RECOMMENDED READING: Alaska ‘Sovereigns’ Guilty Of Murder Conspiracy Against Public Officials; Site Linked To Purported JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid Operator Displayed Videos Of Francis Schaeffer Cox, Newly Convicted ‘Militia’ Man

Francis Schaeffer Cox: Guilty in murder plot against public officials.

On Feb. 27, the PP Blog reported that a website registered in the name of purported JSS Tripler/JustBeenPaid operator Frederick Mann was publishing links to at least 11 videos featuring Francis Schaeffer Cox, an Alaska man implicated in an alleged “militia” murder plot against public officials.

These were among the remarks attributed to Mann  at — as a drop-down ad for JSS/JBB was displayed on the page.

“To what extent do the people and activities featured so far on this page provide real solutions? How far do they go toward neutralizing the real enemies? What activities need to be added to increase the prospects for freedom?”

The PP Blog almost immediately began to receive threats from “MoneyMakingBrain,” a Mann “defender.”

JSS/JBP purports to provide an investment return of 2 percent a day. It has no known securities registrations. In May, Mann said that government employees were “much worse than the Mafia.”

Government workers, Mann intoned in May, were “part of a criminal gang of robbers, thieves, murderers, liars, imposters.” He also speculated that the web servers of JSS/JBP could be targeted in a “cruise missile” attack.

Cox was convicted yesterday after a jury trial on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. So, too, was Cox associate Lonnie Vernon.

Here are some links to recommended reading:

1.) Anchorage Daily News. (Also see ADN’s verdict chart.)

2.) The Chicago Tribune, via Reuters.

3.) Fox News, via the Associated Press.

4.) Alaska Dispatch.

5.) Boston Herald, via McClatchy.

On June 2, the PP Blog reported that JSS/JBP was being promoted on a race-baiting and Catholic-bashing site known as Vatican Assassins.


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  1. Sadly, some of these “sovereign” people are certifiably insane, or at least bat-s**t crazy! Yes, that is technical term.

  2. Two years ago James “Tim” Turner absconded with Sam (Glenn Richard Unger) Kennedy’s “Guardians of the Free Republic” and morphed that into the Republic for the united States (RuSA). And by some amazing coincidence he was appointed to a six month term as President of the RuSA which has yet to expire despite no election being held in the mean time.

    I had occasion to encounter and communicate with a good number of “sovereigns” in that time and my honest opinion, most of them are just as deluded and little more threatening than your average unwitting ponzi scheme affiliate. It’s very easy for me to see how the two worlds can and do overlap. The common “ingredient” (or perhaps engreedient) is secret hidden knoledge that most people are too blind to understand. It doesn’t matter that that “knoledge” contradicts common sense, hell that’s a selling point for the true believers. And it never hurts that that secret knoledge can make you a lot of money, hell that’s a selling point as well.

    The fact is most sovereigns are non violent and simply have a uniquely self defeating strategy for their desire to be left alone. But another fact is that if I were a traffic cop and just pulled over a car for a moving violation and that car had a bumper sticker in any way indicating the occupant held “sovereign” beliefs, I wouldn’t approach the driver until I had backup on the scene. Most sovereigns are non violent but the remainder are paranoid enough that the aggregate totals of traffic stops still yield a disproportionately high number of officer fatalities.

    Today Schaeffer Cox is less than 30 years old and he’s never apt to spend another day as a free man on any land not enclosed in barbed wire again. As well it should be. But trying to pretend that anyone listening to Rod Class on TalkShoe is a domestic terrorist does nothing to educate those people and only serves to reinforce their paranoia pushing them even tighter into the grips of a fraudulent ideology. And that just makes it more likely that they’ll reach for a gun instead of their license and registration the next time they get pulled over on a traffic stop.