Did AdViewGlobal Insiders Know About Purported Bowdoin Indictment In May And Engage In Bizarre Summertime Cover-Up Bid?

UPDATED 3:53 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) The adviewglobal.com domain appears to be back online, with a renewed registration for one year. The domain name had expired Sept. 22, throwing the site offline and triggering questions and confusion from members.

Here, below, our earlier story . . .

AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin now suggests he was indicted under seal in May. If true, does the Bowdoin indictment help explain the strange events at AdViewGlobal in May, June, July and August — events that culminated in September with AVG going offline?

If you’re new to the PatrickPretty.com Blog, perhaps our archives can be of assistance in helping you understand more of the context of the ASD/AVG story.

Here is a story from April that focuses on the prosecution’s bombshell announcement that Bowdoin had signed a proffer letter in the case.

Prosecutors had responded to three of the four pro se pleadings by Bowdoin without divulging the existence of the letter. Only in their fourth and final response to the pleadings did they disclose that Bowdoin perhaps was assisting the government in unwinding the ASD mess, before Bowdoin suddenly changed his mind and morphed into a pro se litigant seeking to recast the civil-forfeiture case as a criminal matter and to undo his decision to cede tens of millions of dollars to the government.

For additional background, see this story from March about apparent cash-flow problems that had developed at AVG, only weeks after its formal launch in February.

Moving forward, perhaps this May story about AVG’s announcement it had secured a new wire facility to replace one that apparently had been suspended in March will add to your knowledge base.

AVG made the announcement May 4, only hours after the President of the United States and the U.S. Treasury Department had announced a crackdown on international fraud.

Three days later, a company AVG identified as a facilitator of the international wire transfers denied it had any business relationship with AVG. The firm suggested it had been targeted in a scam by which AVG would route money to itself by using a shell company.

AVG ignored the denial, instead saying negotiations it already had announced as completed — up to and including precise wiring instructions for members to purchase “advertising” — had failed.

An attempt by AVG to launch a new website about two weeks later failed. The website, which featured a Yellow Pages logo and suggested AVG perhaps was entering into even more businesses the government monitors closely, was withdrawn. AVG had announced an “unprecedented” 250 percent match to promote the website, a possible marker of severe cash-flow problems.

Perhaps to send a signal all was well, the surf paid out higher-than-normal paper profits just prior to the introduction of the 250 percent bonus. An AVG forum run by some of the Mods and members of the Pro-ASD Surf’s Up forum went on a delete-fest when members began to ask uncomfortable questions.

By June 1, AVG announced a new suite of products and services, apparently redefining itself only days after the purported indictment against Bowdoin.

An email AVG sent to announce its new offerings hotlinked to the servers of three publishing companies, including Forbes. This led to questions about whether AVG was trying to create the appearance of legitimacy by piggybacking off the brands of legitimate companies — a practice associated with ASD.

On June 3, a furious reaction ensued after we published a story on an AVG member’s plan to help prospects with “big bucks” qualify for matching bonuses before the June 5 deadline. The story questioned whether members who took the approach were committing wire fraud.

Could AVG have been reacting to stress caused by the purported indictment against Bowdoin?

One of our readers/posters, Entertained, the author of a “Black Box” mathematical method to prove/disprove Ponzi schemes, later composed some questions for AVG. (See story/comments thread.)

AVG recast the questions. (See story/comments thread.)

AVG suspended cashouts June 25. It explained that members had cheated the system by taking advantage of a cash button the surf itself had offered. AVG later changed its story, saying $2.7 million had been stolen from the firm.

It has been very difficult to identify the actual owners of the eWalletPlus payment processor AVG said it owned. No fewer than three companies have claimed to own the payment processor, which now is offline.

Now AVG itself is offline.

UPDATE 3:53 P.M. Site appears to be back online, with the domain name renewed.

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10 Responses to “Did AdViewGlobal Insiders Know About Purported Bowdoin Indictment In May And Engage In Bizarre Summertime Cover-Up Bid?”

  1. ….and the questions remain unanswered, leaving two conclusions. 1) AVG is an obvious illegal Ponzi or 2) It is legal but for some reason no one from AVG will ever answer the questions — the questions strike right to the heart of the legality. If it is legal, answer the questions and shut up all of the naysayers such as myself. The pro-AVG crowd does not answer…..they would prefer to create doubt in readers’ minds as to the legality, rather than provide answer that would vindicate AVG. Hmmmmm…… perhaps #1 is correct after all….. Maybe Bruce Disner will have the answers…..

  2. The writing is on the wall for idiot Andy and his ‘highly professional’ management team. Please, the fact that enlisting the assclown Bob Cefail to the ASD program – told everyone what a bunch of slobs these people really are.

    Our sponsors knew full-well that Andy was hiring some real sleazoids. Instead they kept parroting MLM stuff like “huuge, awesome, we’re gonna be so rich”. Only problem is when we found out something stunk, we couldn’t get our money out fast enough.

    Let’s kick this thing into high gear. Andy has had enough time and his slick managers have made fools out of a LOT of people.

    It’s time for DISGORGEMENT for all the profiteers, scam-artists and pied-pipers… Let’s just get the party started because people who were scammed, demand justice.

  3. Nothing……..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING….surprises me about the dealings between ASD and AVG. I just hope some of them go to jail.

    I continue to not understand why people bought into AVG even after the fact that AVG moved offshore!…….that should have been an indication…but what do I know?

  4. I just hope these people are on the arrest list:

    Ryan Wade
    Gene McCannon
    Mark Simmons
    David Courtney
    Clifton Ebersold
    Laura Pont
    Barb McIntyre
    and most off all…………..Mark Simmons :)

  5. sicilian, and don’t forget Terralynn and her famous “Vagi-Tight” product… or is it “Vagi-Squeeze”?

  6. Oh ya! The whole “Mod Squad Troll Patrol”

  7. Mindy Bales

  8. Robert “The Flasher” Fava

  9. Sicilian,

    I need help on definitions. Would a person who engages multiple times in participating, promoting, and perhaps in one case founding a criminal enterprise be referred to as a serial criminal? If they promote and actively participate in Ponzi schemes are they not serial criminal Ponzi promoters? I give you your “Kat” —-

    Serial Criminal Ponzi Promoter Kathryn “Kat” Milner is the person who is also the founder/owner of verbology.com and has her own web site, katmilner.com. Seems like a reasonable business, but why would she risk tainting her verbology writing business by actively engaging in and promoting illegal Ponzi schemes? In any case, they is an interesting connection between Kat and the unemployed blog writer Mike Mason, who recently (and strangely) started a mildly pro-ASD blog. Seems that Mike made the local papers in St. Petersburg, FL on felony drug charges a while back (NOT dealing, but rather by “doctor shopping”). Interestingly, Kathryn Miller was a city editor of the St. Petersburg times. I don’t know if all of this happened at the same time, but it is possible that Mike and Kat know one another from their days in St. Petersburg. Perhaps she recruited Mike to say nice things about Andy and ASD……

    btw Sicilian, you left Steve Watt off your list…..

    sicilian: I just hope these people are on the arrest list:…..snip “Kat”and most off all…………..Mark Simmons

  10. Interesting, and if you go to Kat’s verbology.com site it takes you to an offshore revenue sharing operation! Some people do not seem willing to earn money the hard way – by working.