Split In Bowdoin/Harris Family? Members Described As ‘Very Much’ Divided; At Least One Family Member Said To Have Contacted Federal Prosecutors

Andy Bowdoin

UPDATED 12:01 P.M. ET (U.S.A.) Has the pressure of being challenged on multiple legal fronts led to a split in the extended family of AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin?

The depths of any split are unclear, and it is believed that Bowdoin has the continued support of some members of the Bowdoin/Harris family.

But interviews conducted by the PP Blog and information obtained through sources suggest Bowdoin is unable to travel internationally, no longer is living in Quincy, Fla., does not enjoy the uniform support of the extended Bowdoin/Harris family and has been blamed by some for engulfing them in the flames of a legal nightmare.

At least one family member has contacted federal prosecutors, according to a source. How prosecutors responded to the overture, which was said to have been made in the summer of 2009, is unclear.

On Saturday, numerous vehicles were parked at a Florida property associated with Bowdoin’s wife, Edna Faye Bowdoin, according to a source. Edna Faye Bowdoin is the mother of George Harris, the reputed co-owner of Bowdoin/Harris Enterprises and the AdViewGlobal autosurf, as well as the head of ASD’s purported “real-estate” division.

Several women were present, but Bowdoin was not seen, the source said.

A second source knowledgeable about the Bowdoin/Harris family described the family as a “family divided.” The PP Blog interviewed the second source in August 2009, and has not published comments from the interview until today.

The source spoke with the PP Blog on the condition of anonymity, and demonstrated knowledge of the family by voluntarily answering questions posed by the Blog prior to the interview and during the interview. The Blog was satisfied that the source could offer insight into the thinking of certain family members.

“There is already an unbelievable amount of friction in the family right now because of everything that Andy has done,” the source said. “This is very much a family divided.”

Less than a month after the Blog conducted the interview, the state of Florida revoked the corporate registrations of ASD and Bowdoin/Harris Enterprises Inc. because neither company filed annual reports despite the continuing presence of active litigation involving both firms and despite being given a five-month window to file required documents.

Neither Bowdoin nor family members explained why the corporate registrations were permitted to lapse. Only four days prior to the revocation, which could have been prevented by the simple filing of papers, Bowdoin told ASD members in a conference call that he had big plans for ASD.

On the same date Florida revoked the corporate registrations — Sept. 25, 2009 — federal prosecutors turned up the heat on Bowdoin by accusing him in court filings of trying to lie his way back into the federal forfeiture case against ASD’s assets.

Prosecutors made a veiled reference to AdViewGlobal in their filings, saying Bowdoin perhaps “was just buying time while searching for a different exit strategy that failed to materialize. Maybe Bowdoin thought that before the government brought its charges he (like some of his family members) could move to another country and profit from a knock-off autosurf program that Bowdoin funded and helped to start.”

Three days later, on Sept. 28, prosecutors turned up the heat again, filing a Secret Service transcript of an ASD conference call and advising a federal judge that Bowdoin was telling her one story and members another.

In the weeks that followed, U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled that Bowdoin no longer had standing in the case. Bowdoin then attempted unsuccessfully to have Collyer removed as the judge.

Collyer has granted the government’s forfeiture petition in a case filed in August 2008 involving tens of millions of dollars. Bowdoin now is seeking a reversal of that order, claiming it came as a result of judicial error. Prosecutors, however, said the judge did not err and that Bowdoin’s arguments are “impenetrably illogical.”

Purportedly headquartered in Uruguay, AdViewGlobal, which crashed and burned in June 2009, had close family, membership and promotional ties to ASD.

In the August 2009 interview, the source described George Harris and his wife, Judy Harris, as “very worried.”

“Judy heard that the Secret Service was staring to investigate [AdViewGlobal,]” the source said.

Certain family relationships are fractured beyond repair, the source said.

“These relationships are done,” the source said. The source said that paranoia was gripping certain family members and that there were efforts to compartmentalize knowledge and limit use of the telephone.

“They became very shady,” the source said.

Andy Bowdoin led family members and members of ASD and AdViewGlobal down the primrose path, the source said.

AdViewGlobal was described by Bowdoin as a “wonderful idea,” the source said, noting that Bowdoin described the successor autosurf as ASD with tweaks.

AdViewGlobal launched after ASD’s assets were seized amid Ponzi, wire-fraud, securities fraud and money-laundering allegations.

Andy Bowdoin wanted to proceed with AVG, according to the source, “because, with a few little tweaks, this company can make it.”

In June 2009, less than a year after ASD’s assets were seized, AdViewGlobal announced a suspension of cashouts, exercising its version of a “rebates aren’t guaranteed” clause.

How much money the surf collected and how much it paid out are unclear.

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4 Responses to “Split In Bowdoin/Harris Family? Members Described As ‘Very Much’ Divided; At Least One Family Member Said To Have Contacted Federal Prosecutors”

  1. Patrick:

    Interesting read, and as always, a great job of reporting. When I was reading this, a couple of things came to mind. When you mentioned why Andy let the corporation registration lapse, I remembered when Jack made a list of all of Andy’s failed businesses that were involuntarily closed down illustrating all the lies told about Andy’s business acumen. The faithful’s response was this is what all successful, astute, visionary businessmen do. Here we have the same thing happening, but this time there are no defenders to try and whitewash what happened. It is just the pattern of Andy that has been repeated over and over, so it did not surprise me when he let them lapse. Old habits are hard to break.

    Funny how after all this time AVG, and the authorities, still haven’t been able to find out who “stole” their millions. Since they “reported” it to the “authorities,” it is odd that nothing has happened. Convenient that none of the AVG players are available to answer the question. At least it wasn’t blamed on Russian Hackers. Kind of makes you wonder how Andy is paying for all these attorney’s, filings, and covering living expenses doesn’t it. Now I wonder if that money just magically ended up in an offshore bank account under an assumed name?

    The comments by your sources also show that Andy knew full well what he was doing, and his “I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong or illegal” was a pathetic lie. But then when did Andy ever tell the truth?

    As soon as Judge Collyer rules on the last motion before her, it is time for the final Act to be played out. Then the real fun begins.

  2. Yep, it seems even family members have a limit as to what they can and will tolerate.

  3. Given the fact that a whole year had passed since the raid in August 2008, it is surprising that the family did not show signs of division before then. However, it is always that, for a while, they thought they were going to get away with it.

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