that money magnet Andy to help them. I am sure he will gladly chip in and help them succeed. After all we all know the business model works, it was just the people running it that goofed it up. Just ask some over at Surf’s Up.

    In case anyone missed it, I am being sarcastic.


  2. Hi Lynn,

    The spring/summer period for AVG you describe above may go down in the annals as one of the strangest ever associated with the autosurf world, which is known for strangeness.

    If one looks at Donna as a writer/contractor, one could easily conclude that the AVG “Management Team” somehow reached the bizarre conclusion that the only thing they needed to make Ponzi suspicions go away was to hire a writer/contractor and declare that everything that happened before the hiring of a writer/contractor hadn’t really happened and that the newly hired writer/contractor would prevent a Ponzi in the future.

    It’s strange at so many levels that it’s hard to quantify them all. Principally, though, it begged the question of what AVG was before it hired a writer/contractor. The obvious answer was that AVG, like ASD, was a naked Ponzi scheme, which begged the question that, if all one needs to do to assuage Ponzi concerns is to hire a writer/contractor, why didn’t AVG hire one earlier?

    This, of course, begs the question of how people who purport to be rational ever could conclude AT ANY POINT IN TIME that the simple hiring of a writer/contractor and the offer of writing/design services could generate the massive income needed to make a Ponzi a non-Ponzi — or how a newly hired writer/contractor could unring previous Ponzi bells.

    When I revisit these issues, I can’t help but think that AVG was trying to purport that it intended to emerge using the AdGateWorld strategy. As you’ll recall, AdGateWorld purported to offer some sort of writing/design/communications service — and, of course, it’s DOA now, too.

    BAS also had some fanciful thinking in the areas of income streams — and it’s on-again, off-again DOA.



  3. Patrick:

    You are so right, but also remember the release of the new payment program that no-one understood, so they had to rewrite it? So much for hiring a writer to solve their problems. LOL!

    All of the clones of ASD are beyond comprehension as to why they thought putting a new dress and lipstick on the same pig would somehow make it different. But then ASD did the same thing with their new version of CEP. The only difference is that ASD worked for a brief period of time versus all the other clones. Simply amazing.


  4. Err,

    seeing as how we’re talking about an “autosurf” here, I think that should read:

    “The only difference is that ASD CREATED THE ILLUSION OF WORKING for a brief period of time”


  5. LRM: You are correct, and I should have made myself more clear by what I meant when I said “worked.” I meant in the sense they could con enough people to buy into the hype and steal their money.
    The truly scary part is if Andy opened up a new venture tomorrow, there would be a following from the ASD crowd you wuuld join in a heartbeat, even after all that has transpired to date. The good news is it wouldn’t be the huge number of people he conned into ASD.

    Happy 2010 to all!


  6. Guess I partied too hard, as I meant crowd “who would” join in a heartbeat. Either that or my tongue got in front of my eye teeth and I couldn’t see what I was typing. Your choice as to my defense.


  7. just got an e-mail from a heavy playea in ASD AVG and it looks like taznoole is ready to go. I’m sick of it. I live in minnesota I want this big winner to go to jail!! who do I talk to? any ideas?


  8. just sick of it: If you did not join ASD or AVG, then you can’t do anything in regard to this “Playea.” Only if this person referred you into ASD and/or AVG or both can you do something about it.

    If this person did refer you, then you must do the following: File a complaint with your DA, file an online complaint with your state AG, file an online complaint with the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center), and you have one last option to sue this person in a civil lawsuit. You would need to discuss all your options with an attorney to determine what you can and can’t sue for against this person.

    Hope this helped.


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