Dear Readers,

A few of you have wondered if Bob Guenther, the de facto head of the ASD Members Business Association (ASDMBA) Trust, has gone silent. The answer is no.

As we explained in a March 22 post, this Blog engages in the marketplace of ideas, not the marketplace of threats. We encouraged Bob Guenther to communicate with this Blog only in meaningful ways, and provided him an email address through which he could submit attachments and documents he’d like us to consider for publication.

Guenther, interacting with us civilly, took advantage of our offer. He used the email address we provided and submitted a document upon which we based this March 25 story.

Our next contact with Guenther occurred April 6, when he emailed us that we “are finally catching on to Andy and ASD.” We did not reply to the email because of the implication that we are fools and that the ASD prosecutors are fools who don’t have adequate staff and don’t understand the issues. Guenther’s April 6 email made liberal use of CAPS to emphasize points. In other words, he was shouting.

Guenther next contacted us later in the day on April 6, asking us to provide him an email address through which he could submit attachments. This email was not hostile or sarcastic in tone, except for a suggestion that the prosecutor didn’t know what he was doing. We responded to it, providing Guenther the same email address we had provided earlier.

On April 7, Guenther sent us 11 separate emails, asking for a receipt on some or all of them. We supplied the receipts and completed a very busy work day, which included reading Guenther’s emails and attachments. Much of the information was not new to us, although we still were digesting the information from Guenther’s 11 separate emails and multiple attachments when we next heard from him.

On April 8, Guenther emailed us again — twice. These emails were hostile and sarcastic. Our reading of them is that Guenther was unhappy because we didn’t instantly prepare a story based on the information he had submitted. Less than 24 hours had passed between his earlier submission of 11 emails and attachments, and much of the time was “overnight” time in which we were sleeping.

As we’ve noted previously, we would be happy to consider Bob Guenther’s submissions, so long as threats and hostility were not part of the mix.

But we now have reluctantly concluded there is no way to engage Guenther in a meaningful way. We had hoped this would not be the case, but Guenther apparently continues to believe that hostility and sarcasm serve him better than careful thought. Bob Guenther does not dictate the editorial policy of this Blog.

Our belief that meaningful communication was possible with Guenther was mistaken. He is still free to use the Comments function of this Blog, but we no longer will respond to his emails.

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19 Responses to “UPDATE: Our ASDMBA Coverage”

  1. Hi Patrick,

    A stellar decision on your part! Enjoy the peace and quiet :).


  2. Patrick,

    I’m surprised you had anything to do with Guenther for this long. He’s a waste of time. You cannot reason with a sociopathic narcissist.

  3. Hi, Patrick;

    In a tangent that’s related, Jack Aarons is now looking for a loan to pay for the initial paperwork for filing suit against Guenther and his lawyer. See http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=114797&page=7 for his post and an attchment.

  4. Hi Pat,

    Sometimes Comments that include links get routed to the Spam box. That’s what happened in your case. I deleted your accidental, duplicate post, but wanted to explain what had happened.

    It is not uncommon for us to receive dozens and dozens of spams per day. I try to sift through them to make sure I don’t miss any legitimate posts.



  5. Wise decision Patrick. You will not regret it.

    Bob Guenther seems to have a few problems, not least being his insufferable need for star billing, whether merited or not. He also does’t seem to understand the nature of DISINTERESTED help nor the need NOT to publish everything he knows on the internet. Given the fact that there is, as far as we are aware, a criminal investigation still continuing, shouting every bit of information he has from the roof tops may end up being construed by the authorities as interfering an ongoing investigation.

  6. I’m gonna send Jack a hundred, even though to tell you the truth I’m not really a big fan of his. But this is important. There is something wrong with a multi millionaire attorney suing someone for $50,000 in country court when the defendant lives a thousand miles away and doesn’t even have the mean for an attorney…especially since all jack has done is call Larry and Bob some bad names and tell stories about them that are more or less true in even the worst telling. This case isn’t about a lawyer being libeled, it’s about a rich guy shutting up a poor guy because he doesn’t like the poor guy telling people what he thinks…an idea we all loved the other times it’s come up in history,,,you remember, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, (and I ain’t gonna say anything about that Austrian corporal, he gets enough press)some of the plaintiffs inspirations, I’d think.

    And why hasn’t this been removed to Federal Court? It’s interstate and over $50,000, that should be a slam dunk!

  7. Gregg Evans: I’m gonna send Jack a hundred,

    I’m in for $50…

  8. We need to find someone who will bankroll this project.

  9. Well I’m going to ask Friedman to return the 50$ I sent him to represent me in court and send it straight to Jack

  10. Jack, I’d suggest you set up a PayPal account. And also, take donations..at least say so, and if you are able to pay people back, feel free, but you’re not getting into any obligations by doing it that way. For me, I don’t care if I ever get it back, the Bill of Rights is worth a hundred to me. I’m sure we can raise what you need, and you’re still free to pay back all of it if you’re so inclined, but honestly, I think you’ll find that there are some people who will chip in because it’s the right thing to do, some will pitch in just to move the case along and I know a few think it’s worth a bit just to stick it to Larry and Bob. (tell me it ain’t true, I dare ya!)

    Anyhow, that’s my advice. What I send is not something I want back and if your principles dictate paying me back, send it along to a charity and we’re even…..

  11. I have set up a PayPal account for jack. When he accepts it (and removes the password so I no longer have any access to it) I will post it here for those who wish to help.

    As far as I’m concerned, this is a donation, and while Jack may desire to pay back every penny, I think we should all agree to only give an amount we don’t need or expect to be repaid, and if he does, well, he does…..


  12. Gregg: Post the paypal address when you have it. I’m in for more than a six pack and less than dinner for four at Ruth’s Cris. :)


  13. I’m pretty sure we can get this done, for goodness sakes, Bob Guenther raised $120K plus, surely we can pony up $1500 (it’ll cost more than that I’m sure, but it’s a start)

  14. I’m in.

    I don’t endorse every thing that Jack has done but the bully, disparage, whine, bully, whine cycle from Larry is getting old and Jack deserves to be represented.

    The Electronic Freedom Foundation does pro bono work defending online freedoms. Jack may want to consult them.


    Also, Ray Beckerman out of NYC has defended people against RIAA lawsuits and may take an interest or be able to refer Jack to someone who might take an interest.



  15. “We responded to it, providing Guenther the same email address we had provided earlier.”

    I love the subtle digs. ;-)

  16. For those that wish to help Jack out, and on the side defend the Bill of Rights, his paypal address is


  17. Gotcha. Done!

  18. Have been following this lawsuit and the rantings and threats of Bob, Friedman’s partner. They are trying to intimidate anyone giving them a hard time about the money they split up never doing anything promised. I was very touched to see that post by someone knowing Jack many years ago and all the good work Jack had done for people.

    I will be sending a couple hundred, I think if we get behind this a Federal Lawsuit is just what the doctor ordered.


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