Purported Transcript: Bowdoin Pushed ASD ‘Stock’ In 2007; Other Records Show Bowdoin Gave Campaign Donations In Names Of Two Firms

UPDATED 2:26 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A purported transcript of remarks in March 2007 by AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin paints a picture of a startup company with serious problems Bowdoin tried to solve by offering “stock” in the firm.

The “minimum purchase” of the stock was set at “$10,000,” and the the money would be used to help the company get back on its feet, according to the transcript, which was dated March 12, 2007, and posted in the asamonitor forum.

ASD had been operating only a few months at the time of Bowdoin’s remarks and already was in over its head, according to the purported transcript and other records.

AdSurfDaily also would undergo a name change to “AdSalesDaily,” according to the transcript.

Just two weeks earlier — on Feb. 27, 2007 — the Federal Election Commission recorded a $250 donation from “Mr. T. Bowdoin” in the name of “AdSalesDaily Inc.” The FEC recorded another $250 donation from “Mr. T. Bowdoin” in the name of “AdSalesDaily Inc.” on March 27, 2007, two weeks after the purported stock offering.

Screen shot of Federal Election Commission record showing 'Mr. T Bowdoin' was the 'owner' of 'Adsalessaily, Inc' and made a political donation under that name in 2007.

Screen shot of Federal Election Commission record showing 'Mr. T. Bowdoin' was the 'owner' of 'Adsalesdaily, Inc' and made a political donation under that name in 2007.

Both donations were targeted to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and used an address — 13 S. Calhoun Street, Quincy, FL 32351 — federal prosecutors later said was bogus.

Although the donations listed Bowdoin as the “owner” of AdSalesDaily Inc., the corporation appears not to have been registered in Florida. Records in Georgia list “Ad Sales Daily, Inc.” as a corporation that initially was registered in Georgia May 8, 2007, more than two months after Bowdoin identified himself as the owner in federal campaign records.

The Georgia entity does not list Bowdoin as an owner, officer or filer for the corporation — or as a person involved in any capacity. Rather, “Ad Sales Daily, Inc.” is listed as a Delaware foreign corporation, with J. Heardy Myers listed as the corporate filer and Myers (of Marietta, Ga.) and Otis Whitcomb (also of Marietta) listed as officers.

AdSalesDaily Inc. was incorporated in Delaware on March 22, 2007, according to filings.

In posts from March 2, 2007 at a forum known as stacontact.myfastforum.org, Myers is referred to as “Executive Vice President” and “Chief Information Technology Officer” of Ad Sales Daily Inc., with Bowdoin listed as “president.”  A “write-up” that resembled a news release on Bowdoin and Myers was published in the forum.

Within the same thread later in the month, however, a poster said Myers had resigned as executive vice president to “focus on getting the other website completed. He will continue to be a member of the President’s Circle.”

A person who identified himself as a member of an ASD downline group known as “oneteam” started the forum thread. “oneteam” used free hosting at homestead.com to promote ASD. At one time, “oneteam” displayed an ad that said ASD deposits were insured by the FDIC and that ASD provided “shelter” from the SEC and the FTC.

On March 22, 2007, a forum poster quoted Bowdoin as saying, “We should have all the stock money coming in this week.”

On July 17, 2008, a Blog known as “Otitis’s Weblog” (sic) included a denial that Ad Sales Daily Inc. had been affiliated with Bowdoin, saying “Any Bowdin (sic) has made false public statements in late 2006 to beginning 2007, that he had a company named Ad Sales Daily. Andy Bowdin (sic) has never done business as Ad Sales Daily, or incorporated this name or filed for a business license in Florida where he resides.”

The denial on “Otitis’s Weblog” appears to be the only post on the Blog.

Why Bowdoin would claim to own a company he did not own — and make two campaign donations recorded by the FEC in the name of AdSalesDaily Inc. — is unclear.  The federal filings recorded in February and March 2007 specifically list Bowdoin as the “owner” of AdSalesDaily Inc. (See the screen shot above of the February 2007 FEC record.)

Bowdoin, according to the transcript at asamonitor, had been in Atlanta in March 2007 to get “input” from “leaders” on the company’s problems. It is unclear if Bowdoin actually sold any stock in ASD. There does not appear to have been any public filings concerning an offering, although an offering could have been conducted privately.

“Hi Folks,” the transcript began. “My name is Andy Bowdoin, President of AdSurfDaily. We are not having an opportunity call tonight, but it will be an update call instead.

“I am in Atlanta Georgia tonight and I have been up here this afternoon meeting with some of our leaders getting some input on some of the issues we have,” Bowdoin continued, according to the transcript.

The transcript did not identify the leaders.

“We have known that we should have shut down the site for a long time, because of the issues we continually have with the site, but we have been putting band aids on it to keep it going until the new site was ready,” Bowdoin said, according to the transcript. “We have been using a lot of our programmers time to repair it and keep it going. That is expensive and wasting money and prolonging the development of our new site. But now the existing AdSurfDaily site is beyond repair.”

Script problems “drained” money from ASD, according to the transcript.

“[T]he mathematical formula that governs the payouts are wrong,” Bowdoin was quoted as saying in the transcript. “The site has been paying out 63%, 67% and 72% instead of the normal 60%. This has drained the money we had for pay outs. Therefore all pay outs are on hold at this time.”

Bowdoin did not say if people who benefited from extra payout amounts were asked to return the money, according to the transcript. Instead, ASD stopped payouts altogether.

“We have frozen all accounts,” Bowdoin said, according to the transcript. “We have disabled the ability to make upgrades and purchase new ads. You can still view ads and earn credits to show your site. You can still look at you history and referral page. You can print out your information in your History page and Referral page. We will use this information to make everyone whole when we launch the new site. Our goal is to launch the new site during the month of May and make everyone profitable.”

Bowdoin next pitched a stock offering, according to the transcript (emphasis added).

“We will be selling stock in the new corporation AdSalesDaily to finish paying for the development of the new site and make the current payouts. The minimum purchase for the stock is $10,000. We are looking for people who share our vision, and are willing to invest toward the continued development and completion of the new AdSalesDaily website. If you are interested in purchasing some of the stock or if you know someone that might be interested in listening to the stock presentation, call the home office at 850-627-2206.”

The transcript and political donations in the name of AdSalesDaily may mean that ASD operated under three different names — not just two — between October 2006 and August 2008, the month certain assets tied to the firm were seized by the U.S. Secret Service. The assets were seized when ASD was operating as ASD Cash Generator.

A second forfeiture complaint filed in December 2008 against assets tied to ASD cites at least one unidentified “silent partner.”  The December complaint references a purported theft of $1 million from ASD at the hands of “Russian” hackers, alleging that no police report ever was filed despite the loss of a magnificent sum.

The complaint describes the transition from the name AdSurfDaily to ASD Cash Generator. It does not reference “AdSalesDaily,” but federal records show that Bowdoin gave two campaign donations in that name.

“Mr.  Bowdoin told some individuals that he had to stop operating the program over the Internet as AdSurfDaily after one or more Russians hacked into his program and caused the ASD operation to issue approximately $1 million to one or more Russians,” prosecutors said.

Bowdoin explained the money was taken “before [he] discovered that the Russians had not paid any money to ASD to secure for themselves a portion of its revenue stream (as so-called ‘rebates’),” prosecutors said.

The December complaint also alleges that Bowdoin blamed the company’s problems on “cash reserves that had been drained because surfing commissions were overpaid” — a possible reference to Bowdoin’s remarks in the March 2007 transcript about script problems.

But Bowdoin and ASD insiders, according to the December complaint, arranged for ASD money to be stolen.

“Mr. Bowdoin and associates issued ad packages to friends and family (who paid nothing for the ad packages) as free investment, and compensation programs,” prosecutors said. “Mr. Bowdoin also gave free ad packages to a son and former daughter-in-law, by which they pulled funds out of ASD without paying any money to ASD. In his son’s case, he arranged for another employee to ‘surf’ the program in order to qualify for a share of the daily rebates.”

Select individuals “were able to pull out considerable funds from the so-called rebate program even though in many cases they put little, if any, of their own money into the scheme,” prosecutors said.

“For example, a former employee took over $30,000 out of ASD after putting in nothing. Another former employee pulled out over $300,000 after putting in about $10,000,” prosecutors said. “One ASD promoter pulled out almost $100,000 after putting in less than $1,000.”

FEC records show that Bowdoin — under the name of “Mr. T. Andy Bowdoin, Jr” and “AdSurfDaily Inc. and AdSurfsDaily Inc. (the second “s” is an apparent typo) ” — gave $5,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee in 2008. Two donations of $2,500 were recorded — one on June 6, 2008, and another on July 7, 2008.

Bowdoin’s NRCC donations resulted in the issuance of a “Medal of Distinction,” which Bowdoin and ASD promoters positioned as an important award for business accomplishments from the White House. The “medal,” however, is issued for campaign donations and signfies only one’s ability to write a check for what amounts to the purchase of banquet tickets.

Even as the FEC was recording the donation on July 7, undercover agents from an IRS/Secret Service task force based in Florida were beginning to scrutinize ASD.

Prosecutors said last month that Bowdoin had signed a proffer letter and acknowledged to law enforcement that the material allegations in the government’s August complaint all were true. The government did not reveal the entire contents of the proffer letter or the date it was signed.

Given the allegations in the December forfeiture complaint and direct quotations attributed to Bowdoin, it is possible that the December complaint itself is based at least in part on Bowdoin’s proffer.

Read the purported transcript of Bowdoin’s 2007 remarks, as published in the asamonitor forum.

View the PDF of the Georgia filing for Ad Sales Daily Inc.

Read forum posts from March 2007 on Ad Sales Daily Inc from stacontact.myfastforum.org.

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9 Responses to “Purported Transcript: Bowdoin Pushed ASD ‘Stock’ In 2007; Other Records Show Bowdoin Gave Campaign Donations In Names Of Two Firms”

  1. I remember much of the AdSalesDaily story well. After the story that the “faulty script” had caused a drain on the company’s funds, everything was frozen and put on hold. (there were rumours about the russian script with its “backdoors” but no official announcement was made to the membership.

    Plans had already been announced before the freezing of the site for a new site which was to be called Ad Sales Daily. This was taking place in colaboration with Heardy Myers and others. Designs and previews of the “new site” with the new AdSalesDaily logo were already being circulated to members while they waited for ASD to be reactivated and relaunched under the new name.

    As far as I recollect, the AdSalesDaily domain name belonged to Myers and when, in the spring of 2007 Myers “left” ASD, he took the name with him and started up AdSalesDaily with Otis Whitcomb – a similar autosurf, but with classified ads etc and a slightly different model. The logo used was that which was to have been used for the new ASD launch. AdSales Daily, run by Whitcomb and Myers, was still around and touting for new business when the AG raided ASD and some of the ASD members started to recruit for it. In spite of the “divorce”, Myers is, however, believed to have maintained his involvement with ASD, although his name was no longer mentioned as part of the inner and Presidential Circle.

  2. There’s this interesting blog post that appears to be by Otis Whitcomb:

    Marietta, GA July 2008 – – Ad Sales Daily, Inc. and president, Otis Whitcomb would like to announce that the company is not in any way affiliated with Andy Bowdin, or his companies Ad Surf Daily or Ad Cash Generator. Any Bowdin has made false public statements in late 2006 to beginning 2007, that he had a company named Ad Sales Daily. Andy Bowdin has never done business as Ad Sales Daily, or incorporated this name or filed for a business license in Florida where he resides. Many individuals believe we are affiliated with him or his companies and many negative blogs have been written about Andy and his companies. Please look at the dates of any negative comments and we would like you to know that Ad Sales Daily, Inc. incorporated in March 2007 and launched to the public our advertising website in March 2008.

  3. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for passing this along:

    Tony H: Marietta, GA July 2008 – – Ad Sales Daily, Inc. and president, Otis Whitcomb would like to announce that the company is not in any way affiliated with Andy Bowdin, or his companies Ad Surf Daily or Ad Cash Generator. Any Bowdin has made false public statements in late 2006 to beginning 2007, that he had a company named Ad Sales Daily. Andy Bowdin has never done business as Ad Sales Daily, or incorporated this name or filed for a business license in Florida where he resides.

    I added the info to the story above. The same denial is referenced in August 2008 at scam.com.

    The Federal Election Commission donation records specifically list Bowdoin as the “owner” of AdSalesDaily Inc. in separate entries in February 2007 and March 2007.

    The address listed is 13. S. Calhoun Street in Quincy, which the Feds say is a bogus address.


  4. “oneteam” appears to be Jill Bachman, the “Treasures Training Director” and a NESARA cultist.

    She appears to in over her head in one get rich quick scheme after another, including “The Commonwealth Club” which looks like a precious metals bunco scam,

    Her latest website appears to be http://dream.homestead.com/index.html , along with attitude-is-everything.com. Anything containing “mymbs.homestead.com” appears to be Jill’s as well. Not sure what belizable.com is supposed to be, but it (and “Team Belizable”) is Jill’s as well.

    On adlandpro, she’s http://community.adlandpro.com/go/pro3/Default.aspx
    And you will roll your eyes in disbelief at the kinds of conspiracy theories she’s posted there on the site. Although… her call for overthrow of the US Government might get her in fairly serious trouble one of these days.

    Here’s her Twitter, along with a rather unflattering photo: http://twitter.com/jillbachman

    Unfortunately, I cannot at the moment seem to access Jill’s “due diligence” report regarding ASD, to see just how much other misinformation she brought into play.

  5. Patrick: Have you seen this blurb from November 2l, 2006? http://www.asamonitor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3371&st=180

    It identifies Heardy Myers as a founder of Ad Surf Daily, in addition to his Ad Sales Daily position (which you outlined in your article): “Heardy Myers who is one of the founders of Ad$urfDaily ran a software company for 30 years & he’s on top of everything. Everyone just needs to “calm down” & be assurred that these “flaws” will soon be worked out.”

    BEST OF ALL, this 2006 posting says there is a “rumor” THAT ANDY IS A EX-CONVICT:

    “Don’t get caught up into these lies. You might hear that Andy who is the President & CEO of Ad$urfDaily & the support team, Heardy Myers & Eddie Williams are “ex-convicts.” My sponsor has known Heardy for years & years. How could he have had a successful software company if he was an “ex-con.” Also, any of you that have been in Network Marketing for a few years has certainly heard of the integrity of Andy & his achievements in Network Marketing. We are Blessed to have a man of Andy’s integrity & reputation as the President & CEO.”

    I wonder who started the “rumor” that Andy was an ex-convict — he or she deserves a medal for trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to get the word out.

  6. Hi Professor,

    Prof. Henry Higgins: and a NESARA cultist.

    This does not surprise me, after seeing some of the conspiracy theories advanced by ASD members. It’s one of the reasons why this case is so fascinating — and yet requires people to suspend their disbelief.

    The “oneteam” claims were incredible, to say the least. I used them in my “Blue Paint” fantasy courtroom scene.

    Here is an image from a “oneteam” claim:


    Thanks for your Comment, Professor.


  7. Hi Marci,

    I had not seen that post. Thanks for sharing it. I noticed an appeal to religion in that post, as well:

    “You can rest assurred that when the Good Lord takes us to our ‘Heavenly Home’, AdSurfDaily will still be here. It’s an awesome program, the best to ever hit the “net” & we should be proud to be associated with the company & a company offering us an opportunity to make a lot of money. So now, my friends, ‘the ball is in your court, are you going to ‘dribble’ or ‘shoot’ the choice is yours.’ As for me, I’m going to get filthy rich working this awesome opportunity.”

    That post citing the rumor of Andy Bowdoin’s criminal past was from November 2006, just a month after ASD formally came into being.

    Imagine how much pain could have been spared had the promoter’s not deflected these issues — and imagine Bowdoin’s gall in not correcting the record when, in 2008, it was said his only brush with the law had been a singular traffic ticket.



  8. http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=44414&highlight=AdSalesDaily

    Back in June you will see by this small group of postings that AD Sales Daily was being questioned as to their involvement with Andy Bowdoin. ClassifiedXone contacted me soon after that was posted and tried to clarify what the relationship was with Andy.

    Here is a breakdown of what I was told. Xone told me that there was four people one being Andy Bowdoin who had started Ad Sales Daily and that they held a convention in Orlando Florida that netted them over 2 million dollars. Andy was very excited about how easily it was to bring in the money and wanted to jump right in and get the ball rolling. The software that they were using was from Russia and was extremely buggy. Three members of the group wanted to wait to get the bugs out before going forward. Andy did not. Soon after Myers and Andy left Ad Sales Daily and started Ad Surf Daily. What makes this story so interesting was that 1.2 million dollars disappeared from ASDI’s bank account and Andy blamed it on the Russians (sound familiar). The Russian programmers were never paid for their work.

    Both Kath and I received the same story from Otis Whitcomb in January when we again started making waves about his involvement with Andy’s New Offshore enterprise. Mr Whitcomb said that he was getting out of the business and that it was being sold. That proved to be another lie.

  9. Marci,

    Thanks for that link. There is no question that Myers was in AdSurfDaily from the beginning and it WAS going to have a new site launched which was going to be called AdSalesDaily and Andy Bowdoin was running the company.

    The statement by Otis Whitcomb is not entirely correct. Myers and he left the AdSurfDaily set up and took the new name with them, for reasons we were not told, so it was never actually launched, but it was the intention and was well known at the time.

    There is plenty of data available on the internet from that era to substantiate it, as the ASA link demonstrates.

    Very interesting that the rumours about Bowdoin’s background were around as early as 2006. THAT was not common gossip, but I guess people checked out Myers rather than Bowdoin, and Bowdoin became innocent by association.